Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Love Notes...

Oh, what a week it has been at the Mailbox! Valentine's is one of my most favorite holidays to craft for and this past week has been a flurry of lovely hearts along with a bit of waxing and waning :)

I have had more fun working through Wilna's Art Class at Two Peas and combining the techniques she explores with my Valentine crafting this week. 

So, before this sweet holiday is over, let's sneak one more project in!
My hubster and I have been flooded with adorable little notes from our girls this week as they have been doing their own Valentine crafting and I want a scrapbook page to save them all in. 

I had more fun layering up envelopes and SMASH cards when I did a page for my JYC album, that I am going to take inspiration from that!
But first, a little stenciling with white acrylic paint:
So pretty!
While that dries, I will add a little wax from a candle to this chipboard piece. THIS is my new favorite way to use wax! I love the texture it adds to these chip pieces. I think it gives them a little bit of a handmade feel... less manufactured maybe? Plus, the chipboard is so stiff that there is no chance of the wax cracking off.
While all of that dries, time to piece together a little title:
This envelope will work well to hold all of those sweet notes:
After my SMASH cards are all layered up, I just play around with my banners:
Now, I want some more of this color that is in my title spread about the page, so I will just grab some of the often left-over letters to tuck in and around. Just a peek of color without the letter showing...
And there we have it!!!
Lots of color, layers, and patterns!
And a place to keep our sweet notes...
Complete with a waxy chipboard piece:
LOVE it!
Hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! So cute :)

  2. Really awesome Ashli!! Love the wax on the chipboard piece and the fun banner!! Such a great way to preserve all of those little notes!

  3. That is some awesome layering, Ashli! Love the little alphas peeking out here and there.

  4. Happy Valentines day to you!! Fun layering - everywhere you look something is peeking through.

  5. fantastic idea to save the notes. I have a stack from my grands~thanks for the great idea. Looks fabulous!!

  6. Layers and layers of loveliness... that stencilled paint looks amazing too!
    Alison x

  7. Love all the texture-y and layer-y goodness! Sweeeettt! :)

  8. Beautiful, I love everything about it!! Have wonderful weekend my creative friend!!!!

  9. I love how you show your process and all here on your blog is heart warming artsy fartsyness!


  10. How lovely that the children did little notes - that is so sweet and what a fabulous way to store them too. Love the little hearts banner and am off to try that candle technique!

  11. Oh, lots of fun techniques here! I really love the assortment of envelopes and notes here. Such a fun and dynamic page. :)

  12. Oh how I miss the days of getting little notes from my kidlets. My 'baby' will be an official teenager in two days!!!! This is a super way to capture and hold tight on to them. I really love how it feels and looks like a bulletin board of sorts - just delightful!! All the layers, ahhh, the chipboard is darling and I must say wax is one of my favorite things to play though I haven't in a good while. Must bust out my buckets of wax chips again here soon. I'll have to a flashback friday post with some of my waxy stuff. ;) Anyhoo, this is just terrific and inspires me to use up my smash pads that are gathering dust at the moment. :)

  13. Love it and what a beautiful way to treasure to try the wax thing too now :) Thanks for your comment, I entered my page - there is soooo much gorgeous stuff there.

  14. Hats off to you! You are just so inspiring in all that layering!


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