Friday, May 10, 2013

Off To the Races

Last fall, we went on a field trip to the strangest apple orchard ever. We actually had a ton of fun, didn't pick any apples, but got to see a pig race! That is truly something I never thought I would be able to say I have witnessed. 

That, my friends, HAS to be scrapped!
And, it just so happens that I have this barnyard type paper from Crate's Little Bo Peep:
The only thing is... I am not a huge fan of that much brown. Kraft? Yes! Brown? Not so much. I am pretty sure I bought it thinking I would like the woodgrain. But, it is rather BROWN and it has just stayed and stayed in my stash. 

Perhaps if those little animals are cut out and put to use on a white background?
A little paint?
Blending into the background?
OK! Sure! A little pink glitter... and I think I can work with this:
But, first... those pigs need to be fancied up:
Well, those are some rather pink pigs, aren't they? Oh my...
I added a little gold to them and then just started playing around with my composition...
Ok, maybe this is getting somewhere?
Sure. Why not? That title helps balance things out a bit....
A rummage through the stash and it seems as though some wood veneer is just the thing for this rustic-farm-pig layout. I just love these little clouds:
I also grabbed this washi. I like the soft colors and how they pull in some of the pinks and blues from the rest of the page. It's also a bit unexpected and I always love that:
And with some stitching and journaling...
There we have it!
Off to the races...
Complete with glittery pink pigs and gessoed animals.
Almost as weird as the event itself!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love this and especially the glittery pigs! I have a similar PIC of a pig race..maybe I should scrap it too!

  2. Pretty, glittery pigs are perfect on this page, Ashli! Can't say I've ever been to a pig race, especially at an apple orchard. LOL!

  3. Now, that is a great story, and a fun way to lay it out.
    Have a great Mother's Day!!

  4. Lol, I thought we had the only apple farm that did pig races!
    A little strange, but the kids seem to love it. I can do without.
    Cute idea for that paper!
    Worked well on your page.

  5. Love how you used that farm paper Ashli!! And the glittered piggies turned out so cute!

  6. OMGosh, how fun is that!! I bet you guys had a blast, lol. Great layout and beautiful design, love it! Happy Mother's Day my friend :D

  7. super cute~would have never thought of that.


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