Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Gesso it All Out...

Yesterday, we had a little adventure in wax and had loads of fun! My last layout created with wax was rather minimal and I realized the beauty of that style for allowing a technique to shine. You think I would have held onto that as I forged ahead into waxy wonderland.
Not so much.
I think the white startled me so and stuck out like such a sore thumb in my album, that I felt the need to head for lots of patterns..

Now, before we get started, I should warn you that if you have come here looking for little works of art that are totally going to inspire you and make you want to add them to your Pinterest board... you have come to the wrong blog today! But, if you are interested in seeing a piece of totally real and totally unedited creative play that did not turn out so well... then stick around!

Supplies at the ready...
First, let's stamp!
 Now, I have all of my heart shapes punched and ready to add some confetti:
 I kinda like that!
Photos down... 
In retrospect, I think that having these awkward photos might not have helped this page. One is SO black and the other is an odd shade of green that doesn't repeat in the other picture...
Oh, well - maybe I can make it work with my embellishments?
And now, just layering on my chip board pieces and such...
 Hmmmmm.... This is the moment where I realize I am not really crazy about this:
Maybe Gesso?
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with gesso. I LOVE using it with stencils. But, when I try to use it more freely with a brush, I always feel like things just look mucky. And I can't stand the amount of page buckling it offers. 
But, it is the idea in my head for toning down those hearts and brightening up this page and you know... sometime you just have to "Gesso it out."
Oi Vey....
Oh my....
That "LOVE" title piece is glaring out...
 Maybe toning it down with some wax?
And then, I went a little crazy with the wax...
And mist....
And I just ended up with a hot mess!
Now, maybe you are thinking that it's not so bad. Or, maybe not! HA! But either way, the point is that it just irks me. I can't put my finger on it, but everything about it is just "off."
Time to move on!
Certainly I have learned a lesson and the next page will be more successful?
Or, perhaps not.
Let's just say that the lethal combination of awkward photos, overcompensation, and too much of a good thing (wax)....
 Turned into this!
Not a fan.
A big part of what I don't like on this page was a problem to begin with:
Those pink panda pajamas.
Bless her heart, she loves them. But they just clash with everything else. No matter where we are!
I'm not sure why I thought having 4 photos containing those pajamas was a good idea. Or why I thought I could tone it down with multi-medium and Gesso? Really?
And then a massive layer of wax! AHHHHHHH!
Not a good plan.
I went ahead and put them in my album and decided that I would never blog about them or speak of this again.
But, that is not very authentic now is it?

Besides, I learned quite a few things from this:

- I like Gesso, when I use it with a stencil. If I use it with a brush, I need to proceed with caution and apply sparingly!
- I also really like wax. That does NOT mean it needs to be on everything!
- If one photo is difficult to work with, 4 of the similar scene will be more difficult.

Now, you know what I just did? I went to my album where these live and asked myself if these pages are integral to the story. They are really not. I have told elements of these stories already in other pages. 
Then, you know what happened?
I pulled them out of the album, tore off the chip board embellishment and THREW THE REST AWAY! Oh, yes I did!
And, it felt SO good!

Creative play, lessons learned, and an album that I am completely proud of, sans any waxy gessoed messes!

That works for me :)

Now that I have gotten the Gesso out of my system, I am off to finish up a little Valentine Decor Piece. I am hoping that will be more successful. I will be back with that tomorrow!

See you soon!


  1. Hey Ashli! I am sooo glad you posted your "hot mess!" I found you through Paperclipping and just adore your site. So much of what you create seems way beyond my creative ability but you inspire me. This blog - and seeing you are human - inspires me even more. Maybe not to duplicate your page (although I am sure I will have many pages with a hot pink panda issue or two):) but to "gesso it out" play with my supplies and just enjoy the process of it all...afterall it is just paper and chipboard

    AGAIN Thank you for being REAL!

    1. Thank you so much for listening to PRT and for coming over to my blog! You made my day with your sweet words :)

  2. Love that you have hot messes too and I know that you know that I encounter these daily and have started over. hot pink panda - lol!! Your gesso sounds like my misting. one good thing about printing from home - changing to b&w always an option. I find you very brave to out this.

  3. I had to laugh when you said you went back and took it out and threw it away. Glad I am not the only one who would have done that. That being said, I really did like the wax technique that you did yesterday and today. It was different.

  4. I love that you threw the pages away. You can always reprint the pics and try again if you change your mind and want to use them.

    ps: don't give up on gesso - it's awesome!

  5. Ha ha ha!! Good one! Love that you share it all with us, and then in the end just go and rip it out :)
    I am sure that in the future we will see ones that worked for you!

  6. Glad to see you forged on through the process Ashli, even though it wasn't completely giving you the results you wanted. I have found that sometimes that is just the best way to do things. And I really do love the way the confetti ended up on your first page. Sometimes there are just those photos that we want to scrap, that don't want to cooperate with us!! :)

  7. I'm glad you plugged on through and tried and tried to tweak until you were happy. I've been known to tear up a page...or two...or three too. LOL!

  8. Well, at least you learned some things! I have thrown out layouts halfway into the process knowing it would never turn out how I wanted it, so you are not alone in the tossing department! On to the next project.... :)

  9. Your Hilarious! I hadn't pulled the PJ's out of the picture until you said something..Funny!... Love your work, Love your style... Look forward to your blog posts!

  10. Giggling madly over here!!! I've had so many hot messes it is unbelievable!!! I do the same thing you did - tear it all apart keep the bits that are salvageable and move on! I love that you shared your hot mess and your lessons learned from it - especially since the way you blog begin with lends itself so well to telling your stories of creating this way!! Keep gessoing it out my friend and I promise my next hot mess I'll share too! ;)

  11. Very interesting. The wax is a new technique for me. I actually like the second page. It has a totally different feel for me. But I'm proud of you for tossing it out if it wasn't working your personal albums, good for you! Have you ever tried the MS glue pen? I love it for drawing words and then adding glitter. Comes out so neat and crisp.


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