Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time For Some Spontaneity!

Lately when I scrap, I have some sort of plan. Or at least some sort of technique I know I want to use. 
I can usually see some sort of outcome in my head before I get going. 
And you know what? There is freedom in that. 
But I am missing some spontaneity. 

So, all I have here are some bits and pieces and my photo. There is no other plan.
Let's scrap!
Playing around with layering...
I am liking this...
But, I want a bit of dimension...
So, a little exacto knife action on the banner portion of my title and the hot air balloon on the background paper...
That will work! But, I want a more hand made touch so a little washi and a toothpick should make for a fun little embellishment:
Yep! I like that little touch of black and white polka dot.
And now I realize that I have NOTHING adhered! HA!
Glue gun to the rescue. I am so in love with using my glue gun lately. Acid free? I dunno. I am not sure I am too concerned with that, though. It is just so easy to lift something up, squirt a little hot glue and know that things will NOT fall off! That's a beautiful thing! 
(ETA: I have been told that things won't stick long term... anyone have experience with that? Do you have any layouts that are several years old, adhered with a glue gun? Did they fall apart? Please tell me they didn't! I want to keep using and loving this trusty glue gun....)
All that is now adhered. But, I am bored now. Maybe some mist lines?
Hmmmm.... Not too sure about that. But, not to worry! I will make it work!
But first, some teeny little bits cut out from the packaging of some Amy Tam die cuts should add a nice little touch...
How adorable is that tiny tree?!?!
OK, I have done some pen work on my mist lines and am feeling better about that so now it's time for my journaling. I have a clear pocket to use, and I want to keep the transparent feel. A little piece of a glassine bag might just work:
Ah yes! That is what I had in mind:
Almost done, but I just feel like the whole page needs a little more personality. Maybe some litte doodled circles?
Sure! Why not?
There we have it!
Little washi banners...
And some transparent journaling...
Fun times!

Thanks for joining me for this spontaneous scrapping adventure :)


  1. So beautiful Ashli!! You are a girl after my own heart...I LOVE the glue gun and I am sure I have shocked some die hard acid free scrappers!! :) Happy to know I am not alone! Love that sweet photo and the cute Washi Tape flags!!

  2. You are so brave using a glue gun - for me its like eating French onion soup. On a date. LOL!! I'm so messy. Love how it all came together.

  3. I love the layering and mist lines. Definitely haven't tried a glue gun (would you believe my coffee table doesn't have outlets?) But alot of my old pages have the Chipboard falling off..

  4. I would make such a mess with a glue gun but I'm glad to hear it works for you. Lots of great details on here. Love the polka dot flags!

  5. What a sweet LO!! I use my glue gun some....a more recent adventure in scrapping. I use it more for heavy elements. I love this page.

    Blessings ~~ dawn

  6. Love the little polka dot washi flags and all the little details!

  7. You did it! You always amaze me with how you go from a few scraps to your gorgeouse LO!! Have not run into glue gun problems...and have with some other adhesives over time.

  8. I love the transparent journaling and mist lines! I use scotch 3 m liquid adhesive. It dries SUPER fast, but once it put it down, it's NOT coming off! http://www.dickblick.com/products/scotch-quick-dry-tacky-adhesive/

  9. Ok so I love those little washi borders! I have to admit, I really have no idea how to work washi into projects but your little banners could work!! I need better adhesive for my layouts too. All of my older ones seem to be falling apart, no bueno I tell you!! Take care :D

  10. Love the energy of this layout.

    The glue gun is new to me too. We can commiserate or celebrate together in 10 years.

  11. I have never used a glue gun for my layouts so I'm no help there. I love that black dot washi tape and the flags you created. That looks awesome! :)

  12. Your process is amazing~it deserves a book all it's own:):) {{{never new you adhered with hotglue~}}}} I know after long term you can pull it apart~keep us updated if you have problems. You are a BRIGHT star!!!

  13. I don't miss the glue fun. Burned myself too much! Been using zip dry by beacon.

    Lots of fun amazing details!!! Love that photo too!


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