Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scrapping the Starters...

I have a confession. I have gotten a little lazy. Lazy about filing my scraps. 

Not too long ago, I realized that after I finished a layout, I was left with a heap of lovely scraps... that already coordinated well!

So, instead of sorting them and filing in my scrap drawer, I have been making "page starters."

Basically, I just gather most of my workable off-cuts (the other bits either get trashed or eventually filed), layer and collage them up, staple and glue together...
And - Ta Da!
A page starter!

I stick these to the side and when I have a few to work with, I pull photos and scrap!
I have found this to be so perfect for when I feel like scrapping, but don't feel like thinking much. 

That happens more often that I would like to admit. HA!

So... I scrapped this page a while back for a sketch on shimelle.com:
And then the leftover scraps became this page starter:
That then became this layout:
Complete with a little interactive photo book:
 And, you might remember this layout?
All of the scraps turned into this layout:
And this page starter from a layout I get to share soon...
 Turned into this page!
This is such a carefree way to scrap. I love that with a page starter in hand, all I really need is the background paper and a few embellishments!

Come to think of it, this really could become a perpetual system...
Scraps to starter to finished page...
and scraps to starter to finished page again.
Perfect for those brain dead days, 
or for really maximizing all of that lovely paper!

Speaking of maximizing lovely paper, I will be back soon for this month's edition of Layout Love Linky. There are just a few days left to enter! 

There are also just a few days left to enter the giveaway to May Flaum's new Fashionably Fast E-book. I will announce the winner to that in the upcoming Layout Love Linky post :)

See you soon!


  1. that's an awesome idea! i'm with you i hate sorting and storing them. i might just have to try this next time i sit down to make a page :)

  2. Such a great use of your scraps to create new layouts Ashli!! The originals...and the "scrap" layouts are all really awesome!!

  3. After watching you do this on the past month or so, I started doing the same thing. I love it! It makes scrapping so fast. You have done an awesome job, as usual. I am always so inspired by your work.

  4. GREAT idea - I already jacked your earlier version of this. I have ALOT really way too many scraps. I'll never catch up. But I'm gonna give it awhirl.

  5. Fabulous idea and fabulous layouts!!!

  6. What a fab idea! Especially the fact that the starters isn't full pages, but just a part of it, so one can add a background of choice when it's time to use it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And your pages (both the original ones and the "scrap"-ones) are awesome

  7. Oh...they are all soooo amazing!!! I love the way you use all your stuff and nothing is wasted! I know i've been lost for a while but I am drowning at the moment..pffff...happy to go around your blog today!!!xx

  8. This is a wonderful idea, Ashli! Such a great way to use up scraps and create pages with similar product but such a different feel.

  9. Ashli, I think this is a brilliant idea! You don't waste the paper and you get more layouts done at the same time! Fabulous! Love Penny

  10. These are all awesome layouts! I have many days when I want to scrap but don't want to think! :) It really is a great way to use everything and to save you time too! :)

  11. Love these pages!!! So cool to the originals and then the bits and pieces on the starters!! Really diggin' the Hundred Acre Woods page tho'. Love the interactive photo flip book on that one. :)

  12. what an awesome idea! love the layout too!

  13. Such a clever idea, and leading to such great pages - wow!
    Alison x

  14. Love all of these creative pages! Such a great use for all the bits that are leftover after a project.

  15. This is a fantastic idea for when I get stuck- starting with a page that's already eclectic might free me from blank page syndrome- going to try it out- thanks for the prompt! Love all the pages here- I also love that they look like quilts. Your girls are THE CUTENESS!!! Want to hug them all!

  16. I think I enjoy my scrap process with my scraps better than when I have to cut into fresh papers :)

  17. such a cool idea! i've been meaning to clean out my scrap bins for quite some time. lol...

  18. awesome technique or way of doing :) and your page are so gorgeous!

  19. Hi Ashli, I'm discovering your blog thanks to my participation to the last SSS challenge (thank you for your visit !), and I'm really happy of what I see tonight. All your last pages are wonderful !!! Full of cheerfulness and creativity, and your little daughter is just too cute... It's a really good idea to start quickly a new page with scraps, and the results you show are perfect ! Greetings, Coco x

  20. Great idea! I love how you included a photobook on that one layout. Super cute.


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