Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And Then it Got Really Awkward...

Welcome back to another installment in My Creative Journey. In my last post, I found myself shedding my art school baggage while gaining a fresh new perspective on what it can mean to be an artist. So freeing!

But, I needed to find myself within that freedom. I had stopped making art for quite some time. My art school days were long over. Who was I as an artist now? What and how did I want to create? Finding that out proved to be a little bit awkward...

Thus began a brief (thankfully) artsy crafsty frenzy where I tried on many "styles" in an attempt to find my place in the vast world of scrapbooking.

I tried the monochromatic thing:
The grungy distressed thing:
The gesso background thing:
The scraplifting thing:
The cutesy (or whatever you want to call this) thing:
The messy paint thing:
The stitching thing:
And the neat and tidy embellishment thing:
Oh my...

As I worked on each one of these, I liked what I was doing, but when I was finished I felt less than satisfied. I hadn't found "me" yet. All of these techniques and approaches are fabulous and very valuable, but as I tried each one on for size...  I just felt so awkward. Kinda like I was wearing the wrong shoes. 

In fact, some of these layouts I have even gone back to redo, something I don't normally believe in. (More on that another time.) But, my very early layouts that were lacking completely in style still feel more comfortable to me than the ones here. 

The good news is that this process really helped me learn some of my scrappy preferences. While I had the least fun lining up things in perfect symmetry, I had the most fun doing the messy paint layouts. They do make me cringe a bit now, but the joy I had while making them helped propel me forward into "my style." 

I like messy. I like splatters. I like hanging threads. I like little bits and pieces layered up. However, I don't quite like these things done haphazardly. I don't like them done for the sake of being done. I don't like them when they detract from the story or photo. That is what makes me cringe. Now, this concept really is so subjective. What detracts my eye may not detract yours and visa versa. All I know is that they make me cringe, and I don't want to cringe when I look through my albums!

So, off came the uncomfortable shoes and I found some that fit a bit better. Although, I still wasn't sure if I needed heels, boots, or sandals....

Stay tuned....


  1. Love seeing the evolution of your style! Still trying to figure out mine :) one of these days...

  2. Interesting journey- I'm still evolving. However, I see your evolved style from the coffee page. To me that has to be your jumping off page so to speak.

  3. I so love seeing what you have tried!! I think you shall have some exciting news coming your way soon!!

  4. I know the feeling of a LO that makes you cringe! I have plenty of them! But it's weird as I can still see you in those! There already was elements that make you you... I still try to figure my style although i am getting closer to it all the time but I want to be able to reach the point where I can grab any paper and make it work for me...

  5. love seeing the creative journey... Can't wait to see how it all helped you develop "your style" as far as shoes go...I say barefoot is best when you want to be you!!!lol Thanks for sharing.

  6. I know the feeling! The layouts that you posted each have something that is appealing to me, though I'm totally not a messy paint kinda girl! Your layouts have made me think about my own style and how it is currently evolving!

  7. My guess is that you found the right pair of shoes and they are super comfy now. :)

  8. Love seeing your journey through different styles! You'll find it soon- it's just one of those things that sometime take some time. I sometimes still struggle between wanting to do the shabby/chic feminine prettiness and a really grungy/artsy/messy page. But I've found that trying to do both just doesn't work- I need to commit to one and develop it.

    Kinda seems like that is where you're at. If you like the layered bits & playing around- just find a more "orderly" way to do it. Either way, I'm excited to see where you end up :).

    Take care,


  9. You really did try everything! Can't wait to see where this takes you ;)

  10. These are fun...even if they make you cringe....they are fun to look at. I love the coffee layout! I still don't know what I should be wearing. Certainly not high heels or boots. I guess sneakers and flip flops suit me best. Can't wait to see what fits you best! :)

  11. What a wonderful journey you have been on! At least you tried and tested all these different styles. I find I am happiest when I am just doing what takes my fancy on a particular day and I do believe that you can like and be good at more than one thing. Thank you for sharing your journey though, it is very thought provoking.........A x

  12. I can see little pieces of you in each layout. It is great to see how your style has developed.

  13. lol, I have been waiting for this post!
    I understand what you are saying.
    It has taken me a while to get to a place where I am most comfortable with my pages.
    I feel like I am there. For the most part :)

  14. My first thought as well was that I can see your style in all of these pages! You have just eliminated what wasn't comfortable and stuck with what was!

  15. I love your story....I think we all do the same things trying to find what we enjoy doing best....tho my style still changes lots....I have patches of doing different things!

  16. I think you have put into words (and very well) what many of us feel. Or have felt about our creative process. Sometimes, I think we find our groove in one area, like scrap booking, but then when we try a different medium, say cards or art journaling, we start all over again in finding our creative path.

  17. I wish I had the chance to go to art school~how amazing is that would be

  18. Very cool to see the changes in your styles and likes! They don't make me cringe! Not at all! But like you said it's very subjective... Hope you find the rights shoes soon

  19. I have to do a little of it all...I get too bored or feels stale. All that matters is making stuff and preserving memories!

  20. LOL! I am enjoying your humourous approach to your journey. Love seeing this! TFS!

  21. Love reading these insights into your paper crafts journey!


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