Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Ephemera Runneth Over...

Oh, yes it does.
See this folder?
It is full of ephemera waiting to get scrapped. I talked a bit about this system, or lack thereof, on an older episode of PRT. There are lots of pocket folders. They are FULL. VERY FULL.
I suppose I ought to make a dent into some of that?
First up - some Disney goodness. Actually, the menu from our lunch with the Princesses, to be exact.
The menu itself is too long to fit on a 12x12. It really won't look good oriented another way and I don't want to cut it up. Oh goodness...
So, it gets folded at the bottom:
I am thinking this can be a little interactive page element. See? A little washi on the left side there will create a hinge...
And there it is opened:
And with the flap folded in:
And all closed up again:
Time for the photos! I have trimmed them down to about 4x4, so that they will fit nicely under my menu flap:
Now for a little embellishment. This Dear Lizzy paper should do the trick. Lots of fun little chevron/arrow type shapes to cut out...
Likey so!
And this is how we are looking with the flap closed:
That works for me! Now, it's time to embellish the top of the menu. I really just want to add some texture and interest, but don't want to cover up the lovely couple or detract too much from them. So, I have grabbed a little Color Pop Tag, a standard tag, and some embroidery thread:
Oh yes! Now we are talking!
OK! Back to the inside. I want this element that was on the paper already to be part of the title. My photo covered up a bit of the "L" - but a quick little pen work action fixes that right up:
And there's the rest of the title:
Then, I just finished some embellishing with a bit of mist and some wood hearts...
That actually worked out better than I expected. Hooray! 
I wasn't too sure how to incorporate this bright and busy menu, along with my photos, and some pretty paper too. Turns out a little interactive element was all I needed.
So fun!
Wondering how this works in my page protector?
I just cut a slit around the menu and the flap opens right up - easy peasy!

Alright. Now... time to sort out the rest of those papers in my ephemera folder...
Wish me luck!


  1. what a great idea and love the front of the menu - I have ephemera scattered about - less scary that way lol. Sweet page.

  2. I love the way you hinged the menu to fit it as well as the photos!

  3. Your layout is simply perfection,such a beautiful work!

  4. Adorable and fun photos! Such a great idea to use the washi as a hinge. I wouldn't have been able to resist using that menu on a page either. It's beautiful artwork in itself.

  5. Such a fun idea for incorporating the menu, Ashli!! So cute!

  6. Such a fun idea for incorporating the menu, Ashli!! So cute!

  7. This is so flippin cool! I LOVE IT!

  8. This is such a cool way to incorporate the menu and your photos, Ashli. So creative and perfectly embellished.

  9. Brilliant!! I have some "giant" ephemera that has me stumped. This is such a great idea! Of course, with your embellishing and pen work, it looks so RIGHT!! Love it, Ashli!

  10. love the small page and the use of memobilia )?(~ love that you saved all this stuff and it looks fabulous!!

  11. So awesome! The interactive menu is perfect and looks really good! I have bags and bags of Disney ephemera that I just can't bear to part with. I did a few pages with the ephemera years ago, but nothing from the most recent trip. Thanks so much for the inspiration, pinning it and linking up on my blog :)


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