Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Third Time's The Charm?

This started out innocently enough. Some papers, a photo, and a story to tell...
 This paper makes me think of pinwheels...
 A little cutting and trying...
Only to discover that when four sides of a square are cut, the item completely comes off the page. Shocking, I know...
 But, that's ok! Here are all the spaces backed with scrap paper:
 And the pinwheels will get adhered back into their little spaces:
 But first, a little stenciling action:
 And some vellum:
 Hmmmm.... there they are all laid out. Not too sure about that...
Maybe they are better in a cluster?
 We'll go with that. Now for some title action:
 And then I fussed and fussed around until I had this:
And, I didn't like it. 
Why not? Well...

1. It's too full of stuff. Don't get me wrong, you all know I load up the stuff on my layouts. But, upon some further reflection I do believe there is too much dimensional stuff.

2. It is full of two opposing colors. Well, not completely opposing as you can see from the color wheel below:
(Image SOURCE)

But, close enough. And, when I had a look-see at my online Gallery, I noticed that most of my layouts have colors that are next to or very close together on the color wheel. That was an interesting discovery that helped me understand more about my style and what I like in my own layouts. Love those moments of clarity!

3. And, speaking of colors. One of the dominant colors isn't anywhere in the photo. 

4. It feels a bit too tortured. Too much fussy cutting. Too much white mist. Too many techniques.

So... it got torn up:
 And then I did this...
Which I really isn't any better...
1. It is too stark for the warmth of the photo.

2. Many of the aforementioned elements that weren't working are still too dominant.

3. Again with the excess of white mist. 

4. The title looks like an afterthought.

So then I cut things apart even more and ended up with this:

And I finally like it!
1. The kraft helps bring in some cohesion with the warmth of the photo.

2. The pink and aqua are no longer dominant, but they are more of an accent.

3. It feels much less clunky and fussy.Probably due to the fact that there are only 3 of those pinwheels left. 

4. I was able to pull the title in a bit more by using some coordinating vellum stickers.

5. I finally let go of the idea to use that larger stencil and went with my go-to favorite - the studio calico bubble circles.

Good gracious - that was an adventure.

So, what did I learn?
1. I like pink and aqua together, in SMALL doses

2. When the picture is not the best and somewhat muted... don't fight it, go with it. Case in point = kraft card stock as opposed to white.

3. Dimensional elements like pinwheels and such are my friends, when used sparingly.

4. Glue dots have a mind of their own.

5. Don't try too many ideas at once. For instance: fussy cutting, handmade dimensional embellishments, stenciling, misting.... ahhhh! You get the idea :)

6. When a story is worth telling, it is worth working the visual until satisfied. Why? I want to be happy when I see it in my album and I learned a lot through the re-scrapping extravaganza.

7. Bits and pieces are my friend. Large pieces of paper give me more of a challenge.

8. Just because I spray things over and over again with Mister Huey's White, does not mean that they will look much different or better.

9. It's ok to try things and not like how they end up.

10. It's amazing what you learn about yourself and your process while tearing things apart and putting them back together.

Thanks for joining me for this adventure! See you soon.


  1. What a splendid post! I really liked following your thoughts and the process from the "I-don't-like-it-too-much-kinda-layout" to the "this-one-I-love-to-bits-and-pieces(!)-kinda-layout".

    And I fully agree that the third attempt is the best one and also most "Ashli". :)

  2. I have to agree that the third time is the charm. That kraft background really keeps the focus on the photo and really warms up the page. So good to know I'm not the only one always pulling my pages apart and trying again and again. :)

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who puts a page together and takes it apart. LOL. Love the process.

  4. I always love to read about your process!

  5. Oh, my goodness! A lot of work for one layout. I loved the last one, but loved the first one as well. Not too crazy about the one in the middle. Very interesting to see your process and hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Really interesting to follow the process - I liked the top two more but I am a huge fan of turquoise and pink!

  7. Wow! I don't think I would have had the mental fortitude to tear everything apart a second time! Good for you for sticking with it until it worked!! Love the finished layout. My favourite elements are all the vellum pieces. I've been seeing a ton of vellum on pages lately and I just love the soft look it gives. Will have to dig out mine soon! Thanks for sharing your process!

  8. What a fascinating read - thank you for sharing the journey with this page... an amazing trial of strength to start over - twice!! Fabulous end result, though - so interesting how the kraft changes up the look of the whole thing so completely...
    Alison x

  9. You are definitely brave, Ashli! I don't think I could have brought myself to take the first one apart! But I do know how it feels, when you just can't seem to get it to come together the way you want it to. Love your end result and that you were still able to keep some of those adorable pinwheels from the original layout!

  10. So so interesting. To be fair, I like the original concept alot, but maybe with kraft behind it instead of all that pink? I don't know...I like what you ended up with . I usually just leave it and frown when I see it later ;)

  11. I have to say, I think the third one one is the charm! I really like the pinwheels and I'm so glad three of them survived on the final layout. I love how you treated the kraft background.

  12. What a beautiful mess. I love it. Thank you very much for your comment and your congrats on my blog. That means a lot for me, thank you.

  13. I have no problem tearing a layout apart! Ha! Loved seeing what you did and your thoughts. Love!!

  14. thanks for sharing your journey. love those pinwheels!!

  15. I usually try to just make things work. I am not good about tearing things up. I do love the outcome though. It's a wonderful layout!

  16. Love your process today and I do like the last page the best! I think I would have called it a day on the first one and moved on, HOWEVER...look at how much you learned about your process! I love that!

  17. those pinwheels are too cute, thanks for showing!

  18. This is such a cool post!!! My favourite is the third one, followed by the second then the first. I really enjoyed reading this!!! :D

  19. I really like how you took your thought and creative process apart for us as you worked through this. Very interesting to see the different levels. I must say your final one looks a lot more "you" than the others. Thanks for a great share!

  20. Oh, wow. I liked the first version of your layout but the third one really sings. Beautiful work as always!

  21. It's interesting to see your process and decision-making . . . By the way, I would *totally* have accidentally cut out a whole square, too. lol


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