Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From Painting to Page

I recently had a little adventure in exploring my painting self.
It was a blast exploring and playing, and I even quite like the end result:
I also quite like the idea of drawing inspiration for work in different mediums. Perhaps even taking some techniques I used in a painting and translating them on a scrap layout. And, since the painting above is framed and happily hung in my home, I think I might like to try out a similar look for my album.

To start, I have chosen a patterned paper with a repetitive design that will hopefully lend itself to lots of painterly play:
 I have my painting pulled up on my phone, and my Marks-A-Lot marker at the ready:
 First up - a little doodly doo and some white craft paint:
Then, some watercolor fun! I should mention that I have been super inspired lately by Celine Navarro's videos on Two Peas. I just love the way she uses media!
 After some watercolor play, I also added a bit of glitter while my white paint was still wet:
And then, some more square-ish elements using the shape of my brush, followed by a bit of handcut circle action:
Now, I would like to add in more linear elements to balance out the circular, so I have some handcut vellum... and clouds, but those obviously aren't linear. They are indeed fun though, aren't they?
 There they are all placed around, with my photos to boot!
 Washi and Title:
 And, you know the drill... the usual pen work and such was added until I had this:
 Lots of fun media and texture:
Inspired by my painting. So fun! Now... I wonder how it would go in reverse? Perhaps a painting inspired by a layout? Hmmmmm....


  1. Wow, you are rocking this look. Your painting is great too- textures, patterns, colours yet somehow it all adds up together. I hope you feel that it adds so much of you to your home.

  2. Wow! Its amazing how it all comes together and that you just use shapes and swishes. I wanna know why mine don't look like that. LOL!!!

  3. I really love how you can't leave a piece of paper alone...because what you do when you play makes it SO much better!!

  4. You are having way too much fun! Amazing!!

  5. This idea translated perfectly over to a beautiful layout!

  6. LOL at the title!
    So simple and true :)
    Lovely layout!

  7. Love it Ashli!! Perfect page to go along with the Pumpkin carving photos!

  8. Love to see how your pages come together. Love the title! And I agree. That is my least favorite part of pumpkin carving! :)


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