Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some Very Merry Gluing, Cutting, and Journaling...

Hello! When we last left off with my project to journal Our Christmas Heritage, I had mostly finished the spread below...
I did, however, still want to add some stitching and bits but figured that would be better to do along with the page that will live directly behind.

So, here we have the front page and the selected paper and photos for the page behind...
First up, I have turned my background paper over and on top of the already completed page and am just using a pen tip to lightly mark on my paper the outline of elements that are already scrapped on the top page and that I don't want to stitch through...
With that basic outline in my head, I just turn that paper over and start scrapping!

Here, I have all of my little papers and bits ready for layering:
 Some layering has begun and now for some Shine!
With my basic layering framework done, I go ahead and stick it in the page protector...
And stitch!
 See? There it is on the reverse side. YAY!
Stitching fun complete, now I am going to open up the protector with an exacto for some more layering. Plus, I want some of that fringe to stick out...
 See there, just a little slit with the fringe pulled out...
And now I can layer these in, using some Tombow glue, which I find really sticks to the page protector:
Title time! This little negative cut tag from Target gets layered up with some alpha stickers and some matte medium helps insure that they will stay:
 That side is coming along... now it's time to add a cluster to the other side:
And after some layering fun...

There we have it! The front...
 And the back...
Two totally different pages, but scrapped together so that lots of stitching and bits could be integrated with the page protector:
I have found that the process of creating a basic foundation of layers, sticking the page in the protector and then competing the page within the protector is working really well for this album.

I will be back tomorrow with a complete update of my album to date. See you then!


  1. very cool! i especially love the green and blue one. tfs!

  2. They're both fantastic layouts but that green is really speaking to me, beautiful!

  3. These are fantabulous and I love how you are working within the page protector!! Really like the vintage card on the first page and all the bits you used to add to the vintage feel - the fringe on the second page is my favorite feature and you have me itching to use my tags from Target!!

  4. That is so cool that you are sewing both pages at once right in the page protector. And it looks like some of your layering is on the outside of the protector? I love how this is coming together! :)

  5. Very cool! I love the pops of turquoise with the green.

  6. You always have the yummiest layers! So gorgeous. I'm envious!

  7. I love how you are making these pages "interactive" both inside and outside the page protector.

  8. I have really enjoyed your December album and all of the details you have been sharing with us. Just found your blog via Shimmele and I have throughly enjoyed my visits. I have found myself holding my breath waiting for the next...and must admit that I am incorporating many of your ideas in my own album. Thank you so much for sharing...not only the photos but step by step as you work on the pages is so helpful!! LOVE your work.

  9. Love these pages and the way you incorporated the page protector :)

  10. love the Lo's!!! always a treat to visit you!!!

  11. So fun, as always Ashli!! Love all of the bits and pieces you added to both of these and the stitching turned out great!


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