Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We have been taking a trip down memory lane and looking back at My Creative Journey. When we last left off, I had just discovered video tutorials and Two Peas in a Bucket. A whole new world had opened to me! So, what did this do to my scrapping?

Well, I was still working my way through some hand-me down supplies and putting a dent into my very specific and themed shopping trip.

But, as you can see here, I did start to attempt a bit more with design. Thanks to watching many a Shimelle video, blocks of pretty patterned paper were cut and used simply as a design element. I began playing more with brads, ribbons and stickers. But, one thing was missing... Journaling!

Now, let me just say here that often there are pages that may not need a whole lot of journaling. I know there are many scrappers who aren't journalers, and that is totally OK. But, it had actually never even crossed my mind for consideration! I hadn't even thought of it long enough to decide if I wanted to be a journaler or not!

You would think that would have dawned on me while watching so many videos online, but it really didn't! 

One evening, my next door neighbor who used to be a scrapbooker, stopped by. I proudly showed her this page, to which she promptly replied, "That's great, where is your journaling going?"

"My what?" I said. Then we had a little chat about how that is her favorite part of the page and I thought that if I wrote it all down, I wouldn't get to tell her about it. I assumed that would take the joy out of showing off my pages... that there would be nothing for me to say while people looked at my scrapbook. I clearly wasn't convinced.
I thought I ought to put that to the test on my next layout. After all, I had picked up some SMASH pads on my shopping adventure, so I might as well put those to use. As you can see, I also lost a bit of my sanity in the Fourth of July isle! HAHA!
After I journaled out that simple list, I realized the importance of it. The importance of telling more than meets the eye, the importance of recording my thoughts. This really hit home when I showed this page to my parents and after reading the journaling they giggled. I am not sure they would have had the same experience had I simple told them these things! And with that, the journaling piece of the puzzle had been added to my scrapping repertoire.

So there I was, watching videos and scrapping away. It was fun! Really fun! But, I also began to realize how much I didn't know. What was with all the die cutting? Manual or electronic? what kind of ink should I be stamping with? Why are there two different kinds of embossing? Do I really need a heat gun? Oh My! Time to call Joy again!

Of course, she came to the rescue and promptly had me over for an emergency training session. She was amazing! I had my very own personalized worksop, complete with ink tutorials, embossing and die cutting. Oh goodness! I was so excited to take my new knowledge to the page!

Off I went for some more shopping. A came home with a Sizzix, a heat gun, embossing powders and various inks. I quickly put all of my new toys to use. And made pages like this:
I tell you what, I was so proud of all the techniques I used here! I had embossed card stock to look like water, Inked edges and collaged photos! 

So, I kept on playing with my new goodies, watching videos, and scrapping up a storm!

What happened next? Did this get me closer to "my style?"How did I progress beyond themed elements and hand-me down supplies? Stay tuned...


  1. Your walk through memory lane really has me laughing tonight :) It's so reminiscent of my own, even though I'm more a card maker now.

  2. These posts are so much fun!
    And how lucky you were to have such a good scrapbooking friend to lead the way :)

  3. These stories about your journey are so fun to read. I can really relate to the evolution and the excitement of finding products that are "you" and your style. :)

  4. It's fun to go down memory lane with you, though I am still shocked it's only been a year for you. I've been scrapbooking for 12+ and it took me about 10 years to figure some of this out. You are so ahead of the curve! :) Love this technique-y page!

  5. I will~cause you are fabulous girl!!!

  6. a wonderful post again! can't wait for the next post!

  7. I can't believe how cool your style is after just a year! I love seeing the evolution!

  8. This is so fun! I need to catch up (haven't visited in over a week).

  9. I am enjoying hearing about your creative journey. Can't wait for the rest!

  10. Love reading about your creative journey!

  11. I'm really enjoying reading about your journey. We've walked down many of the same paths and I look forward to seeing where you went next.
    PS caught up on blog reading now I saved the best for last.
    Have a Great day!

  12. This look into your evolving style has me addicted...great posts!

  13. You have really come a long way in just one year!

  14. I have loved reading back on your journey each day that a new post comes up. I just keep thinking, she learned all of this in about a years time? Such a fast learner!

  15. That little list for your journaling is such a cute idea!

  16. I'm loving these posts! You know I've always been an artsy person and always did all kinds of crafts but for some reason I was never interested in scrapbooking. That all changed when my mother passed. I inherited boxes and boxes of photos but I had no idea who the people were or why my mother had saved the photos. It was then that I realized how important scrapbooking is because it tells the story behind the photos we love. The bonus is that I get to play with all kinds of mediums in the process :D


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