Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Down To the Very Last Scrap...

Just under three months ago, after receiving all of my lovely goodies from CHA Winter 2013, I set about matching up my papers with some of the older goodies still in my stash.

I have been happily scrapping through these "kits." 
This is all that's left:
 I decided to combine the above scraps with some more neutral papers...
 Then, I grabbed all of my picked over tiny letters...
And packed up my Disney Albums...

Off we all went for a lovely vacation.
While away, in addition to using all of those goodies to fill up my trip journal (more on that soon), I also had the goal of putting all of those left overs to good use and finishing my Disney Albums. Notice I said Albums? Plural? Yes, that is true. We were there for 4 whole days and I have 2 completely packed 12x12 albums! GAH! 

What can I say? Disney is just too scrappable :)

Anyhooo - the only things that remain are photos that I have divvied out into pocketed page protectors. As well as some 6x12 divider pages.

It was so fun just pulling little bits here and there while on vacation!

Here is what I came up with:

The first of the divider pages - this one for Hollywood Studios. I simply took a plain glassine envelope and tucked the brochure inside. I folded the brochure to have the more decorative map showing instead of the flashy design that was on the original "front." Then, I simply embellished the top of the glassine bag and added the title. Those tags I made a while ago certainly came in handy too!

I didn't have too much to say on the back since all the pages that document this day are immediately following. So, just a bit of misting and a few embellishments finish that off:
I could NOT stop taking pictures of the castle! Too many picts = good opportunity for a divided page protector:
 It is the little things that make a trip like this so special:
 This might actually have been the best day ever:
 Happy, Happy!
Clearly, there is a trick to taking photos of divided page protector layouts and I have yet to master that! Oh well... I am not a Project Lifer, although Scarlett sure has me thinking about it! But, until I bite that bullet, these picts will have to do :)
 That Jungle Safari is too amusing not to scrap!
Ah yes - nice digs:
It was so great having some of the Echo Park and Simple Stories 4x6 cards already placed about:
The last of the puffy paint embellishments were also put to use!
And here we are at the Magic Kingdom Divider page:
 Disney Life...
 Is worth celebrating!
 What's not to love about a place where parades seem to spontaneously break out in the street?
And with all of those, the Disney Albums are complete! Whoot!
I still had some papers left, so I went ahead and worked up some page bases:
 Making sure not to waste any alphas:

 And 4 page starters:
With all of that used up and scrapped, I headed back to my stash and counted just over 100 sheets of paper (not counting kraft and white card stock). I immediately started pulling photos and papers and came up with a stack consisting of 30 papers with coordinating photos for 20 layouts:
That leaves only 70 sheets of paper in my stash. Not too bad, huh? Just in time to do some mid-season release shopping!


  1. What fun pages. I'm having difficulties with the divided page protectors. You seem to rock them.

  2. Great pages to document your trip, Ashli! You can never have too many pics from Disney!! :)

  3. I LOVE that you use every little last bit and piece.
    And such great pages!
    You are not alone. I am figuring that I may end up needing two albums (but only 8 1/2x11) for me from our trip to Florida back in 2007. I have been working on it for the last two months. Only on Day 2 and it's half full! Not even to Disney day yet :)

  4. I love how you set about using up your stash! So far, everything has turned out awesome!

  5. Fabulous way to scrap a Disney trip!

  6. Hi, Ashli, wow...your layouts and Project Life spreads are fantastic! Such a brilliant way to use up scraps and keep these beautiful memories. ^_^

  7. such an accomplishment on the album, it looks fantastic. Love the idea on the mini alpha's. So stealling that:):)

  8. It's amazing that you make it through that stack of paper so quickly! I love what you are doing with your Disney albums. The divided page protectors are perfect for these big project with tons of photos. You still get to play with paper, but also get lots of photos documented quickly. Love it! :)

  9. The happy times are just rolling off these pages! You have accomplished mucho!!

  10. A awesome details, Ashli! Love the divided method for trips like this.

  11. Such a great idea. I love how you used the scraps and then built page for future layouts! Very inspiring!


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