Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Scrappers Take On One Sketch

The other day I was chatting with my dear scrappy friend, Jennifer from Live Teach Create, and she asked me if I wanted to do a start to finish sketch with her. Sometimes I struggle a bit working from sketches as I usually work without any sort of plan at all. But, it is always good to work outside of one's comfort zone and when she showed me this awesome Echo Park sketch from Kandis Smith, how could I say no?
To keep with the Echo Park theme, I pulled some papers from the This & That collection to go with this hilarious picture of me with my first cell phone:
 Oh, the irony of having the sketch pulled up on my iphone - LOL!
 All righty...here we have all of the elements cut and at the ready:
But first, let's do some fun things with that background! Some white acrylic paint and a mask might just do the trick:
 Oh yes! I like it!
 While I impatiently wait for that to dry, let's get into the spirit of Camp Scrap with May Flaum and punch some butterflies out:
 OK, paint is dry...now for some distress:
 Ooooooh, pretty!
Let the layering begin! I am not totally loving the horizontal strip touching the edge, so a little curling up does the trick and adds a bit of texture:
 Banner element is in place...let's add some fussy cut flowers:
OK, this is the point where I start to struggle with this. Things are just seeming to static and stiff. Hmmmmm....
I am in love with this Collage Paper from Pink Paislee and think it will be perfect for some layering. Perhaps that will soften things and add some more texture:
 Ahhh, yes!
 It's coming together...
 Title done!
 Butterflies in place!
 Washi time!
Things are starting to look a bit brown. Let's try some vellum to lighten it up a bit:
 After some journaling and such...I decide to call it done.
But, it's just not quite right. I ponder, and ponder some more....
After a night's sleep, I head back to the studio and take another look. The space between the photo and journaling card is just bugging me. So, I pull up the photo and move it to the right. Then, add some more pen work and washi for contrast, as well as some more paper scraps...
Well, I do like it a bit more...

OK, I have tortured this enough and shall call it done! 
It's not my most favorite layout, but I do love trying new designs and such!

A super fun sketch and a super fun way to work outside of my comfort zone! Thanks so much for the challenge, Jenn! Now, be sure you head on over to Live Teach Create to see the gorgeousness that Jennifer created using this same sketch. She rocked it out, indeed!

What about you? Do you like to work from sketches? Or, do they take you out of your comfort zone too?


  1. So excited to have seen what you did! You did an amazing job and showed that sketch who was boss! Love the retro photo and how the papers give it a feminine feel. Great job on the layers and texture that you added.

  2. I have so much trouble with sketches, I feel I do better when things just flow. That being said, they do help me get out of a rut sometimes.
    You did a fabulous job here! I love the touch of softness from the crepe paper and vellum. Hilarious picture too ;)

  3. I love how you took the sketch and made it entirely yours! I use sketches and really didn't like them at first - but I've grown to use them. :) Great layout!

  4. Love this layout! I really like the touches with the vellum! Great idea!

  5. Hi! I am very happy I have found your blog! Great instructions and lots of inspiration! TFS!!!!
    Hugs from Greece!!

  6. I think it's wonderful, Ashli! I used this very same sketch a couple of weeks ago. I love all of the little bits and pieces you've included and yes, the photo makes me giggle too, remembering the day of big cell phones. LOL!

  7. Your work is always so bloody brilliant! How could you possibly not call this a favorite? hmm? ;)
    Love that you and Jennifer used the same sketch. My two favorite girls working together. <3

  8. When I saw you were going to work from a sketch, I thought , ohhh lets see what she can do with this ;)
    You are so freeing with your layouts, I was very curious.
    I love how it turned out!!
    I am very clean and simple when I do Layouts "when" is the important word here, teehee. I have just started using sketches and I do enjoy using them, but my layouts never look like the sketch ;)

  9. I really loved seeing your process. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. I think it did great with the sketch! I do use them sometimes, but it is usually just when I want to get something done.

  11. Gorgeous! I love all the layers and of course seeing how you do it always super nice!

  12. Great work with this sketch, and the phone just makes me laugh out loud. Remember how high tech it was? Wow. We were all so proud. LOL There's a lesson in that somewhere.

  13. I love it!
    And I really do like using sketches, even just as a starting point. But I feel more comfortable with a plan. Which is why I love seeing your start to finishes because it is so different to how I work :)

  14. I'm laughing because I use to have a phone like that too!! Look how far we've come :) beautiful job on the sketch, love all the layers. As for me, sometimes I use a sketch and sometimes no. depends on my mood. Haha!

  15. Gorgeous! I loooooove your take on the sketch! And I love how you shared your first version of it, and those elements you added really make it all work! Superb AND inspiring!

  16. It really came together there! I have a hard time working with a sketch. I love the inspiration they provide, but I don't follow them well. There's always something (or 2 or 3 or 4 things) that I have to change.

  17. Great idea! Love seeing what two different people do when they start with the same thing. Love the photo!:)

  18. Loved seeing your process in creating this amazing layout!

  19. Great sketch and of course you made it all your own - nice job! I like sketches, they give me a place to start but don't tell me where I have to end up.

  20. I love how you alter up your backgrounds! Love what that collage paper added to your layout. And that photo is too funny! I do use sketches often because it helps me plan where to put stuff. That's the only part of designing a layout that I don't want to spend much time thinking about - I just want the basics down so I can have fun with the embellishing! :) I

  21. LOVE it!!! Wonderful layout! :)

  22. Love how you curled the papers. I'm going to try it out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Just had to say how interesting it is to see two people use the same sketch and come up with something completely different! How fun! Your layout is great... I am like you, it is hard for me to follow a sketch. LOL! I start off with good intentions of following a sketch and end up with something completely different. Oh well, at least the sketch got me started! :)


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