Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Embossing Extravaganza Continues...

When we last left off, we had just begun An Embossing Adventure.
After playing with my embossing folders, using various patterns and techniques, I found out what I liked most and what maybe didn't work so well.

You may remember seeing this photo from my last post:
Embossing the scraps above helped me determine that I quite like the looks of embossing on a subtle patterned paper using an embossing folder with a small pattern. While embossing and intricate design on a bold pattern is not as successful. Which, now that I type that, seems perfectly obvious. But I am a visual learner, so apparently trying it was what convinced me. I also confirmed that it is indeed hard to beat embossing on plain card stock. The texture and interest is unbeatable!

Now, that brings me to this point. Perhaps some embossing will liven up some papers that I don't feel quite as excited about as when I first bought them?

Take these papers below, from American Crafts Shoreline, for instance. I love them, I really do. That's why I bought them after all. But, for some reason I have passed by them time and time again in my paper file. Maybe I just haven't had the right photos yet. Maybe the saturated primary colors are a little trickier for me. Whatever the case may be, it's time to use these papers and I do believe some embossing  is in order!

After selecting some photos that will work...
I put aside the sheets that I know I want to use as backgrounds and the rest gets cut down and embossed up:
Some die cut action:
And I am left with all of this to work with! 
Let's scrap!
First up, some misting and kraft pairs nicely with the heart embossed polka dot:
And here we have the full onslaught of primary colors at work. Lots of layered and embossed circles add a nice element of texture:
More of the hearts are layered up with the circles on this toned down background:
And back to bold! I love all the layers of embossing here:
And finally, not to leave any bits out, the last piece of embossed paper gets cut into a heart and combined with one of my recently put together scrap page starters:
And there we have it.
A bit of embossing, a lot of scrapping...

What did I learn this go around?
- I like the subtle texture that embossing adds and how it can tone down a bright paper.
- I REALLY like the bold primary colors on a background of kraft.
- It feels SO good to use up every last bit of something and to totally get my money's worth!
- I like embossing a lot more than I thought.

Stay tuned!


  1. WOW! who knew. Awesome pages as always. i find your process amazing as always.

  2. Love, love, love all these layouts. I am in a total scrapping funk at the mo so maybe trying a new technique would help me!

  3. Loving all of these Ashli! Loving the texture you achieved!

  4. Fun, fun pages Ashli!!! Lovin' all the hearts and embossing action!! The photo in teh hold on tight LO is so adorable.... and I agree bold primary colors on kraft is one of my favs. :)

  5. Glorious pages... the embossing works so well for subtle extra texture on the patterned paper... love it!
    Alison x

  6. Awesome pages. That is such a cool way to add more life to your scraps!

  7. Awesome pages! I just love the way you put things together, so cool with the embossing!
    Have a wonderful week :o)

  8. WOW... you've been a busy girl! Try letting your kids playing with your embossing folders and some scraps. My son and I had a fun time a few months back. He had some VERY interesting ideas.

  9. Lovin it! Great idea to emboss the paper and make embellishments.

  10. They all turned out great, but oh my those yellow one really pop for me. Beautiful as always my friend, thanks for the inspiration......hmmm.....I might just scrapbook one of these day :D

  11. Totally love the process! The outcome -awesome"ness"!

  12. Beautiful...Love all the Yellow. Great Inspiration for making your own embellishments..

  13. Totally fab, Ashli!! Love the embossing! And I love how you used the negative piece with the hearts cut out. The Shoreline collection looks great on your pages!

  14. I love the pops of gold in your pages!!! That kraft hearts page is gorgeous- I really admire how you fearlessly pile on the shapes in your pages- I swear it LOOKS easy but when I try it it just gets all messed up- your stuff always looks deliberate and fun all at the same time. LOVE the hold on tight page- perfect balance and the photo is making me giggle.


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