Thursday, April 25, 2013

Amazing, Beautiful, Love...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this paper. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos!
Let's scrap!
A quick flip through my die cuts and scraps produced this. See that card with the red heart on it? That's a Starbuck's coupon...
With that heart cut out, it makes a fun little "die cut" for my layout! And it actually would work great with the red heart too, but I don't plan on introducing red into this page. Good thing I have another one!
My idea here is to use some of the background doodles as my tile, so let's arrange all those bits accordingly:
 I like that! But, nothing is glued down and I want to do some painting on the background...
 A quick tack of all the elements together and then they just lift off the page:
Time for watercolor! The idea I am going for is just a pale mix of blue and green with a touch of yellow, all to enhance the words I will use for the title:
 And glitter is always a good addition!
Now that I am happy with that,  the tacked together elements can get placed back on the page:
 Let's work on the title. A little black pen might help accentuate the doodled look...
 And some arrows too...
 Yep! There we have it!
 Amazing, Beautiful, Love:
That paper just makes me happy! And, so does this layout. I wonder if I could translate these elements to a painting? Hmmmm.... That'll give me something to think about over the weekend :)


  1. Adorable Ashli!! Love the fun, whimsical look on this page!

  2. WOw. What a beautiful layout with all those details, Ashli. WOuld love for you to share it with others on Whimsical Wednesday.

  3. Such beautiful details on here, Ashli. I love how you added the color in to the background paper and highlighted the words on there too!

  4. oooo fun and pretty and I love all the details. your girls are beautiful!

  5. What a wonderful project with two lovely blessings - and I love your messy, messy table - well - organized messy - shows you are a great artist! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments - you made my day! Have a God-filled week - enjoy - Gail

  6. Love that glitter! Such a beautiful page...your girls are way too adorable!

  7. I always love seeing your technique process!
    Awesome page!

  8. Love your painting kick. Can't wait to see what this inspires. Ps- totally jealous of your Starbucks card. I couldn't find one anywhere..

  9. Makes me happy just seeing what you are up to!


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