Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Completed Travel Album and a New Series!

Recently, I made this travel album... full of fun designs and scraps - all ready to fill with goodness on our annual beach trip:

And that I did!
I doodled...
 And collected ephemera... 
 I journaled daily...
 And saved receipts... 
 And I ended up with a book full of stories and memories... 
But, you know - I had to scrap some pictures and document this trip in my regular family album too!
So, I did something I don't normally do...
I printed out lots of small photos, and only did one layout about the whole trip. You see, we go there every year. Last year I did lots of layouts about it and they are a joy to look at. But, we kinda do the same thing every time we are there. And, all of the little fun memories and anecdotes are captured in the aforementioned travel album. 

So, one layout it is! As per something I learned in Shimelle's Cover to Cover class, I noted in the journaling that more info about our trip can be found in said travel journal. Love that!

This layout also serves another purpose...
It is the first in a new series I am excited to present over at A Flair For Buttons
Let me explain...

When I brought my first package of scrapbook flair home, I had a little trouble getting those adorable shiny circles on my page. Most of the time, they just seemed to be floating there. In the odd chance that I actually was able to "ground" my flair, it still seemed a bit random. Well, I am pleased to say, that I have long since crossed that bridge! Hooray! In fact, I can hardly scrap without flair these days. And that brings me to our new mini series...

"No More Floating Flair!"

Twice a month, we will take a look at different ways to incorporate flair into your scrapbooking. We will discuss using clusters, handmade embellishments, banners, and more! Also, if you have any questions or a special request, please leave a comment letting me know.

That sneaky peak above is showing how to:
Use an Existing Pattern or Design Element to Ground that Flair.

I am super excited about this series and I do hope you will subscribe to the A Flair For Buttons blog so you can join us! Oh yeah - and if you work on any projects on the topic, use #NoMoreFloatingFlair when you are sharing :)

So - hop on over to see the full post... and I can't wait to see what you make too!


  1. So exciting to see you on their DT!

  2. This is beautiful! You have a gift for mixing patterns. I'll head over to take a look at that article. I've purchased flair from them before, but I didn't know they had a blog. Silly me!

  3. This turned out beautifully, Ashli. What a keepsake! Congrats on working with AFFB!

  4. Fantastic album! I'm totally with you on the one layout - if that's all you need, that's all you need. I have gotten the same way about annual events. Maybe I'll scrap the heck out of it or maybe not. Love the reference to the mini album too. :)

  5. Just left you a comment on the love for flair blog :)
    I find myself doing that with repeat adventures, too, now.
    If I have already scrapped it, I kind of just do a mini version of it the next time.
    Or even not at scrap it at all.

  6. Awesome album Ashli!! Such a fun way to have all of your trip memories together in one place!

  7. Great album Ashli, love your doodling!


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