Sunday, June 10, 2012

Canvasing the Garden

The current topic over at Paper Issues is Canvas and Burlap. That's fun, right? YES! So....let's play!

A 12x12 sheet of canvas, Studio Calico mask and paint at the ready...
Oooh, pretty!
Time to get punchy with some chalk stock tags:
Little black birdies:
Now, for some contrast:
Love it!
Pretty paper? Why, yes...don't mind if I do:
All lined up! I am in love with the saturated colors in this older Crate collection.
That canvas texture is so amazing, I can't resist complimenting it with some stitching. And besides, it saves on adhesive, right?
Time to Embellish:
A bit here...
Some birds there....
Some washi love...
We grow and we eat! Veggies that is. 
After some journaling and little touches here and there...It is done! That layout actually came together super fast. How could it not with the yummy combination of colors and textures? I was so inspired!
In fact, so much so that I kept on going with these supplies and ended up making a mini book too. Craziness, I tell you! Craziness!
Wanna see? I'll show you next time :)

Have you scrapped anything with canvas or burlap lately? Come on over and link up with us at Paper Issues. You may even win a prize!


  1. Another fun and fabulous creation from start to finish. LOVE this! The birdies are such a fun addition. I think I need that punch now!

  2. So lovely!
    I love the colors in those papers, too.
    Great contrast with the black!
    And I loved that you used the negative image from the punched bird as well.

  3. Love the way this turned out! Hmm, maybe a bird punch would be a nice addition to my stash....

  4. Fantastic, Ashli! Love the big ampersand and how you fit your title around it. :)

  5. Gorgeous as always - love the stitching and the canvas :)

  6. amazing~always on the edge of my seat until I see where you are going with your design:):):)

  7. the texture of scrapping on canvas! Beautiful piece!

  8. Absolutely love the texture and the color touches, great page!!

  9. Love coming here and seeng your creative process :) I have some canvas 12 x 12! Need to use of these days! HA!

  10. So artsy! Love it! You do such a nice job with texture!

  11. LOVE this! It is always a pleasure to see your process and the final product! I have admired your dangling threads look for a while now. I tried it here recently on a couple of my layouts... One layout I let them dangle free, the other I just couldn't get it to look right so I clipped them.. LOL! How is it that I always love it on your pages, but can't get them to look right on mine? :) Anyway, your an inspiration and I appreciate that you always share your gift with others!

  12. I love to see your process. Beautiful layout.

  13. Great layout! Love how you made the ampersand part of your title. Can't wait to see your mini album!

  14. This is fabulous Ashli! I'm loving all the great details!

  15. This is a fun piece! Always fun to see your process.

  16. Love Crate Paper Random collection and love the randomness of your layout hehehe
    Looks great

  17. No, I can't say that I've created with burlap per se. But I love your layout and what you did so I'll keep my eye out and see if I can find some. The Crate Farmhouse paper words were perfect for this layout! I'm still hoarding that paper...... :)

  18. This is fabulous!!!!! I love how you show your creative process!!!

  19. Beautiful colors! Did you just sew the letters on?

    1. Thanks Maura! I "lightly" adhered them, then sewed them on and then lifted them back up to give a little dimension :)

  20. Gorgeous! Love all of the textures and the colors!

  21. Yeah--I'm here, heehee.. I just so love this mini. It is infinately creative...I had to peamail you to tell you.

  22. Beautiful, I'm loving all the stitching and those black birdies :D


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