Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A New Stencil at Your Service

I have a new stencil! YAY! Let's play...
 A good beginning:
 Breaking in that shiny new one with some white acrylic paint:
And now, the angels of heaven may have just joined in a chorus when I lifted up my stencil to reveal this bit of beauty! GORGEOUS!!!
 Pink Mist? Sure!
Now, that either looks really pretty, or it looks like someone was injured. I'm going to go with pretty...
 Moving on... now for some contrast:
 That's a bit more harsh than I intended. But, I will make it work! Forging onward...
 Some white Mister Huey will help blend and tone all that down perhaps?
 Yes. And maybe some dripping too:
Yes. I like that! And, after some boring drying time...

Now, we get to scrap! How about some tags for this fun little Instagram photo?
 Adding in a few more...
 A look see into the scrap bin:
 And now let the layering begin!
 A bit more...
 Some on the side for balance...
 Scattering around the gray stripe:
 I think some twine looks better tied in there than the little strings they come with...
 Title time!
Hmmmm.... I was out of more letters on that sheet than I thought. Oh well, I made it work with the negatives:
 And after the usual pen work and such...
Ta Da!
A new stencil... at your service!

That was fun! And even though some unexpected things happened, it all worked out in the end. Love that! Thanks for coming along :)


  1. Fun layout, love the way you layered the stencils!

  2. Super cute!!! You inspire me to get over my fear of making my stencils messy!

  3. Great idea on the lettering...Love the layout!

  4. Love all of the stencil layering! This turned out beautifully! The tags are great for a photo "mat". :)

  5. Amazing work! Loving all the layers! :)

  6. Wowee, very cool background you created!!

  7. As always I love it :) Thank you....keep doing what you are doing cos I love reading your posts :D

  8. Wow a busy page with lots of excitement going on and lots of cool misting!

  9. I love the layering of tags on your layout! I also love how you used your stencils and mists, all the pen work, and the creative title!

  10. awesome work~I'm starting to understand this process. I took 3 classes on this type of art this past weekend ~so you better watch out JK :):) Beautiful work Ashli!!!!

  11. oh wow! great stencils and I love to see how you put this gor.geous layout together!

  12. I love this! What a great tutorial, I may have to try this on an empty canvas!

  13. so much fun. I love how you layered tags on top as your photo base on top of all that inky goodness.

  14. Your layers have layers! I just can't wrap my head around your creativity. It's so great!

  15. Love to see how your layouts come together. Fabulous misting and masking background. Love that you added the photo to a tag. :)

  16. Layering of the stencils and ink is so great!


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