Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scrapping While Camping?

Crazy? Yes. 
Fun? You betcha!

In my last post I asked all of you what I should bring with me to get scrappy on my first grown-up camping trip, at the beach. I got so many great ideas and a common theme was a SMASH book. So, I brought just that. In my Field Guide class with May this week, we are focusing on household items and incorporating them into your layouts. Well, since our "house" was a tent near the seemed appropriate to play with sand!

I had an idea - to treat the sand like glitter...
What if I run my adhesive tape along my little SMASH page, then rub sand on it? 
Won't that be pretty and sparkly???

No. Not so much.

It looked like dirty adhesive - HA!

So, not willing to give up completely, I grabbed my Mister Huey's in black. Using the plastic spray tube as a "pen" of sorts, I decided to try making some lines under the adhesive strips.
Well, lookey there - the adhesive has wicking properties and just sucked the mist right up!
Does this look like I was hoping? Not one bit!
But, I think I like it anyway!!
So, I'm gonna go with it! I added some more doodles and pen work...and let it dry in the hot beach sun.

Now, what am I going to do with this little experiment? I am not sure...
Did I bring home a baggie of sand to try this again? Of course not! That would have made too much sense! Will this look just as cool without sand? Or perhaps with glitter instead of sand? 

Stay tuned to find out!

I also managed to get started on two different layouts around our little campfire. That was fun! I was completely limited by what I packed, plus it was almost, I just cut and glued, without thinking too much. Quite freeing actually!

I brought them home to finish up and I can't wait to show you...

See you next time!

Oh yeah - one more thing - CONGRATS are in order to Mary Jo Rhoda! You are the winner of the Play Tag. I have emailed you. Once I get your address, your tag and some surprise scrappy fun will be headed your way! Thanks for playing along everyone!


  1. So awesome! I think the black sand looks pretty cool and artsy!

  2. That looks really cool! Can't wait to see what you've come up with and I hope you had a marvelous trip.

  3. Looking good so far , can't wait to see what you come up with


  4. It looks pretty good to me! Congrats Mary Jo!!

  5. I enjoy seeing you play and experiment with your supplies.

  6. I can't wait to see where the tape experiment goes. I would have had to throw it in the trash... who am I kidding, playing with dirt... so not me! Now glitter on the other hand... so me!

  7. This looks REALLY COOL! I LOVE the textured effect! Tiny pie charts!!! Tiny pie charts you doodled over!!! Freaking awesome! PS- CONGRATS on the Paper Issues DT! You are a perfect match- it's a great group of talented women over there!

  8. This is looking good! Love your experiment!

  9. Lookin good--- cant wait to see the full reveal!

  10. oh yea! I like that you started the page at camp and finished it at home. Looking forward to the other projects.


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