Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Common Thread

Thanks to my blogging friend, Penny, I recently had the pleasure of "meeting" someone. 

An author. 
A story teller. 
A novelist. 

After chatting with this lovely and talented lady, and reading some of her wonderful work...

She got me thinking....
 Thinking about a common thread...
 That runs through my life:
Of creating:
 Of noticing:
Of documenting:
 And of how important creative play and memory keeping really are to me:
Her recent novel is packed full of this common theme. 

I read it.
It inspired me.
Inspired me to create a little book of my own.
To tell a story.
That hadn't yet been told.

Come back next time as she gives her perspective on journaling as a writer and her own personal scrapbooking.

And I will show you the book I made too :)

See you then!

PS: There will be a giveaway too!


  1. This is so awesome. Cant wait to see your little book.

  2. This is stunning. I love it... Thanks for the added push to pull out my sewing machine again... Thanks for sharing. hugs

  3. Sounds intriguing!
    And I love your page!

  4. Argh, you tease! Can't wait to see it, thanks for the sneak peek.

  5. Intriguing! I can't wait to see more.

  6. Oh, love! Really original and cool!

  7. This looks great! Can't wait to hear more

  8. Great page! Love how what you used actual thread to highlight "the common thread" in your life.

  9. Love this page, what a great idea using all the thread on it :)

  10. Awesome page! Love the twine and the alternating black and white journaling. :)

  11. I Love this page!! Looking forward to hearing more.....

    Have a Blessed day friend ~~ dawn

  12. Sounds exciting! I love all the twiddled twine! x

  13. Such creativity you have Ashli- love this page!

  14. love this page, what a great idea for a layout!

  15. Completely wonderful, love how you took your theme and ran with it!


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