Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Magic Moment With A Double Pager?

Last week, I dove into some ephemera and got a bit of the Disney goodies scrapped. But, you know the  other issue I am running into when it comes to scrapping Disney?
Photos. LOTS of photos.

I have managed to edit down the images for many of the stories I want to tell, but I just can't bring myself to edit any more out for the special occasion of Lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table. So, it seems that a double pager is in order. With pockets, and envelopes, and a memory file....

Let's see how we go here:
Here I have the basic parts for each side of the spread laid out. "Professional" shot of the girlies with Miss Cinderelly herself on the left and all of my shots from the lunch with the memory file on the right:
I'm thinking the memory file page should be the first one to tackle, since that requires the most thought. Here, I have all of my photos laid out so that I can get them in the order I want. See? That's a LOT of picts:
And now for the papers! I am just about at the end of all of my "kits." Here is a majority of what is left:
All arranged in a nice little stack:
And folded and sewn! I think that little packet of goodness will work quite well in this file folder. 
But, it will work even better with it decorated on the inside!
Now, for that misting fun:
And there we have it! All ready to fill with my photos. I tackled that job the way that I approach all of my minis... just glue and go, don't over think.
Little bits here...
Little bits there...
And with the inside complete, a simple photo with a few embellishments and a chipboard title decorate the front:
Alrighty! Let's take a look at the left side now...
These photos were given to us in a fun little Cinderella folder, complete with a sweet little poem. I would like to include elements of this on my page...
Glassine bags to the rescue!
A little twine tie...
The text from the ephemera becomes my title here...
And with that, I have the basic foundation of both pages. Time to put them back together and finish this as one spread! Let's give it a quick look-see...
I immediately notice that because each page is on different background papers and has a lot going on, I want something to indicate on the left page that there is more to see of this event on the right page...
A little arrow flair does the trick!
Now, to embellish the spread as a whole. Some of those handmade heart embellishments get scattered about in a visual triangle over the two pages, along with some other little bits and such...
And there we have it!
Cinderella's Royal Table:
Oh Happy Day!
A Magical Moment Indeed:
Full of buttons and bits:
Plenty of smiling faces:
And princess hugs:
Oh my goodness!
The best part of this spread, is how much my family has enjoyed looking through the memory file portion. The hubster even said, "wow... that's cool!"
So, lots of memories and lots of photos scrapped - with kuddos from the fam to boot!


  1. What a great idea - it came together wonderfully.

  2. Gorgeous! <3 I love love love it!

  3. Wow, magical! Love how you put it together!

  4. Wow! That really is cool...great idea on a way to add photos without the general 2 page layout.

  5. Wow! such incredible and beautiful work!

  6. only you could pull that lovliness off~gorgeous!! and the stack of papers ` how much thought did you put into that stack. Perfection!!!

  7. Love it Ashli, and what a fun way to incorporate your ephemera!!

  8. Complete and utter loveliness, Ashli! You captured the fun and sparkle of a special day. Love the memory folder!

  9. I spotted the post card I sent you in your wall! :)))) This is GREAT!!! I LOOOVE the pattern mix and that you made a book into a page- GREAT idea for long stories you don't necessarily want to make into a minibook (which I always resist since it takes so much effort). I bought some of that color magic paper- it looks so awesome in turquoise!!!! Your girls must have been so happy- the photos are fantastic. :) Also SCRAP FX BABY!!! SOOO glad I sent you that title- I loved it but I knew it would be better used in your stash. Pinning to out boards and adding this blog post to the facebook page. I want SFX fans to find this blog!

    1. Well, aren't you the sweetest!!! Yep! That postcard is a fave for sure and I have has so much fun playing with the goodies you sent :)

  10. Fantastic work with all those beautiful papers and colours! Love that title Scrap FX chippie!!!

  11. Such a VERY cool idea!! Love this and just gorgeous as are your girls with all that royalty. It really is insane the amount of photos you take there. We just can't help ourselves!

  12. What a fabulous idea!!!! I love how you think! :)

  13. Best use of a memory file ever. I think I just cut one up and used it as a background. Gave another to Avi to play with.
    I love the green mist with the pink, such pretty pretty pages!

  14. Oh how I adore this brilliant idea!!! Its a lovely spread/memory file. Really love how the ScrapFX title looks, of course ha! but everything together is totally magical and certainly fitting for this special event. I have a TON of Disney photos and emphemera to still scrap and this is true inspiration to get me back at it. Fantabulous project!!


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