Thursday, December 6, 2012

And So It Begins...With Fringe...

I have been Journaling My Christmas and having a ton of fun as I scrap Our Christmas Heritage and play with the idea of mixing a traditional 12x12 album full of page protectors with the fun eclectic style of a mini.

I am thinking the combination of vellum, stitching, and plastic fringe might be nice, yes?
Let's give it a try!

First up, since I want to be able to have a page on both sides of this protector, even after I have sliced, diced, and stitched one side, cutting it open before we begin this adventure should do the trick:
Ok, I now have two plastic sheets held together only by the left edge where the holes are for it to go into the album. This way I can work with one side of the protector without affecting the back side. Make sense? I hope so :)
Recently, I have been playing with the technique used to make chenille. I have tried it on paper and tissue, but not yet on plastic. This should be fun! First, we just stitch some lines vertically through both the plastic and the vellum:
Once that is all set, a simple slice down the center of each column creates the "chenille" effect:
 A bit of folding and fluffing:
 That's fun! But, lacking a bit of something....
 Fringe scissors to the rescue!
Oh, yeah! Now we are talking!!!
 With my fun texture in place, now it's time to make it into a layout:
Here is the full spread in my album. On the left we have the backside of my transparent intro page (more on that later) and on the right we have the full layout. For the left side, I just want a bit of an intro that will lead the eye over to the full page on the right:
Speaking of that layout on the right...
I will treat the section to the right without my "chenille" effect like a normal page. Except, some things go under the protector...
 And some on top! Especially the little fringy wax paper tree!
It all begins....
 With this!
I had more fun choosing the heritage photo that would accompany the current day photo of my little one with our tree.
Lots of fun little bits, journaling in the pocket, and of course washi! With a healthy dose of fluffy, fringed pape protector:
Wondering about the backside of this crazy cut-up layout? Once I scrap another layout for the backside, I will simply insert and close it back up. Easy peasy!

And so it all begins...
My scrapbooking adventure for the month of December...

Be sure to check in next week for an update of how this Christmas Heritage album is coming along...

See you then!


  1. That fringe is so fun! How do you come up with this stuff?! LOVE IT!!! I may have to start jacking, I mean borrowing (lol) some of your brilliant ideas :D

  2. What a great technique! Looks awesome!

  3. Whoa, cool technique. I have to admit, I can't wait to see how the whole thing comes together so I can figure out what you did! I did a page with those vellum gold dots too and have no clue as to what to do iwth the back!

  4. Wow! Love, love, love this technique and how your page turned out. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. So cool! So totally, awesome-y, wonderfully, crazy, lovely cool! :)

  6. what a cool idea to fringe the protector like that~awesome!!!

  7. The fringe has such a cool look. So creative!

  8. SO cool with the fringe!!! Love your protector! Thanks for sharing.. it's always so inspirational to visit your blog!!! :)

  9. Oh man, you are SO freaking creative!!!

  10. Cool, awesome and stunning! <3

  11. The fringe is so cool as I am sure it catches the light to a certain degree. TFS

  12. Good Lord - that is just too cool woman!!

  13. That is so fun, Ashli!! Using those fringe scissors add such an awesome effect!!

  14. Awesome idea and such a fun festive look, gorgeous!

  15. Wow! What a cool technique! Of course you would try it out on plastic and make it look fabulous.

  16. Love the cool technique and it looks brilliant. I wish you a great and creative week! hugs

  17. That fringe is just out of this world! What an awesome idea. soapHousemama, you just keep us on our toes every time you post!!


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