Monday, June 4, 2012

More Buttons, Tags and Happy Mail

Thanks to some awesome ladies who played along with last month's Layout Love Linky, I have some happy mail to send! But, no happy mail is complete without some tag action, right? Let's have some fun and get our craft on for these ladies!

It might be fun to make all of these at the same time. Here they are, taped together on the back:
First, some stenciling to make a little resist:
After some white acrylic paint...pretty!
Remember this? The layout that suddenly took a turn for the worse? The rejected background has been sitting on my craft table all this time and now I think we should make use of it...
Some hearts from the sizzix seem like a great solution!
Ah yes, remember the recent button embossing extravaganza? I have some left over that need a home!
With those fun little elements at hand, let's jazz up those tags and put that resist to work:

Ooooh, I like it!
Time for some glitter. Gloss medium acts as my glue:
Shake-a Shake-a:
Using more of the gloss medium, those buttons get added:

I think each of these lovely ladies deserves a personalized tag. First, initials are drawn and cut out:
Then, some scraps are assembled, cut and stitched...
And now we have a perfect foundation for those little letters:
A little love gets added with the hearts:
A bit of smash tape is added for some contrast:
And now, they get cut apart. I love the idea that each tag is part of a greater whole. So, if all of these ladies somehow end up in the same place with all of their tags, they will fit back together. LOL!
Initials added with twine:
And here they are...all in a row...
Ready to be sent in their happy mail packages!
Ladies, I hope you enjoy and thanks again for being a part of the Purple Mailbox!
Still wondering what's to become of the rainbow embossed buttons? Stay tuned....


  1. Love that you found a use for your rejects and turned them into something pretty.

  2. You are just too cool!
    And I am proud to be a recipient of one of your other tags.
    They are really works of art :)

  3. WOW!! That is just way too cool!! LOVE them!

  4. you are the best kept secret~AWESOME tags girl!!!

  5. This is recycling at its best, Ashli! Love how you made the best of projects you didn't love and leftover tidbits from another. :)

  6. As always gal - I am left speechless and just thinking wow!

  7. Awesome! Love the colors and the script letters!

  8. Oh my goodness those tags are so cute, and super inspiring, just what I needed :)

  9. How cool are these tags?! You never cease to amaze me!

  10. Got one of these! I was SO HAPPY! One thing is to see something online and mire it- another is to get it in real life and see the tonal variations- these are GORGEOUS!!! I've been meaning to try your embossing powder on buttons technique since I first saw you try it out- it's on my to do list now because the results are fantastic! Thank you so much for my mini work of art!

  11. You have such a great imagination. I can't look at the tags in step 1 and imagine them the way they look in the final reveal. And they look super!! It's always fun to have a peek at your creative process. :)

  12. I am absolutely smitten with my tag! Love adding it to my other one and looking at them on a regular basis. Thank you so very much!

  13. Very nice! I always love your tags.

  14. So, so, SOOOOOO cool! I love your style! And using up bits from this and that to make something so lusciously awesome? Finding your blog through Willieburg has been more than double the fun for me!

  15. The colors are awesome! What a great use of the old background. Brings such a nice pop of color!

  16. Great tags.
    Congrats to the winners :)

  17. what lucky winners those are to be getting one of those great tags!!

  18. It's so fun to see these come together. Thanks again!


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