Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pinch Me...I'm done!

In my last post, I mentioned that I finished up my parent's reno book. YAY! It was such a joy to do and to give. I have one last start to finish to share with you for a layout in that book. Here we go...

I'm in the mood to with scraps and mists and such. I have no plan. Let's see where this takes us:
First, some misting could be fun...
I like it, but it's a bit "crisp" for me.
Ah, yes - that is more to my liking.
Now, let's get the bee stamp in there to keep on with the continuity of the album...
And, seriously - how did I NOT notice that there is also a tiny little bee in this stamp set? It has been on my desk for months and I just noticed that cuteness! Mental note made.
OK, some white paint makes those bees happy on the page:
Time to play with those scraps!
A bit more layering...
And now for some fussy cutting. I bit here, a bit there....
Title Time! Check out my new letter basket :) I love it, but this is probably my least favorite part of doing a layout - choosing the letters. How silly is that? I think it's because I have too many choices. Remember my recent experience of scrapping from a self-made kit? The BEST part of that was not thinking about the letter stickers. Perhaps I should organize these better? Or maybe pick the letters out in the beginning? Hmmmmm - some things to ponder.
And, since I didn't feel like rifling through all those letters, I picked the pack at the front - LOL!
All stitched on:
A little chipboard piece perhaps?
Cut in half, it gets tucked in around the photo:
Now, let's play with some more of the scrap bits:
After a bit of time cutting bits and pieces, tying twine, and doodling pen lines....we are done!
I love all the little layers and such!
At this point, all I can think is pinch me...I'm done!!!
Now that Grandpa's book is finito and the reno book is complete, I am excited to scrap some of "the everyday" here at soapHOUSE. But first, I think it's time for a little family beach vacation, don't you think? Whoot! 

I will be back before you know it with the winners of this month's Layout Love Linky and a chance to link up again! Haven't linked up yet? Go for it! Or, get your layouts in need of love gathered up and at the ready for June's Link Party.

Oh yeah ... do you think I will do any crafting on this vacation? Possibly, maybe, I'm not sure.....
Tee Hee :)
See you soon!


  1. You do wonders with scraps and bits of pieces, Ashli! Such a nice feeling to be done with a project of such magnitude. I'm glad you'll have a chance to work on your "everyday" for a while. Enjoy your vacation. Maybe you could use some crushed shells on a page. LOL! :)

  2. once again great job!! isn't great when you finish projects and that frees you up to create just for you!! I have had that for 3 weeks and it was heaven!! have a great vacation

  3. I'm loving that bee stamp of yours.......note to self, I need a bee stamp, lol. The layout turned out great as usual :D Have a great day and thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  4. As you were going along, I was asking myself, "Where's the washi?" You did an amazing job again Ashli. I love how you layered all the scraps to kind of mimic the foundation of the project. Also it's kind of funny that despite something being in front of us for so long we don't see it.

  5. Love the layering and fun stamping. hmmm....

  6. This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your process, and congrats on finishing the mini!

  7. Oh wow! Beautiful!!! LOVE the step by step process!

  8. I wish I could not have a plan and have my page turn out as awesome as yours do. I love how you are not afraid to just start playing around with mists and stamps.

  9. I've learned to just "go with it" by reading your process. Those pages have been my faves recently. Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  10. I am in love with that bee stamp!!!

  11. I need to play and it turn out to be such a beautiful work of art! Great layout.

  12. Another great step by step, finishing up with a beautiful layout and an awesome album! Love Penny

  13. Another beautiful LO! It's funny how you can find something new in things you have been using a long your little bee. Happens to me too.

  14. Love all that layering! I just bought two sheets of the first mask you used and can't wait to play with it!

  15. Another great layout.
    I like all the layering and painting you did on here.
    I am off to play all weekend and hope to get a few simple layouts done :)

  16. Fabulous layout!!
    Love all the layering and misting :)
    I agree that too many choices can make the process so much harder.
    With the Ireland album I am working on, I have limited myself to only a few alphas and papers, and that has helped a lot!
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Oh, this is fun! Love that bee stamp. I need to spend more time scrapbooking with my scraps while they are still on my desk. But I tend to put them away immediately so that's something I need to work on. I love making kits as it helps minimize choices. You just create with what is in front of you. Sometimes I like more choices but when I'm power scrapping and want to finish some pages, it's faster to work with a kit. :)

  18. Beautiful page! I love to "watch" you play! It's so inspiring! Now if I could just get out those mists and paints and DO IT!

  19. Great techniques! Have a great trip!

  20. I like how you used the honeycomb chipboard to frame the picture. You'll think I'm utterly and completely nuts, but I store my Thickers (and other similarly large alphas) in rainbow (ROYGBIV) order so I can find what I want. Ones with multiple colors go in the back of the container. I don't do that with everything, but for some reason it makes me happy to do it with this particular supply!

    Happy Friday,


  21. Amazingly gorgeous and creative! I love scraps. I might love them even more than a fresh sheet of paper. Have a great time on your vacation - the beach is my favorite place to be!

  22. Hey we may see each other at the beach! We are heading there tomorrow. Hope you guys have a good vacation. Nice to have this project done. Such a special album!

  23. LOVE all your misting and scraps - it's gorgeous :)

  24. Love your process and creativity. What a fab album.

  25. Thank you so much for always commenting on my blog, it means a lot to me! I know that my simple style is not as great as yours, but you always make me feel like it is! Love Penny

    1. Penny - don't be silly! Thats what I love about scrapbooking - we are all inspired by each other!!!!


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