Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Story and A Giveaway!

Hello there! Last time, I shared with you that I had met a lovely and talented writer. Today, I get to introduce you to her. (Plus, she is giving away something at the end of this post - yay!)

This is the fabulous Christina Freeburn!
Author and Scrapbooker extraordinaire.
Here she is below, gettin' her scrap on:
Christina recently sent me a preview copy of her brand new book:
Cropped to Death is a fun and exciting tale full of mystery, intrigue, and of course....
There is a common thread of scrapping that is woven perfectly into the plot of this story.

How fun is that?!?

In fact, it made me wonder how Christina would approach journaling on her layouts. Perhaps being a professional writer changes her perspective?

So, I asked her! And a few other things too :)

Take a look:

Christina, as a writer, how do you approach journaling on your layouts? Do you feel that being published has changed your voice and perspective on your pages?

Hmmm, that's an interesting question. I try to make sure my journaling includes the who, what, where, and when. While I'd like to write it more in a 'story' format rather than a 'reporter' view, I tend to think my feelings of the event might overshadow everyone else's. Being a published writer can indeed stall me because I feel like the journaling has to be perfect. I'm so concerned with it being 'just right' the words that it ends up sounding more like a basic report of the event. I keep reminding myself these books are for my family and they'd rather see 'mom' than 'author' and don't care about grammar and spelling mistakes.

That is so interesting, don't you think? See, even professional writers struggle with that deeper journaling!

As you wrote this story and developed the characters, did you find you had any free time to fit scrapbooking in?

Actually, yes! Writing this novel kind of worked like a crop as talking about other people scrapping made me itch to get some of my own layouts done. The story and characters influenced me by reminding me how much photos bring out emotions and also the truth. I'm trying to remember to include photos that show all the details even if not 'publish' worthy so the truth of an event is showcased. Sometimes it's those little details in fuzzy, off-centered pictures that bring back the day in vivid detail in our mind.

That is so true. And, I love that the characters and all of the scrapping you were writing about made you want to scrap! That's how I felt while reading it!

Your main character, Faith, certainly had a lot happening in this story. If she could sit down right this very minute and do a layout, what would it be about and what would the journaling say?

She would most certainly have to scrap the time when she had those students vying for attention in her class. Her journaling would tell the tale of how a horrible day ended up quite the opposite. Perhaps a bit more than the who, what, when and where style that I get stuck in :)

And what about you, Christina? If you could sit down right this very minute and scrap, what would you work on?

Oh, I have a scrapbook that I have been working on for quite some time about a cruise my husband and I took. I would love to get another layout done for that! In fact, now that you mention it....

I think I will do just that, Ashli! I have been working on a certain double pager and it has been laying on my desk waiting to be finished for too long. This is just the push I need to get it done.

And... here it is!
Thanks for the extra inspiration, Ashli!

You bet Christina! It's mutual, my friend. After our little chat and your fabulous novel, I was inspired to make a little book of my own to tell a little story that I hadn't yet told. 

A little story for my little girl:
Full of little moments:
Of how she came to be:
A Gift:
For Our Girl:
The Story of You:
Full of excitement, sweet moments and the unexpected:
Like any good story :)

Thanks for the inspiration Christina! And, thanks for sharing your talent with us!

You bet, Ashli! 
I would also love to give away a brand new copy of my book, hot off the presses to one of your readers!

YAY! Thank you Christina!
The official book releases November 20 and Christina will mail a copy to one lucky commenter on November 26th! 

Leave a comment telling us what you are itching to scrap at this very moment
Leave your comment no later than November 19th at 8 p.m. EST. 

WAIT.... that's not all!!! 

I am adding to Christina's generous giveaway. 

Whoever wins the book, will also get a $10 Gift Card to spend at Two Peas In a Bucket
You WILL need some scrappy goodies to get a jump on all this inspiration now, won't you? 


Thanks again Christina!

So, leave a comment... 
let us know....
What do you want to scrap?
Maybe you will win a gift card to get a jump start on it!


  1. Very cool post & beautiful album!

  2. Wow! very cool interview. Love Christina's page your lovely book.

  3. wow thanks for the lovely giveaway and for the inspiration. at the moment i feel like making a minibook like the one in this post, full of cute stuff! i would love to read that book during the christmas holiday.

