Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sleepover Fun - Start to Finish

In my last post, we scrapped a layout that started with some very ambitious resist and misting ideas. After dismantling and changing course, we ended up with a decently scrapped page, without resist. So, I am determined to get some successful resist action going on this page!

Here we go!

One of the many awesome ideas May talked about in class was to stamp prior to adding your resist, to give another layer of interest that will peek through. Let's do that!
There we have it:
Now for the resist! Armed with gloss medium, a foam brush, and one of my favorite stamps...I forge fearlessly ahead:
After stamping the gloss several times, it's time to be patient and let it dry. While that dries, I have some fun with a canvas I have been working on. More on that soon :)
OK, we are all dry. I am hoping for a subtle "washed" effect, so I grab my picket fence distress stain:
Well, that certainly IS subtle! I can't even see it, can you???
Alright, forget we go!
And now, since I have come to my senses and realized that I don't do subtle, let's really have some fun! May once mentioned in a "chat" forum that one of her favorite techniques is to smash (not sure if that was her term for it) her distress dabbers around. That could be fun. 

Oh, look - that IS fun! And, now we have a picket fence party ALL over my craft table! My tiny attacher actually looks pretty with little white spots all over it - HAHA!
With our background all dry, let's layer! The Neapolitan collection from Dear Lizzy is still out on my desk and seems to work nicely with this photo...
Coming together....
I am liking this! Time for some fussy-cut flowers:
Like this?
No. Like this? Yes. Better:
Those have been stitched on...time to curl the edges for dimension: 
A little fringe is in order:
Ahhh, a fresh roll of grey Doodle Twine. Let's break that in, shall we?
More Fun! Sleepover Fun to be exact:
Washi time!
Remember that resist? Let's add some depth with a little pen work:
And, since it is late at night and I won't be able to take a picture until the next day, I feel the need to add some stickles! Hooray for unplanned drying time! Then, a bit of journaling, and it is finito!
Ahhhh....I shall call this a successful resist:
Hoorah! That was fun! Fun to throw subtle out the window. Fun to splatter things around! I think this might be one of my most "wild" layouts to date. But, I must does make me smile :)

Thanks for visiting The Mailbox! I love having you here1!!


  1. Your layouts have so many techniques.

    Thanks for the congrats :)

  2. You just have too much fun when you create! LOL! I love it!

  3. Oh my goodness... I thought I loved your work before but this has totally blown me away! All the techniques an textures in on layout is totally amazing!

  4. Very, very cool!! And swoon...grey twine and sparkly silver thickers! Love :)

  5. Cool layout! I love how you made that background!

  6. gorgeous page...your tutorial is amazing! TFS

  7. I love that you have so much fun with your backgrounds and wish I could do that. sigh.

  8. Love the background treatment! I'm so glad to have finally found someone who loves making unique backgrounds as much as I do and thank you for the inspiration. I added you to my blog roll!!

  9. Glad you had so much fun with this! You are so good at trying out new techniques and throwing caution to the wind. Me? Not so much. LOL! Your LO turned out beautifully!

  10. Fabulous page!! Love the step by step process, especially with all the inking, stamping, painting!! Great layout!

  11. Your process is always so fun to watch. Great work. This turned out so nice.

  12. Wow, so many layers! I have trouble with TWO!!!! Love that you stay true to your style and that you have so much fun putting together the different elements.

  13. This is such a great a layout! Love, love all the details!

  14. Gorgeous! I love what you did with the twine. And I love the title on the roses. Glad you finally got that resist to work! :)

  15. Great layout! I'm so envious that you can spray on your desk without worrying about leaving stains. My husband is a little neat freak so I can never mist in the house haha!

  16. It is fantastic....definitely not subtle - I love the effect with all the layers of paint and the twists of twine....I need to have a go now :)

  17. Great job, and your wording on your tutorials always cracks me up! Love Penny

  18. I really love watching your process! So inspiring! I also love your writing style... I laughed out loud a couple of times reading this post!

  19. I really love watching your process! So inspiring! I also love your writing style... I laughed out loud a couple of times reading this post!

  20. Love ALL the splatters! The way you did the twine...some awesome stuff! Gorgeous!

  21. Another wonderful page. I love when you decide to throw subtle out the window. LOL. With great results, too.

  22. Ahh yes! I LOVE that splash style! I will have to try that. I've had some really bad luck with daubers- so far all the ones I've bought don't really daub all that well- they were probably already old when I picked them up since they were on clearance. I REALLY like what you did with the background and the final page is a great mix of punked out grey and the more feminine pastels. The fussy cut flowers with the glitter alphas over them look fantastic!

  23. Just seen your family canvas and now this!! Love, love, love your style...think I'm going to be addicted to your blog now...right up my street!!!!


  24. This looks like fun to make. I love all the texture. Great work.


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