Thursday, March 7, 2013

That is SO Last Season!

SO many lovely new things are out in the stores now from Winter CHA! I have certainly picked up my fair share. Just look at all of this gorgeous patterned paper. A little Elle's Studio, Studio Calico, Crate Paper, and American Crafts. It is so silly how ridiculously happy all of this loveliness makes me! But, it sure does...
In fact, all of those new supplies make me so happy, I really could just sit right down and scrap up a storm! However, I still have some lovely papers from the last season of CHA. I do realize that these are not considered old by any stretch of the imagination. But, I can easily see how I could just dive right into my new goodies, forget all about these other lovlies, and end up with a surplus of patterned paper that I am no longer jazzed about. That is just not going to work for me. I am in the business of scrapping, not collecting!

So, I grabbed some papers from my file that have been hanging around longer than I would like. I have some Jenni Bowlin, Basic Grey, and October Afternoon:
Then, I laid EVERYTHING out! Old on top, new on bottom:
 TA DA! What you see here is 95% of my stash:
And then, I went about making some paper "kits." I have mentioned before that I keep such a limited supply of embellishments and such that if I make my own "kits," it really works best for me to just match up papers and then pull from the rest of my stash as I scrap. 

I started by pulling one "old" paper and matching it up with a "new," then back to old and so-on...
Turns out that the October Afternoon Midway collection looks really lovely with the new Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper:
It was SO fun to match all of that up! When all was said and done, I had 12 "kits," full of 8-12 papers each. Let's not do the math on that... let's just say I DO love my paper!
I then filed all of those "kits" in the front of my patterned paper file box. Each pack is divided using the Cropper Hopper Clear Dividers:
 With all of that set, it's time to scrap! I grabbed the first "kit" in the file. It consists of 8 papers:
I then pulled out the three papers that I wanted to use as accents and cut-aparts. The rest were designated for background papers. A quick flip through my photos, and I have 5 pages ready to scrap!
And here they are!
I love the combination of "old" with the brand-spankin' new. 

Lots of die cuts from the stash as well as some from new lines were put to good use!
This page was scrapped on a page that is traditionally used as a cut-apart sheet. I had fun adapting it to a background instead:
 A gorgeous combination was found with Studio Calico and Maggie Holmes:
Not to mention how awesome this Jenni Bowlin paper looks with the Maggie Holmes as well!
And one for a Shimelle sketch. One thing I love about working this way is how every little scrap gets used up:
I've decided that all remaining scraps will be combined with the next "kit" in the queue. Then, when I have worked my way through all 12 packs, I will make starters of all remaining bits. I will scrap every last bit!

All the detail shots of the above layouts are uploaded in my Gallery, along with more layouts from working through the second pack :)

I am already on my third "kit" and plan on packing it up for my first every CROP this weekend! Yep, I have never been to a crop. Well, I was invited to one 6 or so years ago, before I was a scrapper, and brought a ball point pen and my daughter's baby book. HA! I suppose I was the life of that party!

This crop will be different. I will scrap my little heart out.  I will blog about it. I.AM.SO.EXCITED!

Any advice for my first real crop?


  1. Best piece of advice-have fun! I've been to lots of crops and retreats since I began scrapping in 2006. At first I used to bring everything! Over the years I learned to plan better. The last crop I went to a few weeks ago I bought the essentials- my pics, adhesives etc. I usually found a few sketches or inspiration layouts and printed them. Then I gathered one or two kits and some extra embelishments. Always had my mists,inks and washi stash on hand, and a few stamps. Oh and bring a snack and beverage. I'm having a few scrappy friends over to my house this Saturday night for a crop. We have so much fun scrapping and chatting and getting a bit silly! Have fun!

  2. Loved seeing the way you scrap-and your pages came out beautifully! I love making kits, too!

  3. Have fun at your crop. I always find I end up chatting and not always working. I can often complete at least one layout, but I find it hard to journal when everyone is talking. If you can, write your journaling for the photo before you go. I keep mine on a notebook and then transfer it to the LO.

