Wednesday, March 13, 2013

There's A First Time For Everything!

Oh yes, indeedy! Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my very first CROP! Well, I have been invited to and attended some crops in the past, before I was a scrapbooker. I showed up to those with my baby books and ball point pens.... Oh yes, I am sure I was the life of those parties!

So, this was my first REAL crop. As in: "I am obsessed with all things paper crafting and will scrap my little heart out in a room full of 30 other women all day long" kinda crop! Wooo HOOOOO!

I must confess, I was a little nervous. I tend to make a huge mess, use lots of wet and glittery things, sew, mist, and heat stuff. I really didn't want to be "that" lady. You know, the one that everyone is whispering about never inviting again...

So, in order to avoid such embarrassment, I decided a little planning was in order. 
First, I made a list. I never make lists. This is serious, people!
At the top of the list? Make embellishments. I figured if I cut and embossed lovely things like this, then I wouldn't feel the need to pack my messy glitters and heat gun.
With all of those made...
Next on the list was page kits. 
I grabbed pack number 3 from my stash
I chose my cut apart sheets and background pages, then pulled photos. 
To take this a step further, I then pulled die cuts and doo dads to go with each photo and accompanying background paper. 
All of these goodies, along with their photo, went into a little bag. I did this for 10 pages.
Then I grabbed the other things on my list, which thanks to some lovely suggestions from you guys, included the following...
Mists (only to be sprinkled not sprayed... don't want overspray invading my friend's projects) 
Stencils (for tracing, not spraying!)
Wood Veneers
Stamps and Ink (I hardly ever remember to use these at home. Maybe if I pack them, they will get some attention?)
Tiny Attacher
Needle and Thread (I am thinking this will be less intrusive than the sewing machine! Plus, I was told that outlets would be scarce) 
Tube of White Paint (only to be applied with fingers or wipes as to not annoy fellow crafters with flying paint)
Paper Piercer and mat
Bottle of Water (for me to drink)

All of this fit nicely into this litte bag:
Once I had all of this together... I was done being nervous and was OVER.THE.MOON.EXCITED!!!
The next morning, I made a quick little stop...
And then made it to my local Archiver's for a day of fun!
I should mention that my friend Joy, whom I completely blame for dragging me into this whole scrapbooking thing to begin with, exclaimed... "WOW! Is that ALL you brought?!?!?"...when I arrived with my little bag of goodies! HA! Yes... someone arrived with a wagon in tow shortly after me :) These ladies mean business!

I quickly unpacked and got my area all ready to roll! 
Then, I stepped away from my desk for a minute and came back to a completely decorated space!
Full of all things purple. There was even a purple balloon tied to my chair! Oh yeah - and a purple crown too!
My friends that invited me, Joy and Ashley, decided this would be the perfect way to commemorate and celebrate my first real crop. I agree :)

With all of that excitement, I got down to business!
I will admit, it took me a few minutes to "get in the groove." Oh, but trust me... that didn't last long! Before I knew it, the chitter chatter of the room faded away and I was just doin' my thing and loving the fact that I was doing it with my friends!

Here is what I accomplished throughout the day, in order of completion:

Stencil put to use:
 Stamps in action:
Breaking out the paint and hand sewing (which I might add... I SO do not have the patience for!):
More stamping on a seldom used white background:
Lots of white paint on this one. Don't worry... my fellow scrapper's projects were not harmed in the making of this page :)
And the last one! Which also happens to be the least. Well, least favorite of the bunch for me. I think I was loosing steam at this point: 
With that, I called it a night.
That's 6 layouts in 10 hours. Really 8 1/2 hours because I should deduct for things such as eating and chatting. We did enjoy a lunch out, after all!

I should also mention it was determined that I was the messiest one there. I must say, this actually looks pretty clean to me:
I do have a funny little diddy from the day to share:
At one point, we were all chatting and one of the girls turned around and looked at my name tag and said, "Wat a minute... what is your last name?" When I told her she said: "NO WAY! I totally stalk your blog!" We had a good giggle about that and then she looked at my friend next to me and said, "WAIT! Your the famous JOY?!?! I've read about you on Ashli's blog!"

LOL! It was so great to meet you Jody! Thanks for reading :)

I had the BEST day scrapping with friends. Lots of laughs... lots of chocolate... and lots of pages!
I can't wait to do it again!


  1. LOL! So glad you had a great experience. And of course your pages rock.

  2. I can't believe it took them that long to put two and two together! I would have seen you a mile off. LOL! LOVE how organized you were for this- it totally explains how you get so many pages done.
    DO NOT throw out that navy powder!!! I love how your spotted chipboard looks! I guess I wouldn't do too well at a a crop- I'd be there with my heat gun AND my 12x12 spray box (spray cans included). I think I like that you moved away from your misting and did more stamping- sometimes it's good to make yourself a little uncomfortable in the creative process- crossing my fingers I see you work on white more- that page is AWESOME!!!

  3. Oh how fun, Ashli!
    So glad you had a good time and got some great pages done in the process.
    I am a light packer, too, usually. Definitely compared to some of the other ladies :)

  4. You are too cute! It sounds like it was a blast and all the layouts are fab ;D

  5. i am so impressed with your organisation. I'm usually the lady with the truck and my pages never have so many layers and 'stuff' on as yours! And yay for breaking out the stamps and using stencils a new way.
    And don't worry about misting at crops - just take a spare pizza box to use as a spray box and find a corner to hide in - then tell everyone else they are free to use it.
    p.S. totally agree with Willieburg about the white background.

  6. It's amazing what some ladies haul to a crop. It's as if they've emptied their house and plan to move in. LOL! Good for you for figuring it all out. It was so sweet of your friends to celebrate your first crop like they did. Love the creations you got done there. :)

  7. Awesome, Ashli!! Love how you used some of your usual supplies, but in a limited way. Impressive productivity and light packing!! I will have to revisit your post on how you put together "kits". :)

  8. how fun ~ crop goodies!!! awesome creativity girl, you are full to thr brim!!!

  9. It was so great meeting you too! Hopefully we can crop together another time and maybe this time your creativity will ooze onto my pages. Awesome layouts as always Ashli!

    1. And I was NOT the one with the It is always amazes me the amount of stuff people bring for a 10 hour crop. You should see what comes with them to a weekend retreat!

  10. I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please come check out my blog if you are interested in accepting. If not, no worries! I just enjoy your blog and wanted to share. :)

  11. Crops are so much fun and I'm glad you enjoyed your first an official scrapbooker! :) You definitely created some gorgeous pages over the day, Ashli!

  12. Wow! You had a most awesome time! Isn't it great to spend the day scrapping with your friends?! neat to meet one of your "groupies"! And you got a lot of great pages made - YAY!

  13. Great success on your pages..wish I was there to watch you work your magic!Scrapbooking and Coffee PERFECT!

  14. Wow - you were really productive! Love all of your pages. I haven't been to a crop in ages. It is fun to sit and chat with others who "get it"! :)

  15. Where to start? First, really glad you had a great time. The purple crown and table, wow!! Great friends you have! Your work space wasn't too messy. lol As always fabulous layouts. I really like the stencil with patterned paper and I totally agree on the hand sttiching btw.

  16. Wow!! What a fun experience. I love your pages too, esp the disney balloon one. I have never been recognized as a blogger, what a thrill!! Crops are a lot of fun but I am no where near as productive as you are.

  17. Ha! Sounds like you had a really good time! And so much done! Hope you get to do more. Amazing LOs!!


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