Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best Day Ever!

The last week of May is quickly approaching and that means it's about time I share this month's tag for Layout Love Linky!

I have lots of little strips and such from my scrap bin:
Let's weave them together! I tried paper weaving on a mini once upon a time, but haven't returned to it again. Today is the day for that!
Once I had enough woven to form a tag, I simply stitched along each strip. Up and down and side to side:
And that leaves this... FUN!
Note to self: Love the texture that created on the back....
Back to the task at hand. A few little stickers from the stash...
Starting to layer that on, but I want a subtle highlight, so I dab on a tiny bit of Distress Paint:
And while that dries, I take some more of those strips and staple them together to make a little banner embellishment:
Likey so:
And that pretty much finished things off!

Here's wishing you...
The Best Day Ever!

Don't forget to link-up with this month's #LLL for your chance to win some happy scrappy goodness and of course, the tag above too :)


  1. Wow ! This is fabulous ,I loved the paper weaving bg and the way you have embellished it !

  2. Awesome background for your tag. Love the paper weaving idea. :)

  3. Totally adorable. What patience you have = I did it once too.

  4. See now you make me want to weave again. The came out amazing!!

  5. Love this!
    Thanks for the wish!
    May you have the best day EVER as well.

  6. I hope you're having the best day ever too, Ashli. This is fabulous. I really love the weaving.

  7. cute tag. Note to self lift Ashli's texture, very nice. ;)

  8. Adorable tag!! I haven't visited paper weaving in a bit either, funny how we do something and then move on so many things to try so little time - really love that you stitched yours. I agree the texture on the back is delightful!!! I really must get more comfie with the sewing machine (read not break it when using - giggles). I hope you have the best weekend ever sweet friend. Take care!! xo

  9. Ashli, your tags are always sweet! I count myself lucky to have one ... Always hanging in my craft space!


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