Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And Now For Something Tried and True...

It's a new year and I have been attempting to bring some new life into some forgotten supplies...

Embossing folders to be exact!

When we last left off, I had tried a bit of inking and vellum, as well as adding some subtle texture to liven up some papers that had lost a little bit of their excitement for me.

In my original experiments and play with all of the embossing action, I also confirmed that the gorgeous tone on tone texture and design of embossing on a solid color really is hard to beat. 

So, let's try some of that today!
But, we won't throw pattern out the window completely.
Here I have what remains of a Classic Calico 6x6 pad. These are the sheets that keep getting pushed to the side. I love the patterns, I just don't use a whole lot of brown.
How about we run all of these through the Sizzix?
The subtle and not too brown patterns hold that texture nicely:
And the rest just get turned over for some lovely tone on tone:
 All piled up on a background of kraft with one of my scrap page starters for a little color:
Adorable photo to boot:
And since all those papers were perfectly piled up and I really didn't feel like individually adhering all of them, a quick stitch across the middle will hold them all in place and get covered up by the aforementioned cuteness.
A few little die cuts tucked about, along with some flair and twine....
And the last little bow(aka miniature Christmas tree ornament) left over from my Christmas Heritage Album...
 And there we have it!
With all of that lovely texture and the pre-made page starter, this came together rather quickly.
This is probably as close to tone on tone as I can get. But, there really is something to be said for the tried and true isn't there?

embossing + solid card stock = hard to beat perfection

Next up, I think I might do a little Layout Love Linky tag incorporating some of my favorite finds from this Embossing Adventure :)


  1. Such a great page Ashli! I really like how you used your scraps to create all those layers and also your fun way of trying out your embossing folders!

  2. You are really giving me the urge to start embossing some more!! I use mine sporadically, but I am loving the texture you are creating on your pages, Ashli!!

  3. Gorgeous page! You are so creative, I just love your postings!
    Have a wonderful day :o)

  4. Another fabulous layout. Neutrals always workd! Great tip about just sewing the layers and covering up the not so pretty stitching. I always worry that stack won't look as pretty when I reassemble with the adhesive. :)

  5. Such a pretty page!
    I love the pops of pinks and bluish green with the neutrals.
    That is really a great combo that I need to try.
    I do like pink and teal together a lot :)

  6. You have some mad layering skills, Ashli. Gorgeous work with the neutrals!

  7. How wonderful how you used the back sides of the PP that just didn't work for you. Brilliant I tell you!!

    Oh, and LLL, I need to get linkin' up.

    Have a Blessed day ~~ dawn

  8. I always wondered how you got so many layers to stay put....now I know! :) Cute page Ashli! What a great pic of your little girl! :)

  9. Beautiful layering!! Just an adorable photo! Great idea with embossing. I love the texture.

  10. Love that cutie photo amongst all your gorgeous layers!!! The neutrals with your pops of colors is lovely and the silver bow is the perfect glitzy accent. Love!

  11. Great LO! You are one scrappy girl! I don't think there lis anyone out there better at using every piece than you are!

  12. Beautiful layout !!!!!thanks for for the posting!


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