Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stuffy Head, Fever, Achy Back, So You Can Scrap Medicine...

The holidays are so exciting. By the time Christmas arrives, my kids are so hyped on sugar and anticipation that we all have trouble deciding if we are coming or going! The excitement of Christmas day comes and goes (amazing how quickly they tear through what took many hours to shop for and wrap), and then we are on to an exciting few days of new toys and extra time with daddy, followed closely by all of the super fun New Year's Eve festivities!

And then, the winter sniffle bug hits the house. Hard. Amazing what a sinus infection can do to the brain, really.

So, what does this all have to do with scrapbooking?
Glad you asked!
I love scrapping! I really am happier when I can do something creative each and every day.
But all of the holiday fun on top of the raging sinus yuck has me a bit brain dead.
I want to create. It will help me feel better, I just know it.
However, my brain power does not seem up to the challenge.

What's a scrappy girl to do?
Hit the scrap drawer, of course!
You may remember this little peek into my scrap drawer in a previous post:
I head to this drawer pretty much every time I scrap. But, it is starting to get a little full of older papers and I think a good clearing is in order.

After about 20 minutes of sorting like colors and stapling stacks together, I have 8 lovely little page starters (that I just had to share on Instagram):
Let's put some of those to use, shall we? That shouldn't require too much brain power. Here I have 3 sets of page starters and three photos. 

How did I select the photos? Remember my adventure into using up every last letter sticker in one pack? Well, I only have 3 titles left to go and these photos will get those scrapped!
All I had to do was grab some background paper and some stickers and die cuts...

And here we have it!
 Three layouts...
 Full of fun little scraps and bits and the last remaining letters in that pack of Thickers!
Scraps used, letters finished off, brain power not needed...

Now, that is some good medicine.

I DO feel better! YAY!

Now, off to cut up some more paper, fill that scrap drawer back up, and break down another pack of letter stickers to have at the ready...

See you soon!


  1. Wow. Love them. It amazes me what you can do with stuff. I have been plagued with sinus too. It usually knocks me out. I need to try your remedy.

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  3. you are like magical w/ paper. lol... i don't know how ya do it! tfs!

    eh, sry! accidentally hit enter too quickly.

    oh, and i have it too - on antibiotics. gotta love it - not!

  4. I have been trying to do more pages like the ones that you posted today. They make me feel *happy* inside when I look at them. Sorry you aren't feeling the best, but I think it's fantastic that you got your creativity on, even when you aren't feeling the best!

  5. What fun details hidden everywhere!!!

  6. You made three fab pages when you were sick??? You go girl!
    They look great...Looks like you are going to have some refinished hardwood floors...oh the dust...but oh so well worth it!

    Love the payouts...wish my mind worked like those layouts.

  7. You continue to amaze me Ashli! Funny thing is my scrap basket is one of the only things of scrapbooking making my move!

  8. Gorgeous pages and done while you are sick to boot! You rawwkkk, lady! :) I love the idea of sorting by color and stapling the scraps together. I wanted to smack myself in the head for not thinking of this sooner! LOL!

  9. Beautiful job, especially for feeling yucky! I hope you feel better soon :D

  10. Fabulous creative medicine - that third layout especially just makes my heart sing - gorgeous!
    Alison x

  11. Not sure I could be so scrappy when I feel go girl!

  12. Best medicine! Hope you are 100% better. Fabulous creations!!

  13. I was fighting a cold and I'm sure that scrapbooking through it helped! :) Love these pages. So creative, what you can do with a few strips of pretty pattern paper! Love them all.

  14. How come I sleep through my stuffy head cold/flu days and you create fabulousness in yours? Beautiful work, all.

  15. Glad you are feeling better!
    So hard to get stuff done when you are a mom and sick!
    Beautiful pages!!!

  16. Hope you are feeling better Ashli! We had all of that yucky head cold stuff too, and it was not fun!! Your layouts turned out really fab and I usually can't get mine to look that good, even when I am on full brain power!! HA! :)

  17. Glad you are feeling better! I think that hit a lot of homes over the holidays. Ad, you still got in some marvelous crafty goodness!

  18. Hoping you are feeling better! I appreciate your ideas for making some page starters out of your scraps! I'm inspired by your pages! Thanks!

  19. I have a heck of a cold as well- staying up late every night and running around for the holidays usually makes me sick around this time of year. Hope you feel better!! I have a drawer full of scraps as well- I think today I'll try this page starter idea- thank you for giving me inspiration!!!

  20. What a terrifically fun batch of LOs!!! Love how you get down with your scraps for real! Really glad you are feeling better. :)


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