  4. Oh, I love scrapbook mysteries...definitely need to check her out! Fun reading about the process from a writer, seems like we all face some of the same hurdles. Ashli, your baby book story is adorable! What I am itching to scrap right now are some photos of my son from his downhill race season...or maybe finish my LSNED -LOL!

  5. I'm eager to scrap Halloween pictures (except that I'm also pondering Christmas cards and getting ready for Thanksgiving!) Fun post -- I hadn't heard of Christina's book before.

  6. that mini looks amazing!!! the book looks great

  7. Our first Christmas in Indiana, Our first Christmas without my dad~ to name afew. Adorable mini ashli!!! love it!!!

  8. So nice to learn more about Christina and how she inspired your beautiful mini. :)

  9. Your mini is so pretty. I really want to make some christmas cards.

  10. Wonderful interview and I'd love to win a copy of Christina's book.
    I'm currently itching to scrap about a big crop/classes event I attended alone last weekend. Huge accomplishment for me.

  11. Great giveaway & I love your mini album!

  12. How fun! Gotta check out the book! I am itching to finish my December Daily for 2011 before starting one for 2012. I only have 12/24 and 12/25 to go!

  13. I am currently working on a Christmas LO via Glitter Girls challenge this week. And also working on my JYC! Need to really get those base pages done, and still have a long way to go!

    Lots of fun stuff in this blog post. Ashli, that mini is gorgeous!!!!!

    Have a Blessed weekend ~~ dawn

  14. Wonderful mini album. I'm wanting to scrap a layout of my best friend and I - what else? - crafting together.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. What a great post! This book sounds like one I would love. Mysteries are my favorite, so what could be better than a mystery about scrapbooking? Fabulous mini, too. Right now I would love to be working on layouts I am making for an album of my friend's children.

  17. OOOOoooo, a book with scrappy characters? I don't make much time for reading, but THIS I will read :~) And I have a delightful scrappy friend who will surely get one under her Christmas tree! I am on my way up to my happy scrappy place to do a page about the fun & funky lighting in my house (a response to this week's challenge at inspired by an album cover!

  18. What a generous giveaway! (And I hope it's open to overseas readers too... ;) )

    I want to finish my LSNED album for this year... *rolling my eyes*

  19. What a nice giweaway, would love to read the book. And I love the mini album.
    I'm on my way down to my studio to start on a few DT projects. A layout for Skissedilla is at the top of the list today.
    Wishing you a beautiful sunday!

  20. what a beautiful giveaway!! I would like to begin to create something about, little gifts....yor mini is fantastic!!

  21. I love your mini album, Ashli! It is breathtaking. I also want to thank you so much for letting me appear on your blog. I love reading about all the wonderful layouts your readers want to make. Makes me want to get over to my scrapbooking room and start creating.

  22. This book sounds wonderful, I am a mystery lover and one about my favorite hobby it just up my alley! I am scrapbooking new pictures of my grandkids. So often in the digital age we take the pictures but don't get them printed, so I just had a bunch printed and picked them up. Lots of smiling faces to choose from.

  23. This book sounds wonderful, I am a mystery lover and one about my favorite hobby it just up my alley! I am scrapbooking new pictures of my grandkids. So often in the digital age we take the pictures but don't get them printed, so I just had a bunch printed and picked them up. Lots of smiling faces to choose from.

  24. The book sounds great.. The next thing i want to scrap is to get my journal ready for Xmas...but first I have to finsish my Christmas cards.

  25. I just NEED to finish (or start!) layouts from Halloween of this year and get caught up within a few days since the DD is just around the corner. It'll be my first DD so I'm super excited about it, but I don't want other layouts to get thrown to the wayside while I'm working on it! Great giveaway! I've never read any scrap-related books, but it looks super fun!

  26. Oh my goodness that mini is gorgeous.

  27. Great giveaway! I need to finish last years december daily so I can start this years! Thanks for a chance to win!

  28. What a great post!
    Love the interview and your little inspired book, Ashli.
    Thanks for sharing!!


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