Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scrappin' STAEDTLER Style...

I was thrilled, to say the least, when my friend April (DT coordinator extraordinair) asked me to Guest Design for STAEDTLER this month. A chance to play with an array of fabulous art supplies? Oh, gee... I don't know...


And, look at all of this awesomeness they sent me to play with:
I was too intrigued by the possibilities of that FIMO clay, so that is where I began. After kneading it up...
 I rolled it out and used the tip of a pencil to sketch out a little tree:
 Or three...
 And some hearts too...
Now, while those dry, let's do some scrappin'! As you probably know, I am having loads of fun working on Journal Your Christmas. And since I follow Shimelle's album organization system... I need a reference page for my Christmas Album that will live in my regular Family 2012 album. 

This envelope will hold some journaling about my Christmas Album, letting you know to look for it and why I did it. 

First up, a bit of doodling with some of the Lumocolor pens that STAEDTLER sent my way:
Ah yes...
I should also mention that these might just be my new favorite pens! They write on anything and dry instantly. NOT.ONE.SMUDGE. The other day, I wrote about 20 lines of journaling onto a piece of acetate with one of these babies and I didn't have any trouble. Love that!
 With my doodles all in place, it's time to play with some of those water color crayons:
 After a little scribble, I just use some baby wipes to blend:
 All blended. Now, time for some color:
 YAY! Fun!
Alrighty! I've got my colors where I want them, but everything is a bit "flat." I am thinking if I try some paint and stencil action, I might get a nice depth and texture...
 Yep! That is exactly what I had in mind. That's always fun :)
While that dries... Remember those trees? They are going to be my embellishments. Perhaps some chevron love would be nice?
 OK! I can not tell you how much I LOVE these! I might have just done a little happy dance!
With the basic foundation of my page all set, now it's time to work on my embellishment clusters. First up - washi!
Oh, but then I decided I still wanted a bit more texture...
So, some white tissue paper gets collaged down with matte medium. I know... this looks like a hot mess. Don't worry. I have a plan....
See how it gets nice and transparent? This just adds a nice little layer of additional texture without covering up everything...
Once that is dry, I peel up the tissue in certain areas and this reveals a lovely and subtle layer:
 Back to the embellishments! Some papers from my scrap drawer will come in handy here:
After those are all layered up, some punched out stars will add a nice little touch of red to accompany that red title work:
 Some final pen work:
 A bit of vellum:
 And... TA DA!!!!
 Our Christmas, complete with chevron trees! LOVE!
That was too much fun! I should also mention that the FIMO clay dries SO light. Those trees don't weigh more than a wooden button. Perfect for a layout, I would say. And, I only used about half of one package to make all three trees and hearts. Just think of all the other possibilities!

Since that chevron action was so fun, I think that's what those hearts need, and maybe some checkerboard and polka dots too...

After layering on lots of the watercolor crayons and putting more of those pens to work, along with a bit of mist and alcohol ink...Some lovely little canvases for the hearts to live on. Perfect for the Christmas season!
But, I like them so much I believe I will leave them up all year.
I hope you enjoyed this little STAEDTLER journey of mine. I know I did.

Now, go grab some FIMO clay and some pens and try out a little embellishment action of your own!

And I will see you next time for an update on Our Christmas Heritage!


  1. Look at you, how cool is that!!! CONGRATS!!!! You did an amazing job as always ;D

  2. WOW!! Amazing work Ashli!! Love those chevron trees and the canvases are fabulous!! Congrats on your Guest Designer spot!!

  3. How cool!! Terrific projects as always!

  4. Great work - as usual! You're so talented! :)

  5. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are amazing!! love it!!

  6. So many cool techniques! Love these projects!

  7. WOW!! Both projects look spectacular! I am in awe of your process. Thanks for sharing your work on this blog.

  8. wow - what a fabulous mixed media project! love it!

  9. Your work just makes me swoon.
    I am always in awe of how you take the simplest items and turn them into works of art!!

  10. I agree with Mary Jo - your work makes me swoon too. Even though you have stepxstep the end still baffles me. Hotmess to a work of art. My hotmess usually stays that way. lol!

  11. Absolutely love how you combined all the layers and colors. So fun!

  12. amazing how your brain works~awesome work!!!

  13. fun stuff, love what you did with the paint and the tape!

  14. Wow, love it all. Your doodling is amazing :)

  15. Very cool and fun! Love the fimo trees and the way you drew your circles! Fabulous!

  16. oooooh...so jealous of those fun goodies! Awesome job, per usual! :)

  17. CONGRATS!!! So perfect for you! Awesomeness, girl!!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Just hope that I will remember this until I can find some time for scrapping again... ;-)

  19. I don't know how you do it. Every time I visit your blog, I'm blown away. Such creative, crafty goodness! Loving the chevron trees, too!

  20. Stunning layout - but that word trio is sheer heaven! Thank you so much for the constant and astonishing inspiration!!
    Alison x

  21. wow! you really rocked this! love everything you did!

  22. AMAZING projects!! Love your techniques and the Fimo trees are spectacular. Thanks so much for being our guest DT - you Rock!!

  23. Very Awesome! Who wouldn't have thought to use FIMO clay??? Humm... I'm going to have to try that!

  24. Oh these are so cool. Love how you keep us guessing to final reveal. My mind doesn't go to your creative place. Awesome. Laura. Www.whosthischick.com

  25. What a fun little haul of guesting supplies! I played with FIMO years ago when I made some beads for a necklace. Love how you incorporated it into your scrapping. Great doodling too! And yes, the chevron trees = LOVE. :)

  26. I love, it's beautiful !!
    Is a good job.
    M'agrada, és molt bonic.

  27. Congratulations!

    And what a set of gorgeous creations! I really lovelovelove those canvases!

  28. Ashli,
    This is just beautiful!! It put such such a smile on my face.

    Such beautiful work my dear friend. Now I'm off to check STAEDLER =)

  29. Beautiful!! Always inspiring...thank you.


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