Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Complete Christmas Heritage...

Well, as complete as something like that can get. There will always be more stories to be told and memories to scrap. But, as for this project...

I am done! Good thing registration to Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas includes a lifetime membership...

If you have missed any of my posts about this project, the list below should help you out:

And that brings us to this point:
 With a visit from the North Pole:
And some joyful giving 4 U:
Full of garlands on acetate:
 That warm the heart:
 A good dose of all things sugary:
 And little moments of the today (LOVE these printables from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer):
 Cozy Moments at Home:
 On Christmas Eve:
And lots of photos included for Christmas! Some from Christmas past and some from Christmas present. Thanks to a modified photo stack for making that possible:
I LOVED doing this project! 
(Subway word art made on Thanks to Stacy Julian for that tip!)
 Full of bits and pieces...
 Tidbits and twine...
 Of Our Christmas Heritage:
Crafted with Love... For My Family:
Thanks for joining me this December as I worked on this! Your sweet and encouraging comments were so delightful, not to mention super motivating! 

As with any project, especially a larger one like this, I learned quite a bit as I worked my way through this (that's part of the fun, isn't it?):
01. Having supplies pre-set and pre-fussy-cut really IS key.
02. Never underestimate the worth and importance of a glue dot.
03. TOMBOW is my friend.
04. The combined weight of paper and chipboard is astounding!
05. Large albums are exceptionally difficult to photograph...
06. ...As are pages within a page protector.
07. Looking at my heritage photos on the same page as modern day photos is priceless.
08. It is surprising how many things WILL NOT stick to a page protector.
09. Page Protectors buckle, a lot, when stitched on multiple times.
10. It was all worth it as I love the finished result just as much, if not more, than I thought I would!

And that, my friends, is always a great way to end a project.
More detail shots of each page are uploaded (or will be soon) over at my Two Peas Gallery.

I will see you next time for a special year-end edition of Layout Love Linky. You still have 2 days to link up for your chance to win for last month! (It's a really great prize!)

See you soon!


  1. oooooo this was so much fun and inspiring to follow. I have never thought of anything on the outside of a page protector - I have enough trouble keeping things in. LOL!!! Awesome as always.

  2. Beautiful job! What a family treasure! Used the idea of the folk,knife and spoon stamp on one of my layouts too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Wowzers! These pages are awesome, so much work and it's a perfect scrapbook to treasure. I love it. Michelle x

  4. you have an awesome mini here!! love it

  5. Wow, I cannot wait to see more. It is incredible!!!

  6. It looks awesome! You are definitely ahead of me on the curve. I still need to work on my JYC layouts.

  7. I love, love, love it!!! You have done an amazing job with this album and it has been so much fun watching you develop along the way! Adore that you stuck with your own style and developed something new and unique for it at the same time. So many fun little bits and pieces to soak in - just delightful - the way a Christmas album should be! :)

  8. Beautiful! I loved your list of ten!

  9. It looks amazing and something your family will cherish.

  10. Wonderful journey. I know i enjoyed it ;)

  11. I love this project! It's so you and so inspirational!

  12. Just a gorgeous album all around!
    I have to say that I am addicted to glue dots :)

  13. This is all kind of goodness! Just amazing! I love the subway art...will be doing that.

  14. What an amazing album! And I would agree that having older photos on the same page as new photos is priceless! What a fun journey. :)

  15. What can I are amazing!! This is one jam packed full of awesome album!!!! Thanks for sharing the whole process with us :) :) Happy New Year!!

  16. This is absolutely glad you shared it with us!

  17. Well done! It really is amazing!

  18. just popped over from JYC forum. Love your finished album, and laughed out loud at your learning points. well done.


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