Friday, May 17, 2013

Cuttin' Up With Some Stars and Rub-Ons

From the moment I saw this paper by Teresa Collins, I knew what photo I would scrap with it. Is that silly? Seems a little silly to me. But, we don't travel much and I knew these little banners would be perfect to cut out and nestle in with this Instagram picture of us on the road home from Disney.

Let's see if this will work out like I hoped...

First, I just penciled around my photo...
So that I would know where to cut:
Ta Da!
Oh well... some of those banners are a little long...
Just a little snip snip with the scissors fixes that!
Now to embellish! I have a few of those Dear Lizzy chevron arrows leftover from a project last week. And, since I have a star filter on my picture, I think some star embellishments are in order...
And rub-ons. Lots of rub-ons. Their shelf life really irks me. The longer they sit around, the harder they are to rub on. They become more of a burnish-on. And while the texture and indentation from a popsicle stick is lovely, it's not really something I want on my pages. So, I am using up all of these rub-ons today:
Like this horse. I know this is about driving home, not riding a horse, but hey - work with me here :)
Some of those hearts from my recent handmade embellishment extravaganza come in handy too:
A few fussy cut feathers, some more patterned paper, some wood veneers...
Etc, etc, etc...

And Viola!
The Road Home...
I think that is the first time I have ever bought a paper with a photo in mind. Well, except for when I was just starting out and everything was themed... lol!

It's always fun when they work out like you envisioned, isn't it?


  1. ooooo isn't it great how a plan comes together. love how it turned out - especially the corner with the compass and horse.

  2. This worked really well. When we did a road trip in California a few summers ago I brought some travel and road trip style papers - but often found them tricky to work with and too fussy.

  3. Looks amazing Ashli!! Love the way you cut the banners to overlap the photo!!

  4. Not silly at all. I have bought product a few times with specific photos in mind.
    Great page!

  5. Love how you cut out the banners and put the photo under it! Fab layering:)

  6. Gorgeous - I love the hanging banners and all the layers - it's beautiful.

  7. Such a wonderful way to cut into the banners, Ashli! I love how this came together.

  8. Happens to me all the time. Perfect paper for that picture. Great job with the craft knife.


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