Monday, February 11, 2013

Wax and Scrap Eloquently...

In a recent post, I mentioned that I signed up for Wilna's Art Class workshop. It is kinda rockin' my world right now! She approaches her scrapbooking in an amazingly free and unhindered way. It is mind blowing. 

Speaking of mind blowing and my rockin' world...
She has a lesson on wax that has just captivated me!
I used to toy around with the idea of encaustic painting, but really didn't want to invest the money in a whole new set of supplies and worry about a proper ventilation system.

It honestly never occurred to me that wax could be used in scrapping. And that is why she is Wilna and I am not! The things that she shows with wax and are so gorgeous and so doable, I just had to give it a try. I should also mention that I don't have a proper art wax, so I grabbed the nearest candle. Hey, whatever works, right?

Alrighty. Here we have my photo, some papers, and those arrows that I copied off pinterest some time ago:
Some pieces of crayon, my heat tool, and a candle at the ready....
I should mention that is it next to impossible to photograph melting wax without a helper. Plus, Wilna's Class lesson is FAR more interesting than I could ever be... so you will just have to sign up for the class to get all the details and how-to's!
As the wax dries, I am captivated by the detail and the dimension. Although, I should mention that Wilna advises Crayola Crayons. These are from the Dollar Store. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for! Anyhow...
Now for those hearts! Here they are, all layered up with the photo and the papers. 
Now, this fun doodle on my SMASH page needs to be pumped up a notch, so out comes my beloved Pitt Pen:
Title time! You might remember me mentioning that I am trying to creatively work my way through some of the ravaged Thicker packages that lay in waiting in my alpha drawer. I happen to know that I have absolutely NO "e's" and I don't really feel like rummaging or frankensteining a vowel, so I am going to try a little something...
Glossy accents.... 
And then glitter! Hmmmm.... perhaps the not the most legible or successful title, but I'm gonna go with it and make sure I reinforce it in the journaling...
Oh, I do think I am in LOVE with this waxy texture!
Just look at it!
A sweet little layout full of love and wax to boot!
Now, when I fall in love with a new technique, I have this little issue where I just kinda go overboard. I tend to think that every project now needs it and I wonder how I ever crafted without it...

On the next layout, I went a little crazy....
Even the chipboard pieces were covered in wax...
And so was the washi and the glitter...
Let's just say that the dog is lucky it got away!
I melted and melted and melted....
That candle wax is like liquid vellum!
I was finally able to convince myself to stop and had this:
It's a bit more than I usually do - clearly! And a bit out of my style... but, it was fun and I kinda like it! It is really cool how you can build up the wax in transparent layers. 

One thing that is so amazing about Wilna's style is her ability to work in tone-on-tone. It is just stunning! Every page has a lovely amount of white space while still having loads of lovely bits and so many gorgeous details. That my friends, is something that I just have a hard time doing! White space is typically not my friend. I gave up minimal and subtle long ago. HA!

But, she does make it looks ever so appealing, that I just had to channel a bit of Wilna when I created this next layout.
I just grabbed a few scraps and of course the wax...
Did a bit of layering up:
And stenciling:
And very minimal stitching...
I love the way it came out! But, I have to admit it does sort of stick out like a sore thumb in my album! You know, next to the other layouts with all of their patterned paper backgrounds and extreme layering. But, sometimes it is good to step outside of the usual and shake it up a bit, right? 


I also love the way that the white card stock really allows for the wax technique to shine. 
That is a key point, a good one to keep in mind when employing lots of techniquey play in your scrapping. 

You would think that I would have taken that concept by the horns and followed this layout with loads of minimal pages. 

Oh, no! Not so much! I unintentionally did everything but that! And, as you will see tomorrow...
things didn't exactly go as planned!


  1. Amazing work!!! Loving the wax work and the arrows! Your title looks fab too! :D

  2. And Lol and "Frankensteining"... classic! :D

  3. I love both your work, as always. BTW, i have used crayola and still had the grease. You might try UTEE or ranger's beeswax. You can melt it with your heat gun. Very little investment and it goes a long way.

  4. This is great! Love this - I might have to try!

  5. Wow. This is so different. Also wild and crazy. WHO knew. And frankensteining. classic.

  6. Ooooh, sooo fun! Love this fun technique, your arrows in the first lo and the fun photos in the last! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That class looks so interesting and your layout looks fantastic! I love the use of wax on that first layout.

  8. What an awesome technique, Ashli!! Really love it and your glitter letters in your title! And I am totally stealing those AWESOME heart arrows on the toothpicks!! :) I love that photo on your second page and the blue Smurf faces!! :)

  9. Looks like a fun technique. I love the arrows on your first page.

  10. These are gorgeous! That is the next lesson for me in the class and I'm anxious to get into it. I didn't even know what kind of wax she meant. Thanks for sharing these amazing pages! White space is a challenge. There are so many supplies, photos and all, I can't leave empty space on my page!

  11. Really love how these turned out, the textures and colors are great!

  12. Gorgeous pages! The wax makes an amazeing effect! Gorgeous with the arrows and your title on the first one. Love the straw and the flowers on the seconde and your white spacelo is faboulus!
    Have a wonderful week :o)

  13. Gorgeous pages!
    And wow, wax! I never, ever would have thought to use it on a scrap page.
    I have to say Wilna is one of my most favorite scrappers ever and I really do want to sign up for her class. Just waiting to see if I won a giveaway yet ;)
    I think this will be a good class to play and break out of my comfort zone.

  14. You are right -very hot stuff going on here! Can't wait for playtime!!

  15. Amazed to hear you describe Wilna as free and unhindered - that's how I feel when I see your process and amazing pieces - so I must be incredibly buttoned up somewhere way down the scale!! Glorious to see the results of your "rocked world" - wonderful, wonderful work!
    Alison x

  16. Thank you for posting this. I wondered if my purple bayberry candles would work. I think you've proved it. I completely understand about the standing out in the album. My lovely new pastel pages next to my saturated ones. Uhm ... pop is a bit of an understatement.


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