  4. Oh I got distracted by the mention of a crop :) and forgot to say this......Very impressed with your "paper stash" . Love the way you organize your paper for kits into the folder files and that you mix old and new papers. These layouts are beautiful!

  5. I always love reading about your process. Here, putting the kits together is part of that. I love how you used them. I hope you have a wonderful time at your crop.

  6. OMG! How fun. My first crop I was woefully underprepared. My second one - just BROUGHT EVERYTHING. Although people are really fun and generous. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!

  7. I love this idea! I have my okd stuff sitting in boxes. I have midway and dear lizzy in crop bags still, i will work through that!! The new stuff? Oy. So much , i just dove in and made a few mini pages.

  8. Bring adhesive or a needle and thread or staples or something that attaches one thing to another. The first one I went to I brought none of the above.
    liquid, you need it. Is it served, should you bring it, or will you purchase it?
    My best advice though is to have fun!

  9. love this idea and it helps me to see how you manage to scrap so MUCH!

  10. Love hearing how you put "kits" together! One smart cookie! And love the old and new. Perfect way to use what you love. Have fun at the crop!!

  11. Oh and advice. Definitely have fun. I had a lot to do and sometimes crops are not productive. I did some sketches and a "little" planning. Definitely went thru and printed photos I thought might work on some assignments and those I knew I needed. It helped so much. But you are on the right track with the kits!

  12. Awesome!! Love how you used the jenni paper~it almost looks 3D. Gorgeous work!!!

  13. I soooo need to do this and am going to this weekend and upcoming week with a friend coming to visit!! She is just getting going with scrapping and I plan on sending her back home to SD with plenty of scrappy 'kits' in tow - thanks so much for airing your process :) I love mixing old with new as well sometimes its too easy to get caught up - I am guilty as charged and this is a fabbu reminder not to this because I have a tremendous box of goodies that is shipping soon with oodles of stuff - YAY! I love, love your pages and how everything mixes and mingles so nicely together in the soaphouse way. As far as the crop goes....well I've never been to one so all I can say is have.a.blast.!!!! Take tons of photos so I can see what its like I so hope to go to one someday myself with good peeps I know. xo Scarlett

  14. Great pages, Ashli!!
    I love your kit tips of mixing the old with new papers. And love that you have such a small stash!

    I was just at a weekend crop and they are soooo much fun!
    Although I didn't get a lot of sleep and am still paying for it this week :)
    I always bring a plastic covered water bottle with me.
    Basic tools, adhesive, page kits or one project to work on ( I brought a florida trip album) That way I can limit the supplies I need to bring.
    I bring a mat to work on. Let's see, what else...
    A friend of mine brought an extra ott light for me and I appreciated that. We were in a ballroom so the light wasn't that great.
    Have fun!!!

  15. I recently stumbled across your blog while surfing the internet for inspiration... I just want to say it was a Jack Pot! I love your blog, your pages, everything! You are so talented! Thank you for sharing all the great tips, tricks, and layouts!
    Christine Hatchell

    1. Thank you Christine!!! And, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment :)

  16. Love following you !!!! I need to make up some kits...I will probably croak at all the paper!! Paper is like scrapbooking crack! :) lol Your pages of the kids are precious...that Liv is just a precious little chunk of love!!! One word...maybe two words of advise....Plan...and don't overpack!

  17. Making kits is a great idea, apparently I'm a "collector" ;D Gorgeous layouts as always my friend!!

    P.S. my son says thank you :D

  18. Love your layouts as always! I have a stool that holds my kits...inspired to go pull 5 right now and get them scrapped!Can't wait to here about your crop. The last one I went to, oh about 11 years ago, I spent most of them time cutting out shapes from their die cut machine...yeah..not really sure why!!!???

  19. love the mix of old and new! can't wait to see the rest. tfs!

  20. Love your idea here of making the kits with the paper and filing them to pull...I could do that. I think I get hung up on the rest of the stuff.

  21. Missed that bit at the bottom about your first crop...hope it was an awesome time!!

  22. what season?! I have lots of old stuff too! To me they are so new! Probably older than when I started 2yrs ago! Lol! Nonetheless you rock with the old stuff!


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