Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scrapping Backwards Over The Finish Line

In a recent post, we had a little Shimelle inspired adventure. The result of which was four complete embellishment groupings created with only scraps and punches:
This was a bit like scrapping backwards for me! Let's see if we can get some layouts completed with all of this embellie fun.

After selecting a few photos and some patterned paper, here is what we have for the first layout:
Some strips of Studio Calico journaling pages tucked around to add layers:
 Title work:
And viola! Wow, it really was that simple! Perhaps because all of the embellishment work was already done. Cool! And, it turns out that a large circle cluster like the one shown is perfect to cover up the awkward space made by using 2 landscapes and one portrait photo. YAY!
And now for round two! Embellishments pulled as well as the remaining scraps used to create them:
 All placed around:
 A bit of serious title work:
And there we have it! Another quick and easy one done!
Well, this is just too easy... and fun! Ready for round 3? Here goes! Stuff piled up...
 Placed and sewn....
Ta DA! Lots of washi, but only one of the two camera embellishments made it on here. I will save the other one for a rainy day :)
I'm on a roll.... let's finish this!

This one gave me a bit of a pause as I had a hard time finding papers to match the embellishment cluster. I ended up clustering the two separate embellishments together and just adding a title and bits...
 There she is! My Gooser. 
It's interesting to me that my least favorite cluster produced my least favorite layout. Also interesting, is that the finished products are in a somewhat different style than my usual. That's fun! I love trying something new. I also loved the freedom of working with little bits and pieces without any expectations and THEN putting them on layouts. So freeing!

I may have to do this again sometime!


  1. love seeing how you incorporated your handmade embellishments!!

  2. I love the embellishments! I will make embellies like this sometimes when I'm in a funk and it gets me going again :) Then I have a nice little stack ready to go for cards and things.

  3. awesome~I'm going to try that!!! If it is good enough for you and Shimelle then I'm good!!:):)

  4. What a fun and cool experiment. Might have to try this myself :P The first LO is my fave but they all came out pretty well :)

  5. I think that would be really hard for me to do!
    But you pulled it off nicely with some great embellies and fabulous layouts :)

  6. What amazing results. I love them all. This is on my list of things to try.

  7. These look like they came together fast with all the clusters done! I love "happy girl". So after having read your blog for a while now, I am curious as to how you choose your papers and how you store them...

    1. Hi there!
      I have a square plastic bin from big lots that is just larger than 12 inches. I keep all of my papers in there standing up. They are divided by manufacturer. If the bin is full, I don't buy more. SO, I have to scrap more than I buy :) Also, I don't consider a scrap a scrap until it is smaller than 6 or so inches. All cut up papers go back in the file with their collection or brand.

      When choosing papers for a layout, I typically grab my photo and take it with me to the bin, I flip through all of my papers with my photo in hand to see what grabs me. Since I don't keep a ton of paper on hand, I am able to flip through my entire collection easily. I typically pick my background paper first and then a couple of complimentary papers. If I don't find enough papers in my bin... I start to pull from my scrap drawer and just play around.

      Hmmmm... perhaps I should do a post on this one day?

      I hope this helps!


    2. Very helpful tip! I keep them in kits (I only buy one kit per month and nothing more & some are still So evrything (flowers-embellies etc) are already combined!!! You should do a post about organization! I love these kind of posts!!

  8. Oh my gosh...Love this idea!
    I have sort of done it before with tags...when bored I have been known to assemble tags ahead (keeping certain papers and photos in mind)!

    Your turned out fab and love the layouts.

  9. Such a fantastic use of those embellishments! I love all your layouts!!! And now I want to go in my craft room rather than to work...

  10. all of the projects are awesome!!!

  11.'ve done your magic once again!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!TFS!!

  12. I am so going to try this!!! Love the layouts. And yes I think you should do a post on your paper storage. I just went through all my paper and sorted it by manufacturer instead of by color/design.

  13. It's fun to see how this all came together to produce such a great collection of layouts!

  14. wow how great is that, such great layouts from such little fun embellies.

  15. Fabulous layouts! The photos in the second layout are cracking me up! :) I love mixing up the process like this. When you do something differently, it gives you a better feel for what you really do like.

  16. OMG, you are amazing! can't believe you did such fabulous layouts by 'scrappbing backwards'... that's soooooo cool!

  17. An interesting experiment! Your embellishments are beautiful and were put to such good use. I LOVE the mud bath page. So nicely done!

  18. I've wanted to see how this was done as I've watched Shimelle's video twice. Love the results especially the layout with the 2 horizontal and 1 vertical photo. I always seem to have that combo and have a hard time filling that space. I may dig my stuff out this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration! Dawn F.

  19. Wow, you're on a roll! Amazing LOs!

  20. I just love your adorable little groupings of accents.

  21. I need to watch Shimelle more, because I love this idea and how you rolled with it. Absolutely love this idea...awesome layouts! You always make me want to "play"!!!


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