Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Loves - A Valentine's Day Mini 2013

It is almost Valentine's Day and that means it's time to share a little Valentine's Day mini with you all. Stitching up a little mini book all about MY LOVES and everything I love about them right now has become a tradition. 

And by tradition, I mean that I made one last year and had so much fun doing it that I decided to make it an annual project. This also happens to be a very good excuse to collect all of those gorgeous Valentine papers that are so hard to resist!

I decided to challenge myself a bit this year to break out of my favorite combination of red, white and aqua. So, this year I am going to try my hand at red, pink, yellow, and green. I have been gathering and collecting various supplies for this and I can't wait to cut into them!
You might recall that I am typically not a mini book person. I don't really have the attention span for them. I have, however, found that if I take a no fuss approach and don't over think it... then I really enjoy it!

First, I just cut all of my papers down to size, keeping in mind that I want my finished book to be 6x8:
And then, I just layer them all up into one lovely little packet:
Likey so:
With a few clips securing everything, I just head to the sewing machine to run a few stitches down the spine:
One thing I have learned is that it helps to start with a zig zag stitch. A plain straight stitch happens to create a lovely little perforation line that can make it a little too easy for the pages to fall tear out:
With my book stitched up, I simply run my bone folder over each page at the binding to aid in the overall functionality of the pages:
The best part about not over thinking and just going with it? Fun little surprises like this text at the end of my book!
With the basic structure of my book in place, I grab some border and shape punches and do a quick pass through all the pages with a little punch here and a little punch there...
And now the real fun can begin! I have all of my little embellishments at the ready...
And a book full of loveliness....
To go through and add little bits. Remember, no over thinking... just smash and go!
Twine, staples, and clips...
I will tell you that all of the above was finished in the time it took to listed to one Paper Clipping Roundtable. That is a measurement of time, isn't it?

Now that most of my embellishments are spread about, it's time to have some fun with the cover. Matte medium is my best friend for this. Not only does it help to glue everything in place, it adds a nice layer of protection. We can't have any letters falling off....
Once my cover was completely dry, I made a few more passes through the book to add in my journaling and some doodles. I did end up having a few extra pages here and there and I just ripped them out. No problemo!

I believe the rest only took one more episode of PRT. So, all in all - about 3 hours of crafty fun and I have a little book full of love letters to my family!
Everything I love about them right here, right now...
My sweet girls...
They mean the world to me...
I do Heart you!
My Gorgeous Free Spirit:
and My Little Sweetheart:
Full of flair...
You & Me:
Pockets full of love...
Won't  you be mine....
Words of love...
YES! it is a gift...
From my guy...
Pages full...
of MY LOVES...
I had just as much fun putting this together as I did last year!
My loves...
It's a tradition!


  1. Wow! What a great mini. I love all of the textures and patterns you included. Super fun!

  2. OH wow!! All your bits and pieces are amazing. Beautiful!

  3. Such a beautiful little mini!
    I love the confetti heart.
    And your glitter nail polish is so fun :)

  4. W-O-W! This is gorgeous. You just make it seem so easy :)

  5. fun, fun fun! Love all the details! And I love the tip about a zig zag true!

  6. love it! The colors, textures, and all of the details make it so pretty!

  7. Love the polka dots and taffeta on the cover. A really cute little mini book!

  8. Love the stitched hearts full of sequins! Perfect - as always!

  9. This is filled with so much love and sweetness! I love it!

  10. Overflowing with love...such a gorgeous mini! I love the fact that you measured time in PRT's! Your family must treasure these!!!

  11. What an awesome tradition! I was thinking of doing a 'love' mini book this month, but have fallen way behind...thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Beautiful, fun, happy, lovely! WOW!! Such a wonderful tradition!

  13. love love love this, looks super fabulous

  14. This may be the most awesome mini I have ever seen!! Love your creativity Ashli!!

  15. Can I just say... "OMG"!! What a riot of colour and pattern and fun and love! GOT to get over my enmity with sewing machines, because sewing together a stunner like this looks like so much fun!!
    Alison x

  16. This is fantastico!!! I seriously think you need to teach a class on this. It is BRILLANT!!

    Blessings my friend ~~ dawn

  17. This is suberb! The best ever! <3 Love everything, every little detail about it! Just awesome!

  18. It's gorgeous. and thank you for the great tip about zig zag stitching the pages together. I'm glad I didn't have to learn that the hard way!

  19. Great project! and yes an episode of Paper Clipping Round Table is a measure of time.

  20. Jennifer...this book is absolutely darling. What a beautiful display of the love for your family. You have great talent. Thank you for sharing, you are a great inspiration to me.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. it turned out wonderfully! what an inspiration. :)


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