Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Double Jillibeans

Hello, Hello! In my last post, I showed you all the results of a Jillibean Soup crafting extravaganza. A self-imposed extravaganza, all in an attempt to find out if I actually enjoy scrapping with all of the Jillibean cuteness that I keep buying. What did I decide? I am not quite sure yet...

After all of the single pagers were complete, I had just enough left to start seeing double. I am not much of a double page scrapper, so I could use a bit of your help here....

Let's get started!

Since I can't bear to look at this as 2 actual pages, the background sheets get taped together with washi on the back:
And so we begin...
Perhaps some misting?
Oooooh, I like that!
Now for these fun scraps. Hmmmmmm....
Nope, not feeling that....
Perhaps this?
Or this?
Or this? 
I can't decide. But, what I do know is that the cute little bunnies need to turn into confetti:
I still can't decide on the photo placement. So, let's just play with confetti for now! A bit of matte medium and a brush should get all of this on there quickly.
All spread around. Don't worry...the brush marks will disappear when completely dry:
Now, while that dries...perhaps I can make up my mind about the rest of this!
Ah yes! I like the idea of approaching this as a single pager that has been "stretched." So, photos to the left and embellishment/title area to the right.
Let's layer! Torn sheets from the Studio Calico journals are so perfect for tucking in and around to add lots of little layers
All stacked up...
Perhaps some of the confetti remnants?
And now for some glitter! I picked this gorgeousness up from Jenn over at the Live Teach Create Etsy Shop.
You all know how I love my lines. And, I love them even more when they are glittery! So, some adhesive strips get applied:
Glitter all spread around:
Disco baby!
Let's layer some more!
And do a bit more glitter:
Title time! Hmmmm....I want a more dimensional look for the word "Easter." But the letter E seems to be in a bit of a demand around my studio....
Ahhh, perhaps this Z can turn into an E?
YES! But, I don't have an S in that font....
That's OK, I will just grab from another font. But now, I need another letter to be different so it looks more purposeful, yes? So, a random E is chosen. 
Moving on...
I really want to use this fun glittery alpha, but I have no S! Argh! After much pondering (seriously, I won't even tell you how long I spent on this title) I decided that the Z flipped backward with some of that awesome glitter on it would do just fine. 
Now for all the bits and pieces...
After the journaling, The pages are cut apart - always a scary part!
And...there we have it! I love the subtle shadows and tone from the misting. The B sides of Jillibean seem to lend themselves quite well to these sorts of effects :)
Easter Posing, with some Jillibeans.
All layered up:
So, what did I decide about all of this Jillibean sweetness? Even though all of their papers are always SO cute and tempt me every time, will I order from this menu again?
YES! In fact, I already did!

After a thorough taste testing, I give this soup 5 stars for my crafting! Yum!


  1. Fabulous, love the confetti. I haven't done a 2 pager in a million years. Perhaps I will try the tape technique!

  2. I thought I should let you know I'm your new stalker, lol!! Your step by steps are just so fun to look at, and I love your unique style!! I'm truly enjoying your blog, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. HAHA - thanks for reading :) And, thanks for your super sweet words!!!

  3. My favorite thing about this page is the fact that you put all your photos on one page, but it is a double page LO! LOVE that! I also love the confetti and your glitter strips!!!!

  4. Gorgeous!! You amaze and inspire me every single time I see one of your tutorials! I actually bookmark them.

  5. Marvelous two pager!! Really lovin' the confetti bursts over the masked doilies and I love that you cut your two pagers in half!!! That is my preferred method as well when I actually go for it. ;0)

  6. Ummm...you should so do two pagers more often.
    This one is gorgeous!
    I agree with Dani! And I am glad you posted how you adhered the confetti :)

  7. Love your cluster of goodies in the corner and that awesome confetti!

  8. I am 2-page challenged too and I love your tip of taping them together to make one big canvas. That doily you misted through is so fun! Love how that looks. Great improving withe the letters! :)

  9. Absolutely incredible! I definitely need to use your idea of washi tape to hold two pages together. Mine always slip and slide on my craft table (well, at least for the 1-2 two-pagers I do a year, LOL).

  10. LOL...loved how you turned those cute little bunnies into confetti! Very fun spread!

  11. never in a million years would I have thought of that!!! Great LO, super cool idea!!!

  12. love your ideas as usual - have to try the confetti trick!!

  13. Love how you take the time to show us the process you use. Great double pager!!!

  14. Omg, this is freakin' fantabulous! You kicked this two-pagers butt! Love all the little bits!

  15. So very cool.such a creative mind.

  16. What a great idea to tape the pages together and look at it as one big page. I'm gonna try that. I'm not a double page girl.

    Your layering is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Have a Blessed evening ~~ dawn

  17. Really fun- love how free you are with the papers- I love Jilly but I have a hard time using their brown/green papers- this collection was a lot of fun to play with. Also greta post monday! I can't believe how many pages you get done in one fell swoop! I'n struggling through 1 freaking 4 by 6 postcard over here! I really need to let go- it should be a fun process. PS- glitter tape AND confetti? LOOOOVE!

  18. Fabulous layout! I love the photos of the kids, and the layout is Fabulous! I love how you taped the two sheets together! My only regret, is that I didn't get here it time to save the bunnies!!! LOL Love Penny

    1. Oh, Penny! I am laughing out loud!!!!!

  19. Great job on your two-pager! I love how you mixed in the traditional easter themed elements with your artsy style. LOVE it! :)

  20. Such a nice balance of image and storytelling on this layout!

  21. Such beautiful photos! Fantastic job on the double, love all the steps you went through in deciding, and the confetti bursts are such fun!

  22. Found you through pinterest and I'm so glad I did! Your style is amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Such a sweet layout.
    So much going on. I am always stunned by how much work you put into each layout. Beautiful.


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