Monday, December 17, 2012

Let's See What This Stamp Can Do... Holiday Edition!

Hello again! You may remember back in the early spring when I purchased a new stamp and had a little crafty fun breaking it in? In fact, that post is still one of the most popular here at The Mailbox, which is so interesting to me...
I love that you all love a bit of crafty fun time like I do! YAY!

So, let's do it again - Holiday Style...
This isn't a new stamp. Well, it's pretty new. But, I haven't really figured out how to use it to it's full potential. So, it's time to see what this gorgeous Hero Arts Chevron Snowflake background stamp can do:

The design on this is delightfully detailed. That's why I bought it. However, it threw me for a bit of a loop as the detail doesn't allow for my usual technique of stamping with paint. 

So, let's play!
First up, the obvious:

Well, that is nice but somewhat boring and I am not loving the black. Seems like snowflakes should be softer.

Maybe blue?

Ooooh, pretty!

How about blending in some green?

Now I am getting excited!

Perhaps some more blending?

Oh yeah, baby! LOVE that!

Alright, let's switch gears. I do love the look of a shiny white resist stamp and since I can't do the paint effectively, how about embossing?

That's a nice tone-on-tone look, yes?

And there it is with a bit of spritzing...

And here it is on kraft. It really is hard to go wrong with white on kraft...

Now, even though I know the detail doesn't lend itself, I really want to try this with some of my new Heidi Swapp Color Shines.

Or blue?
That is actually kinda pretty, huh? I like the painterly look:

Now let's really try something different here. What if we spread this glue stick on and stamp with that?

And then add glitter? 
That's fun!

And now for some Gelato action...

Smooshed on and then a quick run through the Sizzix...

That's pretty cool!

And nice in blue too!

So, there we have it!

12 Different looks with this stamp:

Which one is your favorite? I want to know! And, the technique with the most votes in the comments below will be incorporated into my Christmas Heritage Album.
Speaking of which, I will be back tomorrow with a little update of that  :)


  1. Oh, they are all pretty nice, but my favorite is through the Sizzix. It looks like classic Christmas to me.

  2. so much fun! #4 is definitely my favorite! thanks for sharing!

  3. I am really loving #7!! The White on the kraft is really FAB!! But they are all pretty awesome!!

  4. Fun techniques! My favourite is maybe number 4!

  5. I really like these posts! :) They sure leaves me wanting some nice stamps and colours to go with them. ;)

    As for which design is my favourite... Hmmm... I think the first Sizzix (11) and the tone-on-tone embossing (5).

  6. How fun! I didn't know you could do such a great look with gelatos and the sizzix - I think I like No 12 the best - but they are all great (and the very first one reminds me of christmas at night time, so I wouldn't dismiss the black too quickly ;-)

  7. So many pretty choices. I like #4.

  8. Coool! I love number 11!
    Have a lovely day :o)

  9. Fun techniques ~ my vote is for 7.

  10. I vote for #4, although I like them all. :)

  11. Super fun techniques! I need to try them out. They all look great!

  12. #7 The white on craft....though the tone on tone is nice as well....

  13. All are pretty but my fav is the third. Great! Also the gelatos are awesome! I love gelatos!!! Thank you for your Sweet comments on IG and my Blog!!!! Hug

  14. WOW - this is tough. But probably #4, followed by #6 and #10

  15. Very cool techniques. I love the blue/green (#3) the best I think..

  16. I love three!!! :)
    But kind of hard to pick because I actually really like several.
    What a cool stamp!!
    I have a few of those background stamps that I never use!
    Need to break them out and play :)

  17. I'm always drawn to green so #3 but I love the #5 :):):)sticking with green#3.

  18. Ooo pretty! Love anything in blue or gold!

  19. Its close between 4 and 7 for me. I love this - it reminds me of all of the options with hust one stamp!

  20. Wow, I can't even pick out a fav!!! Love to see the differences.

  21. Lots of fun....Number 3 for me

  22. Fun idea to share-thanks! I vote for #4

  23. I loooove it girlie when you break in your stamps!!! Sooooo much fun for you and "funner" for us getting to watch all that crafty fun! I looovwe the Gelato press! :)

  24. Oh goodness girlie this is so fun! I love that you shared your playtime!! I must give this a go sometime though I don't think I'd have as many fun people to play along with responses LOL!! I love number 4 and 7 the most, but number 5 is kinda fun too then of course I do love glitter and I love that you used a glue stick with that so I have to add 10. How is that for indecisive?! :P

  25. They are all so favorite is no 2....the blue distress is so vibrant! ok I also love all the others ....maybe you could do a layout with all of them!


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