Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Journaling All the Way...

Christmas is less than a week away. Cookies have been baked, presents wrapped, journals scrapped. So, how about a little update of the latter?

With the help of Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class, I have been working on scrapping Our Christmas Heritage and loving every minute of it!

If you missed any previous posts about this project, you can find them listed below:

And that brings us to this point!
With ribbon and tinsel:
 And layers and doodles:
 Once Upon a Time:
 There were cut and ruffled page protectors:
 And a journey to a banner of houses:
 With journaling and layering onto an oversized photo:
 This day was...
 Scrapped on a napkin!
 And layered full of bits:
As we Go, See, and Do...
 Things from then and now:
Complete with a Christmas Pig: 
 Just in time for dinner.... HA! (sorry, couldn't resist...)
Thanks for taking a look! More detail shots of each page are uploaded (or will be soon) over at my Two Peas Gallery.
I have decided to take this album through Christmas and then a couple of final pages will call it complete. I will update you on the finished project before the new year.

And, I will see you tomorrow with a little dollar store scrapbooking :)
See you soon!


  1. Fabulopus!!! As always!
    You must have had fun making this...It just looks like such a meery and bright, fun type of book!

    Looking forward to the dollar store scrapping tomorrow!

  2. I just recently discovered your blog. I LOVE looking at your stuff. All the layers and yumminess. It makes me drool. I am envious of your style!

  3. Dear Santa, please oh please can I have a teensy bit of the magic that Ashli has that makes her work so wonderful! I've been very good all year! Thanks!

    (Gorgeous stuff Ashli!)

  4. Awesome treasure and its chockful of yummy goodness and memories.

  5. Would you share with us how you did the ruffled page protector?

  6. Would you share with us how you did the ruffled page protector?

    1. Oh, sure! It was super easy. I scrapped my page to the basic foundation, like I mentioned in yesterday's post. Then, once the page was inserted in the protector, I cut horizontal strips from the right to the left side of the lower third of the protector. Then, I just took those strips, ruffled them up as I liked and stapled them in place using my tiny attacher. Then, I just embellished with snowflakes and confetti, adhered with TOMBOW glue. I hope this helps and makes sense :)

    2. Thanks for the directions....gonna give it a try!

  7. It's super - love it all and what a wonderful album packed full of memories.

  8. Amazing. Just amazing :)
    Happy Christmas!

  9. Again: Love the pages and I really like that you have used smaller pages in between and without page protectors!

  10. Wow!! So many amazing little details to look at!!! Great work! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Every little detail is beautiful! I especially love the house banner.

  12. This is just absolutely gorgeous!
    Love the house banner!!!

  13. Love, love, love it. Your happy pages and fun style make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I hope you have the merriest Christmas ever!

  14. Your album is amazing. I love all the different page sizes and the unique things you are doing. So much eye candy! :)

  15. what a masterpiece !!!! This one the lids will fight over ~ so get ready:):) Awesome totally!!!

  16. So awesome and so you! I just love your style! <3

  17. Wow. Such amazing eye candy! TFS!

  18. So absolutely fun!! Each page is awesome and I am loving the "scrapped on a napkin"!! :)

  19. Wow!! Your creations are amazing!! I love looking at all your wonderful pages!


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