Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Turning Point!

Hello there! After trying on many different pairs of scrappy shoes, I am ready to go barefoot! At this point in My Creative Journey, I had tried many different styles and was scrapping for bookmarks. So silly. That is not a good place to be! I had realized that I didn't need to sell things to be an artist, but I still really cared what people thought of them. 

So, I began a simple layout. I pulled various papers and punches. I was quite proud of myself for mixing collections. After punching out my shapes and even doing a bit of fussy cutting, I got the layout to a very basic point of photo and a diagonal line of my punched pieces.

It needed something more. Those circles were just sort of floating there. Hmmmmmm. I pondered. And, I pondered some more. For some reason, I really felt like my page needed some strong horizontal elements. But, I already had all of my papers glued fast. What was a scrappy girl to do? Could I sketch in some lines? GASP! I don't know! Do people do that? Is it ok to doodle on a scrapbook page?

What if I don't get bookmarked? Oh, the horror! I was skeered...
But, I took off my shoes and did it anyway. And, I loved it!
Then, I couldn't stop. I stitched horizontal lines. I added lines of washi. I layered. I stopped worrying if I was doing it the right way. I did it MY WAY.
I was scrapping in my bare feet. So comfortable. So freeing. Sometimes I stub my toe. But, I don't care. I had found my way! Could this be "my style?" Sure! I like it, it is coming from my heart... so, yes... I found my style! 

That is not to say I still don't try new and crazy things, scraplift something totally inspiring, and make stuff that makes me cringe. But, I do feel like with this layout, I hit my groove and something that is uniquely me. I love being barefoot!

In fact, I am so comfortable in my barefeet that I rarely ever get out of my pajamas now too! 

All comfy cozy, I scrapped layouts like this one, based on a starting point from Shimelle.
 And this one, still a favorite with its fun bright colors and unexpected mix of patterns:
 And this one where I had fun with two of my favorite products, washi and twine:
I had hit my groove! It's a wonderful feeling. Somehow, once I rediscovered who I was as an artist, I felt I had permission to run wild. I knew what I liked and what I didn't and that knowledge made it easier to try new things and push the envelope even more.

So, what cliff did these bare feet of mine decide to jump off of? I hope you will join me next time for the final edition of My Creative Journey...


  1. What an amazing journey. Barefoot. Love it.

  2. I can see the start of your current style more and more with each post! It's fun.

  3. I have really enjoyed following this series of yours..this is my favorite yet, because I can really see "you" in these layouts!!! Your work is so unique and amazing :)

  4. Ooooh!!!! What next????? Exciting!!!!

  5. I've enjoyed following your creative journey and I love, love, love that snow buddies layout!

  6. These pages are all fabulous! Love the idea of going barefoot. :)

  7. Wonderful pages. You have definitely hit your groove.

  8. Love this quote from you "That is not to say I still don't try new and crazy things, scraplift something totally inspiring, and make stuff that makes me cringe. But, I do feel like with this layout, I hit my groove and something that is uniquely me. I love being barefoot!"
    That is so how I feel about my work now, too :)

    And so fun for you!

  9. Oh just love it and your barefoot style!

  10. I'm so glad you've been freed from those darn shoes. :)

  11. PJ's and bare feet...what could be better!! Oh, yeah, here come those horizontal lines we know and love!!

  12. These are all fabulous!!!! When you scrap for YOU...when you do what YOU like, that's when the work is best (bookmarks or not...I often don't get any bookmarks)! :)

  13. Your work shows that you love this artform and that you have made it your own. I love that your found what works for you! Your story is an inspiration! :)

  14. It's been like reading a story, these creative journey posts. Rather entertaining :)

  15. So, I realize I'm late to the party here but THANK YOU for this series. I came across your reworked smash book on pinterest and it was the reason I started scrapping again. I signed up for the Learn Something class the same day, dug out all my dusty old scrapping stuff, added all the art supplies I bought when I thought perhaps art journaling would be fun, & proceeded to start slapping things together. I was not at all surprised that my results were not as gorgeous as yours. I *was* surprised that they were considerably better than my previous attempts at scrapping/journaling/anything. So, thank you for the nudge along my own creative path, and for sharing yours. It's kind of reassuring to know that it's a journey for everyone. :-)

    1. YAY! This warms my heart beyond words! I am so glad you were able to find your path and jump back on it!!!! Thank you for reading and for your sweet comment. I would love to see what you make!!!!



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