Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Dollar Store Deer...

Recently, the always inspiring Michelle Hernandez, posted her amazing dollar store find of a ginormous glittered reindeer. 

Complete awesomeness!
I was very envious. Mostly because I was not about to bundle up 3 children 7 and under to drive 20 minutes to the Dollar Store for one lovely little reindeer. As fabulous as he really may be.

I forgot all about him.

Then, I went Christmas shopping. Well, stocking stuffer shopping to be exact. The Dollar Store is our stocking-stuffer headquarters and as I turned the aisle and was faced with all things tinsel and glitter as only the Dollar Store knows how to do...
I was greeted with an entire wall of these fabulous glittered reindeer!
A WHOLE wall, people!
It really was all I could do not to buy
They would look nice as a banner, yes?
But, dollars add up into lots of dollars.
So, as they were sold in packs of two... one fabulous little pack made it into my cart.

I brought them home and straight into the studio for some play time. I had lofty goals and high expectations of amping up this kitchy little guy. Visons of UTEE and Stickles pranced in my head.
But, alas... this beauty is EXTREMELY prone to melting. As in, point heat gun in it's general direction, and it shrivels and smokes into something a mere fraction of it's original size. 

Good thing they came in a two pack. 

So, what do you say we scrap the lone survivor?
Here he is, in all his glory!
A little picture of a recent visit to the theatre, along with some fussy cut Nutcrackers and some Teresa Collins paper should compliment him nicely:
First up, some strips of composition book paper shall create a nice little layered "frame" for my photo:
 And now a bit more fussy cutting... 
Time to get the reindeer on here!
What if we add some straws? It's like a merry-go-round. Love that!
That has plenty of impact, I don't think I will need to do much else! 
I will just add in my flowers (that I dressed up with some Stickles), 
place my Nutcrackers (that have a coat of Glossy Accents applied),
place some twine,
and add some washi:
A little title work:
 Journaling and spritzing:
 And there he is!
 Isn't he gorgeous?
I may just have to shop at the Dollar Store a little more often! 

I wonder what fabulousness they have up their sleeve for Valentine's Day?


  1. Love the deer and the fabulous layout! And really diggin the straw!

  2. AAAAA! I LOOOOOOVE what you did with it! That page is FABULOUS!!!!! I tacked mine on to the wreath on my door but he's silver so he doesn't quite match- will have to go back and get myself one in gold. Also THANK YOU for the tip on the melting- I was going to use hot glue to attach the new one permanently- holey deer sounds better than it looks on a wreath. (HA!)

  3. Love this layout...the straw really gives the feel of a carousel! The little nutcrakers on the deer just tie the theme in together.
    I love the dollar store. There is tons of junk but there certainly are treasures to be found.

    Last year I put a large snowflake in a rectangle vase with snow in the bottom and a reindeer in a vase with jingle bells in the bottom. Both were from the dollar store and were just lovely reindeer. This year they live on the tree.

  4. WOW!! So cool! Great ideas ladies! Might have to go to the dollar store more often!

  5. So sweet!! I mean seriously that deer!!! You do such beautiful work.

    Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed evening ~~ dawn

  6. OH wow! totally gorgeous and so's the page. Love the straw as a pole. Totally rad. LOL on nukin' the first one.

  7. LOVE IT Ashli!! Adding the straw for the carousel look was such a fabulous idea!! The Dollar Store definitely comes in crafty for scrappy finds!! And I have 3 kids, with our oldest almost I feel your pain of having to drag them out of the house!! :)

  8. merry-go-round glitter deer! Awesome! Such a great idea! And it looks stunning, too!

  9. He's a cutie and I love the stripy staw on the layout too!

  10. I must say I have a thing for glittery reindeers, must check out our stores in Australia to see if they have them. Your layout looks fab and love the idea of the staw to make a merry go round


  11. Beautiful! Love the layering with the reindeer. Merry Christmas!

  12. The deer is awesome on here. Such fun and sparkle.

  13. This is GORGEOUS!!! I love how you used that dollar find and turned it into the star of the show.

  14. This is so gorgeous! That reindeer is FABULOUS!

  15. WOW!!!!! This layout is absolutely amazing and you must be so stoked about your dollar store deer! Awesome!!!!!

  16. How creative! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Great page, love the sparkly reindeer :)

  18. ohh, I love your sparkly reindeer! :)
    Wishing you wonderful, peaceful Holidays, Ashli!

  19. Oh I love the page and the glittery deer! I love Nutcracker too <3! Have a lovely Christmas, Ashli! Looking forward to seeing your fun creations next year :).

  20. Can you tell us which dollar store you visited? Dollar General, Dollar Tree?

    1. Thanks!!! Hope they have some left!!!

  21. Again another stunning layout. Love what you did with your sparkling reindeer.

  22. Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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