Monday, December 3, 2012

A Wonky and Wacky Trio

Hello, hello! Welcome to the first week of December! We are kicking things off at Simon Says Stamp and Show in a wonderfully, cozy and homey way. 

What do I mean? It's all about houses this week. 

Perhaps you will scrapbook about your home, maybe how you decorate for the holidays?
Or maybe you have been looking for the perfect excuse to craft a home decor piece? 
Or, you might even try your hand at decorating a little holiday house. 
Whatever you choose to make, we can't wait to see!

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As for me, I have always wanted to try my hand at making some fun and whimsical holiday houses. 

I think this stack of old card board boxes might be a good start, yes?

OK! After a bit of cutting and taping.... this is what I have. Remember, I don't really measure and the ruler is generally not my friend, so I just kinda cut and stuck... hoping for the best.
With my basic framework in place, I smooshy on some Modeling Paste. Much like icing on ginger bread: 
Once the Modeling Paste had dried enough, a few coats of Gesso completed the blank "canvas." 
 Oooooh, some lovely Basic Grey and Lilybee pulled from my stash:
 And then we just cut and collage...
 And mist...
And repeat. No real rhyme or reason. I am using a combination of Gesso and Matte Medium to adhere all of this pattern goodness. 
Alrighty. I am happy with the amount of layers I have going, but we need a bit more. Something with ooomph. Perhaps a giant Christmas tree will do the trick? I just sketched out a tree onto my patterned paper and backed it with card board:
 Now for some more embellishing with punched circles:
 And wire! That's always fun, especially when it's all curly q and such:
 And maybe some stamping will be nice too?
With all of that done, I head back to the houses with some Gesso. I don't really want anything to look as though it is just stuck on or floating. I like to hit things with just a bit of Gesso to help them blend in...
 And Stickles never hurt either!
 A little finishing touch of some wood veneers:
And some stars of course! 
Now, I am almost done, but I think my little houses need some doors and windows, don't you? Some of this Ranger foil should do the trick. 
 Yes! Love the added shine that adds as well :)
 Some washi action and a doodly doo...
Hand written titles finish it off, and....

Here we have it!
A wonky blue...
 Full of pattern and texture:
 And a wonderful red...
 All dotted and doodled...
 And finally, a wacky green....
Stamped and glittered...
 A wonderfully wacky and wonky trio....
Of Holiday House Fun!

I have just the place for this whimsical village right in my living room :)

So, what will you make this week?

Link-it-up. Can't wait to see!

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  1. You seriously frickin amaze me. I just don't know what to say....these are so fantastic! I have a "homey" project that I will link up tomorrow! :)

  2. They should be sitting in Willy Wonker's Chocolate Factory for Charlie Bucket's family to live in.

  3. They look like folk art houses for Xmas...they are great!

  4. Lovely Festive Winter Wonderland. I was thinking Whoville! Sweet designs and what a beautiful village to display!

  5. WONDERFUL WACKY homes indeed! I love them! Reminds me of Cindy Lou Who!!!

  6. our trio of houses! I love how you just go for it...nevermind the ruler! :) Your creations are a couple of people have said, they remind me of Whoville, too! <3 Candy

  7. wowzers!!! they are just too fun and funky.

  8. Perfect! I love these houses SOOOO much!!!

  9. These remind me of Whoville!!! So amazing!!

    Have a Blessed day friend ~~ dawn

  10. These are so amazing...they just exude FUN. I am smiling even still. Thanks for that!!
    Great work!!

  11. Really cool houses! And I loved seeing your hands getting more and more messy as the photos went on - hahahaha

  12. Such a happy winter village! I love these!

  13. LoVE your wacky fun and colourful trio of houses Ashli!! Wow your creativity is outstanding girl!

  14. Hi Ashli, love your quirky trio of houses. I particularly love their organic shape. Great decoration and fantastic that they are made from simple cardboard. INSPIRED. Tracy x

  15. Ohh Ashli, your wonky houses are gorgeous! Love all the texture and all the bright colors! Hugs, Sandra

  16. Oh man, JUST like Dr. Suess :) Super cool!

  17. These are so fun in true Ashli fashion!! Love them :D

  18. Love these! One of a kind, and fabulous...I like the way your creative brain works!

  19. Ashli, these are so amazing!! If I tried to do that, it would turn out like a hot mess and I would probably glue myself to the house or to the table!! HA!! I really love all of the details you added to each of the houses!! I might give brave and give it a try one of these days!!

  20. I've missed reading your blog, your projects are as beautiful as ever! Love Penny

  21. you had me at the cardboard boxes!!!! AWESOME!!!

  22. These are impressive! Love that you repurposed boxes. Very cool!!! :)

  23. Amazing! That you just took cardboard and started cutting and you ended up with that funky little village is beyond me. You have some serious talent!

  24. Wow!! I'm really loving these funky and fresh houses!! The mix of texture and pretty papers is just so lovely! :)

    Simon Says Stamp!

  25. Ashli I love your trio of wacky house, very creative.

  26. Your wacky houses are just fantastic - so full of fun, imagination, colour and life - love'em!!
    Alison x

  27. I'm really in love with your wonky houses. They just make me smile. Really cool (:o)

  28. I love these houses and your photo instruction is brilliant!

  29. I lopve those houses! So funny and seems like a lot of fun to make!

  30. Oh my word! I am SO going to be stalking your blog from here on out! Fabulous!


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