Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Inspiring Embellishments?

I have been scrapping my way through the "kits" I made a couple of months ago. I have just about gotten through every last bit and all I have left is this lovely stack:
But, I must confess...
The mojo is lacking. I'm not worried about it. It does happen. But, I really do feel like scrapping, I am just not too sure where to begin. So...
How about a little creative play first? Tags are always a safe bet. They are cheap, small, and if they turn out pretty... they can easily be used elsewhere. Love that!
So, with a desk full of tags and my stamps at the ready, let's go for it!
 First up, my 'ole standby of stamping with white acrylic paint:
 Yep! That should make a nice resist:
 Time for some misting fun!
 A lovely array of colors:
 Now for some gesso action: 
 Wipe on, wipe off:
 Embossing? Sure! I thought you would never ask:
 Oooooh - I feel that mojo returning!
 A little more stamping. This time with black Archival:
 Now that's a desk full of fun, isn't it? 
 Then, I just set aside my favorite tags and grabbed the not so awesome ones to punch:
And this is what I am left with! Lots of handmade embellishments to get me going on that stack of "kits."
 And then I scrapped this:
Those hearts seemed perfect to try this dripping thing that is so trendy right now:
And then I scrapped this too: 
That proved to be a great way to dive into that last little stack!
Mojo a Gogo! Hooray!


  1. Looks fabulous...I love to make tags too! Mine are not quite as fabulous as yours but it is fun and relaxing!

  2. Awesome tags and embellishments!

  3. WOw. Love the process and how it always works out. The pages as always rock. Hmmm and advance kitting. HOw did I miss that one???

  4. Beautiful layouts Ashli! I love see your creative play evolve into embellishments for you layouts, very cool!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some love! I'm taking my current batch to the market on Sat and will be adding items to my Etsy shop next week. :D

  5. So cool! Those tags are amazing!
    And I just saw that first layout and praised it at 2p's.
    I was flying through there and it jumped out at me :)

  6. Love how the punched hearts look like map paper almost. Mojo back! Thanks for your sweet comments lately, means so much to me.

  7. Well that seems to have sorted out the mojo!

  8. These tags are so pretty and I love how you were able to use some for punching. The end result, on your layouts, is fabulous. I'm glad you mojo hit! :)

  9. Love the different techniques on the tags, Ashli!! I might have to give that a try with some of mine!! And both of the layouts are adorable!

  10. Those tags went a long way:):) Both the LO's are gorgeous!!!

  11. I hate that combination of wanting to scrap but no mojo. Love the tags!! My fave. This is amazing!

  12. Great idea use of the tags. Love the 'dripping' hearts.

  13. Love to see the tag process and I love your layouts. The drippy hearts are so cool. Since I took Wilna's class I've been wanting to do a crayon melting layout somehow, just haven't gotten around to it. I love that you did the same thing with paint. Looks so cool! :)

  14. This is so cool.
    Like how you used the tags in your layout..
    Been having a brain freeze couple of weeks now..
    Think this should help it start running again :-)

    Q... How do you clean the acrylic paint off the stamps..
    Can you use the stamps with inks after you stamp them with paints?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment! The best way to clean the paint off is to run them under hot water. Me? I'm a bit lazy, so I just wipe it with a baby wipe. I haven't had any problems and can stamp with ink and other wonderful things afterward too :) hope this helps!

  15. Looks fabulous to me! Wonderful work. Love to see how you did this!


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