Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Christmas Heritage... A Beginning...

Hi there! When we last left off, I was Preparing to Journal Our Christmas Heritage
With my supplies all gathered, and my plan in place...

Let's decorate the cover of the album!
I want my decorations and embellishments to be sturdy and strong. I also want to do some stitching. And since that would be a bit tricky through the cover itself, I am going to build all of my decorations onto a sheet of kraft card stock:
 Layering up the tape:
 Figuring out some embellishment placement:
 Now we stitch!
 Building it up:
 Some red stitching for contrast:
 Now, I need a bit more of that kraft to build onto:
 Flowers are stapled in place:
Sticking it all down... Glossy Accents played a major role in this... this stuff isn't going anywhere!
 Writing out the title:
 Working out the placement:
 And there we go! Once everything was glued down, I just fussy cut around the entire cluster.
 Some brad action:
All in place! I used a very healthy amount of Glossy Accents to get this all adhered. It is STUCK there! And then I dabbed on a bit of Picket Fence Distress Stain in opposite corners to complete the look:
Our Christmas Heritage...
 All ready to be journaled:
But first...
Remember this? All that gorgeous paper! Well, I figured it would be a bit time consuming to go through this stack with each page I scrapped...
So, I went through the album and pulled out each heritage photo that I had already placed in the page protectors. Then, I asked myself if I thought the photo would look better on a blue, red, green, or neutral background. I then pulled paper as a background for each page protector and corresponding photo. If a complimentary paper grabbed my eye, that went in there too...
 This leaves me with a VERY basic foundation and starting point for each page.
After completing that exercise, I really only have about 15 or 20 sheets left from the above mentioned "kit." That is what I will pull from as I scrap each page and add more complimentary patterns.
With that all set, I was too excited to hold off, so I went ahead and started playing with a title page. I couldn't resist taking a blank page protector, stitching a giant Christmas Tree shape, and then filling it with confetti! YAY! Fun!
A little cluster of goodies completes the look. Behind this first page, is a lovely and OLD Hambly transparency with a giant wood snowflake attached. I chopped the edge off of the page protector and just stitched that to the transparency... basically giving it a way to go in the album, but still having the texture of the wood snowflake totally exposed. Below this sheet is the lovely gold dot vellum from Dear Lizzy Fifth and Frolic peeking through:
And, now it sits and waits patiently  for December 1, when the first Journal Your Christmas prompt will arrive from Shimelle in my inbox and provide some much needed direction for this project.
I am so looking forward to reflecting...
On all the traditions... past and present.


  1. Love your process for decorating your album . . . and pinning the idea of the confetti-filled Christmas tree! Genius!

  2. Oh My Goodness...that looks fab...
    i have always wanted to do a Xmas baking and Xmas foods traditions book.
    I want the recipes of our past and present recorded for the future. I have bought the paper, thought of the recipes and ........
    Maybe you will inspire me to get it done.

  3. Oh this is soo lovely!!!! And now you have me wanting to sign up for Shimelle's class - I've wanted to every year - not sure how special ours will be this year but maybe this will be the most important one of all to get started with! I all have to see if all my Ps and Qs will align for me to allow this in my budget but your book and all my Christmas stash has me itching. Its my favorite time of year and I really need some Holiday cheer. I love the big confetti tree and how you have all the pictures from the past and how you will be adding to from the present - oh Ashli you endlessly inspire me and bring a smile to my face! :)

  4. Very cool Ashli!! Love the front cover and the hand written title is a really awesome touch!

  5. OMG the confetti filled tree is BRILLIANT!!!!!

  6. This is gorgeous. I absolutely love it.

  7. I Love what you have done. I do the same thing with my photos and base papers. Makes for faster scrapping!

  8. You are my scrapbook hero!!! This is the loveliest cover I have ever seen!!
    I'd love to know how you made the flowers. Did you follow a tutorial?

    Ashli, truly this is beautiful.

    I've made LOTS of tags and will probably follow JYC pretty close to how she will lay it out. At least that is my plan right now :)

    Have a Blessed evening friend ~~ dawn

    1. You are so sweet :) I wish I could take credit for those flowers. But, I bought them pre made. The red and white polka dot is from Jolee's Boutique - sold at Michaels and Joanne. The small aqua ones are from the Basic Grey Lucille collection. Hope this helps!

    2. They are so cute. Thank you for letting me know about these =)

  9. I have to agree, this is brilliant! The way you've organized everything makes perfect sense and the cover is STUNNING. Can't wait to see more!!!!

  10. looks fabulous, love the flowers , it all looks brilliant

  11. Wow, again! The cover looks great - I especially love the polka-dot flower in the middle, really ties it all together. How genius is the confetti-filled tree? So festive!

  12. I love the colors you've picked for this album. Having the page kits will make the pages go so much faster! And now I must have that red zig zag album. I don't know what I would use it for at the moment, but who cares? I NEED it. LOL. :)

  13. love it love it love it is all i can save.. cherish the memories .. awesome book and cover...

  14. Love it! Especially that polka dot flower caught my eye! <3

  15. Beautiful! I love that aqua with the red.

  16. LOVE that color combo...this is gorgeous!!

  17. Oooo, I love the confetti filled tree! All the layers peeking out from behind each other give it so much richness! Beautiful beginning.

  18. Oh my goodness can you tell that I have been of the map because I am FLOORED by this amazingness that you have created Ashli! I can't wait to see it as you take it further and I know that it will bring joy and delight to your girls! :)

  19. Wow - how stunning! Really like your cover! Thanks for sharing how you did it!

  20. I can feel a master piece coming on~gorgeous cover!!!

  21. Looks like you are all set. I can't wait to see your progress all monthly long.

  22. That is going to be one mind-blowing Christmas journal scrapbook work of art!! Looking forward to the ride...
    Alison xx

  23. LOOOOVE that transparency page! SOO gorgeous! WOW! Just started getting everything together for my December Daily album today and this post is hugely inspiring. I really like the idea of a heritage album- I'll just add those photos to my DD- it gets crazy thick anyway. :)

  24. This is absolutely awesome!! Love the look of the cover, it is amazing, beautiful, unique, etc, but I wanted to comment on two things. 1 - the idea of building the embellishments on a piece of cardstock and adding it to the cover as one piece is as genius as it is simple. I will try to remember! 2 - the stitched tree is SO COOL! I want to run to my sewing machine and stitch Christmas trees on all my page protectors and stuff them with confetti. Wait... I even don't celebrate Christmas... oh well, I will have to think about something else. ;-) Seriously, I think I am with Petrii - you are a scrapbook hero. Can't wait to see more.

  25. Wow! oh Wow! Love the transparency and of course the cover. How do you think this stuff up? Inquiring minds really really want to know.

  26. Love your title page and how you put the front cover decoration together!

  27. Your album is gorgeous already! Looking forward to seeing the progression of it! :)

  28. This is so awesome! I'm just doing DD, not JYC but you definitely inspired me to get going! I played all night and took your tip about glossy accents for embellishments. Fingers crossed now nothing falls off :)

  29. OH how awesome!!!!!! I love the colors you have chosen for your cover, such a fun modern twist for Christmas!! I just adore this project..looks so fun!! Thanks for sharing!!

  30. Tis is total Christmas goodness - love it!


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