Monday, June 10, 2013

A System for Stamping?

I don't have an extraordinary amount of stamps. Sure, I have my go-to favorites. And you know what? I noticed something about those go-to's recently... they are all mounted (or large cling backgrounds).
What does this tell me?
Well, for one - that I am too lazy to peel the little cute acrylic stamps off of their sheet and mount them on a block.
Sad, I know. 
Last week, I figured it was time I did something about that. After all, Camp Scrap was just a couple days from getting underway, I was between layouts and gearing up for Camp, and the kidlets and I needed a fun outing to the craft store.
Off we went to Michaels and I purchased as many of those cheapie acrylic blocks that I could find after a good dig in their discount bin:
 And then I pulled off some of my favorite, yet seldom used, acrylic stamps:
I even took some of the teenie ones and grouped them together... a custom stamp, if you will:
 After making some tough editing decisions, I ended up with this assortment: 
And then I neatly lined them up right above my work area. I plan to keep them there for a while. If I don't see them, I won't use them...
And as luck would have it, as soon as Camp Scrap started, we were shown some fabulous ways to work stamping into our projects! YAY!

So, I grabbed some little doxie die cuts that a friend cut out from her Cameo and I had already glittered, along with an 8x8 of my beloved 15 1/2 year old Susie girl. She was the ring-bearer in my wedding. True story. She is now blind and deaf, and totally awesome. 
I layered up my papers as per usual. And then, something happened... 
I realized that in order to work some of those stamps into my page and to use them the way we were shown in class, I would have to change the order in which I do things. Eeegad! 

Just kidding... that is one of the main reasons I take classes - to change things up, shake up my routine, work outside of my comfort zone. When that happens, I am one happy student. It makes me really feel like I am learning, stretching, and growing!

Stamp are usually my very first thing, or my very last thing. I hardly EVER layer them on in the middle of my process. Perhaps there is more "risk" in that? More chances of "messing up?" But, here I have my lovely layers and I am going for it! 
 I stamped a sentiment, along with some little hearts:
Doilies were added in black to contrast my shiny little pups:
I even managed to stamp some white polka dots - after the photo was there, and on top of it even!

And after all of that fun, I ended up with this:
My sweet Old Girl :)

This page makes me smile. Not only is it of my beloved doxie, but I worked outside of my norm, used my stamps more, learned a lot, and ended up with a fun page in the end!

Come join me in Camp Scrap. Registration is open until Wednesday evening. The content is over-flowing with inspiration and the videos are a joy to watch. You seriously do not want to miss it!


  1. FANTASTIC! You can feel the love coming of the page! I also love what you've done with the stamps, I need to use mine more too...

  2. I find it hard to switch things up sometimes, too!
    And I really do need to use my stamps more often on layouts!!
    Great page!

  3. Those Doxie die cuts are seriously too cute. And what a great way to make sure you use your stamps... I have been thinking of ordering some extra acrylic blocks so I can have my favourite stamps all blocked up and ready to go!

  4. oooo change up can be good. sweet lil muttling. I love how you work everything in.

  5. Susie is beautiful! I just adopted an older doxie and I just adore him. Love the little doxie die cuts. Awesome page!

  6. Great layout- I have been rediscovering my love of stamping too lately.

  7. Good for you for changing things up, Ashli. This turned out beautifully with the stamping and sparkling pups.

  8. This post is very sentimental to me...we have an "Old Man" our doxie Copper who is blind and deaf also! He has been with us most of our marriage...growing old together is what comes to mind! Michaels had an awesome clearance sale last week right? Scored Distress Marker packs for $5 bucks each! woohoo! :) I know those blue tags! lol Great idea on those smaller stamps!

  9. Aww what a sweet, sweet page! I cannot believe your old girl is 15 and half years old - wow!! Those glittery pups on the page are spectacular! This is is such a great idea to get your stamps in your face. I have quite the large stash of peel and stick acrylic stamps because they're my favs! I love that you can see precisely where they plop and find it uber hard to resist the dollar ones with their cutie designs - particularly simple shapes. I use them but not as often as I'd like and it tends to be the same ones - I know I'd be a happy camper if I used some others so I need to give this a whirl. Thanks for the inspiration!! :D

  10. Awesome page Ashli!! Love the large photo!!

  11. Fabulous page! And I love your idea for having these stamps ready to go. Funny how that one little thing makes them easier to work into your process. :)


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