Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I've been Journaling...

Hi there! I have a little more than a week under my belt of Journal Your Christmas and my attempt to scrap Our Christmas Heritage, so I thought it about time that I share how this is coming along...

During the last update on this project, we began...
 With this:
I have had some great fun mixing the format of a traditional scrapbook with the tags and interactive bits of a mini!
I journaled on acetate:
And adhered some elements on the outside of the page protector like these rosettes. I am also having fun with little bits hanging off the side like this tag. Not to mention the awesome printables from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. Those are all sprinkled about through this project.
 Some pocketed page protectors have come in handy...
Especially as I integrate my heritage photos with current day images:
I'm also finding that little "pages" are great additions to the 12x12 layouts and are helping the flow:
And when I don't need all of the pockets in a certain sheet, I just layer fun bits like envelopes and chipboard on top:
The tiny attacher and super strong glue dots are coming in handy with all of this. As well as the occasional use of TOMBOW mono glue.
And when I feel like taking a break from the 12x12, a 6x12 comes to the rescue for some inky fun play:
It's so fun to think about different ways to incorporate interactivity. I love the idea of my old photos on top and then opening up to current day images...
The daily prompts from Journal Your Christmas are just the thing to help me dig deeper and document Our Christmas Heritage, talking about our Christmas past and how it relates to our Christmas present!

All of the traditions...
And memories...
Lots of tags, tabs and...
Vellum pockets...
Each with a photo of Christmas past...
And journaling on the back of each about all things Christmas Trees...
 Lots of confetti:
Stickers, die cuts and straws...
Along with another pocketed page protector to house these old pictures of me baking right next to my little one doing some baking of her own:
 A page of lists, all about lists...
Layered up on the backside of that aforementioned pocketed page:
And another little page leads into a full layout...
And gives me a place for a colorful photo and journaling pocket:
Which tells the tale of the final page in this album as of today...
All done and in it's page protector home!
Complete with tinsel...
'Tis The Season!

Thanks for taking a look! More detail shots of each page are uploaded (or will be soon) over at my Two Peas Gallery.

I'm having a blast and can't wait to update you with more next week.


  1. Love, love, love all the details, layering, texture and color of your work! This is so awesome!!!

  2. your work always can be cunted on to reveal tons of interesting textures, wonderful unveiling of fun layers and a wild and zany approach to having fun shile scrapbooking...something i need to remember!

  3. I wish I had the possibility to see this live. To feel it, to dwell in all details...

  4. Looks Fabulous! Love it, so much to look at , its awesome & inspiring

  5. Wow, so many fun festive pages. Love all the journaling!

  6. Oh my goodness, so many fun, yummy pages to take in. I love, love, love the vellum pockets with the photos. Awesome page! And all the different page protectors. Love it all! :)

  7. This is so much fun, Ashli! I love the interactivity of it all and the mix of old and new photos.

  8. Awesome album! Love all the fun stuff that draws you in and makes you want to linger and peek into everything!

  9. As always absolutely beautiful - I've been a slient reader recently sorry I know I should leave a comment when I visit, I love the chennelle page effect and all the layers and details. I haven't done a daily this year just gets a bit mad in December to try and fit in lots of scrapping...but I have taken lots of photos, so hopefully I will get some of it down :)

  10. Love how ir is coming along. I am loving mixing up siZes too. Youre page protector ideas are great!

  11. Such wonderful artistic pages! Love all the fun layers!

  12. This is coming along great. Laurab. Www.whosthischick.com

  13. Love this! It makes me want to reach out and flip the parts and open the envelopes!!!just so coooool!!

  14. Looks great Ashli!! Love seeing it with the photos added in and I love your fun use of the baker's twine!!

  15. Love the details and clusters...so cute the layout of you and your daughter baking... how perfectly sweet!!!

  16. Oh my word - I love your pages! There are full of such goodness! So much to discover! I couldn't do this much I guess, but it looks just right on yours! I tried to step outside the page protector as well, but with just a strip of washi... I might be more brave next time ;)

  17. Your DD is incredible! Love, love, your work!

  18. I know I am way behind your blog.... I am taking time and going back to see all of your creativeness! You have my imagination swirling. As I looked at these beautiful pages you made it hit me.... On photo sleeve pages you put embellishments on the outside of the pockets! Genius! I am having a great time exploring your work!


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