Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All in a Day...

I had an entirely different post scheduled for this afternoon. In fact, I was planning on showing you the tag for this month's LLL. But, that will have to wait until next time.

You see, I listened to something completely amazing yesterday. The story of a woman who woke up one day with 8 years of her memory gone. Completely gone. Jackie Wood joined Noell, Izzy, and Debbie for this week's episode of The Paperclipping Roundtable

Jackie shared her story. The story of memories and moments lost. The story of how this affects her as a scrapbooker. 

I was on a walk as I listened. I walked, and walked, and walked some more... taking it all in... trying to imagine if that were suddenly my reality.

Jackie remarked at how she focuses on story, moments, and even routine in her scrapbooking. 

I tried to wrap my brain around the idea that if I woke up tomorrow and all I had to rely on for my perspective of my life...was in my scrapbooks... what was missing?

A lot.

Mind altering, I tell ya!

As you know, I am indeed a huge fan of journaling on layouts. And, I do document little moments as well as big events. But, I don't tend to document the so-called mundane...

The nitty gritty
The routine
The order of events...
 That are all in a day...
Things that are habit now, but won't be forever. Who does what chore and why. When the baby naps. When we go on errands. What day of the week the kids cook dinner. Etc...
Things I really do want to always remember, because it is my reality. And, I love it!
I very rarely start my page with the journaling in mind. I am usually inspired by techniques or pretty papers. Sure, there is always a story behind the photos and I know I will jot it down. But what about the minute details? Or the important stories that have no specific photo (something we are coincidentally talking about in Camp Scrap this week)?
As soon as that amazing discussion on PRT was over and I had finished up all the little details of my daily schedule, I headed straight to the studio to get them scrapped. I am SO glad I did! 

I debated back and forth about including photos on this. In the end, I decided against it, as I have plenty of everyday pictures scrapped in this album and I wanted this page to be focused on our schedule. So, I settled on a large flower nestled into this fun Studio Calico paper to serve as the bigger page element, in place of a photo. I wanted the daily order of events to be an embellishment of sorts, so I typed them out on my computer and layered them up with some torn out pages of a composition book. I then jotted down little notes along the side and journaled on the tags tucked behind to elaborate even further...

All in a day...
These things are burned in my brain right now. But, I know that they will be gone as soon as we move on to a different daily schedule as the kids age. Noell remarked that she doesn't remember how she filled her days when her children were babies. I can relate! The details of life when I just had one little baby are fuzzy at best. So, this is a good start at changing that... at documenting the "mundane" of my life. Because one day - it won't seem so mundane.

Thank you Jackie, for your willingness to share, and for inspiring me to think beyond my usual starting point of pretty papers and fun techniques. Although, I did manage to squeeze plenty of those into this page too!


  1. Great layout and motivation behind it.

  2. Wow! That would be so hard and pretty much devastating.
    It's getting me thinking, too.
    Great page!

  3. Wow. I can't imagine and its an awful thing. I try to get the everyday things in. Since I have no kidlets at home and retired I scrap about routine because there is one in there believe it or not.

  4. Great page to document the everyday Ashli. And what a story to be inspired by!

  5. Wow, love the textured/crumpled graph paper! Awesome touch.

  6. Very cool page, Ashli! I have done pages like this over the years and they are some of my favorites. Ever. It's fun to look back at them and see how things change. And they can change fast. I love the cluster of tags and the journaling strips. Awesome! :)

  7. What an amazing story and a way to document your day-to-day routine, Ashli.

  8. So true. I recently had similar thoughts about my work- it's mostly about having fun and getting back into the art swing but I forget I an also making a document and that I leave a lot of important details out. I haven't heard that episode yet but it's on my que for sure. Great page! I love the word snips and your combination of elements.

  9. I like to look for the positive side of my story, the good that can come from pain. Reading your words and seeing the beautiful page you created has done that. Thank you for sharing and I hope the everyday continues to inspire you!!!

  10. What an amazing photoless page! I love that you made the journalling or storytelling the primary focus of the page, and you've got me wanting to make sure I click over to that round table discussion.
    - Ann Jobes

  11. Saw this work on your Instagram feed and was impressed to go see what you'd written about it on your blog. Now that I know about the story that inspired your artwork, I'm even more impressed. Thanks for sharing the backstory. It is really difficult to imagine losing that much memory.

  12. Love the way you documented your day.


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