Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Leaf-Tastic!

The weather is cooling off and the leaves are falling. YAY! My favorite time of the year. And, this week we are getting Leaf-Tastic over on the Simon Says Stamp and Show Blog. Use a real leaf as a mask or to stamp with, dry out a leaf and attach it to your project, use die cuts, fabric leaves, or a patterned paper with a leaf print. There are a lot of ways to make something for this challenge, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with.  After all, there is a $50 gift card to up for grabs! Head on over to Simon Says Stamp and Show for all the details.

As for me, I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a little leafy garland home decor mantle piece. Let's see how that all came together. 

The first thing I did was head out to my garden to grab some leaves for tracing. I chose a variety of sizes for this. I could bore you with the names of the plants these all came from, but since this is a craft blog and not a gardening blog, I shall refrain :) If you don't have access to leaves, or you don't feel like heading out to the garden... you could certainly free hand this or even use a die cut machine.

But, I do love to garden and get out in the yard, so after grabbing my foliage...

I am ready to trace onto some watercolor paper:
After I have traced lots of leaves, I get ready to decorate! I don't really have a plan here. I know I want fun bright colors and a bit of resist, but that's about it. Let's just have some fun playing! First up, stamping with some white paint:
 And playing with some watercolors:
 And a bit of black stamping:
 And then, all of that gorgeous foliage gets cut out:
Seems as though I have a lovely selection of Basic Grey papers that will coordinate nicely:
 All set to punch:
 There we have it! Lots of fun little shapes to embellish my leaves with:
But first, we need to get these leaves assembled into a banner. That requires some sort of rope or twine. Perhaps a few scraps of an old Ikea curtain will work?
 Yep! All tied into knots and I think it will do nicely:
 Next up, twine!
After punching a hole in each leaf, I thread the twine through to string it all together:
 Likey so!
 Now, with tiny attacher in hand, let's staple the leaves into place on the white rope:
 Yay! I like it!
With the basic shape and construction sorted out, now we get to embellish. All of those fun punched shapes are tucked around:
 And of course there must be some doodling and pen work:
 And washi!
Once all of the little bits and pieces are placed around and a title is drawn...
 That certainly is Leaf-Tastic, if I do say so myself :)
That was so fun to make and is even more fun to look at on our mantle!
 A wonderful way to begin this season of giving thanks.

So, what will you craft with leaves this week? We can't wait to see! Be sure to link up over at Simon Says Stamp and Show. And, if you would like to create a leaf garland of your own, a complete supply list is below: (affiliate links used)


  1. WOW! I'm so loving this and perhaps may try on a smaller scale -just a few leaves for my SMASH book...awesome!!!!!! (I HAD to add a lot of exclamation points lol)

  2. Amazing project!!! Thanks for the inspiration :) hugs, Trace

  3. You never cease to amaze me..this is all the colors!

  4. oh those leaves are just beautiful!! great job

  5. Ashli...very original idea of using real leaves to trace around to create your signature style of leaves. Very pretty! <3 Candy

  6. Wow! Your style is simply amazing...I LOVE what you've done!!!

  7. Amazing how this came together!

  8. Awesome project. Love it!!! Totally leaf-tastic!

  9. Your garland is absolutely lovely!
    And I love that it is totally your style.
    I can look at it and immediately know you created it :)

  10. it looks fantastic! Another wonderful project.

  11. Fabulous garland, love how you have added colour and pattern. Great bit of recycling too and I love your writing . Tracy x

  12. I so want to make this~Amazing, super STAR!!!

  13. Wow! So amazing! the final step of embellishment makes them pop. What an inspiring project.

  14. What really fabulous leaves!!! Cool process.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous...that black pen outlines really make it all pop!

  16. Oh my god that is so beautiful!!!!!!!!! I love the purple in the leaves......

  17. Stunning project, Ashli!! I love how you went to the 'source' and traced leaves! Very clever, colorful, & well thought out project! Leaf-tastic for SURE! :)

    Simon Says Stamp!

  18. You Got Your Swag On! Lol, I hope you know what I mean. Looks Fabulous and I would Totally hang it in my home. Just about how much time did it take to make? Love it.
    Hugs, Dangina

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much! It's hard to say how long it took as I never have the luxury of sitting down and doing a project all at once... LOL. But, I would say prob a few hours. The most time consuming part was cutting out all the leaves, well and waiting for the paint to dry :)

  19. Absolutely amazing!! I love it and such awesome colors and all!! It makes me smile!!! thnx for sharing!

  20. It's is gorgeous! I am sure your family is loving it on the mantle.

  21. Those leaves are gorgeous! Love how you traced and cut them out from beautiful backgrounds you created. Fabulous fall wall hanging!

  22. Very cool project! I haven't traced leaves in years. Such a great idea! Love how this turned out. :)

  23. WHAT? INGENIOUS!!!! I LOVE that you hand cut the leaves- it must have taken a while but it's so absolutely worth the effort- the hand written banner is PERFECT- I'm seeing so many garland projects right now- not a single one is as amazing as this- truly TRULY outdid yourself with this one.

  24. This is awesome, Ashli! Can't imagine how long it took to make, but I bet it was great fun! Might have to go and cut some leaves tomorrow... Lisa x

  25. Incredable piece! So cool that you used real leaves as a reference and trace them. Very original! Hugs, Sandra

  26. WOWOWOW!!!!! It looks fantastic!!! Great idea and wonderful colors!!! Love it!

  27. I, as always, adore your doodling This time my favourite pieces are the ones that look a bit like your washi tape. Lovely!!!

  28. AMAZING girl! You make me want to get messy.

  29. Glorious! What fun it must be round at yours when the paints come out... this is just fabulous! Colourful, dynamic, WOW!
    Alison x

  30. Wow! I just found your blog through the ScrapHappy LOAD. You are so talented! I love this garland.


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