Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lovely Details - Start to Finish

I love a good challenge, don't you? May has issued us some inspiring and amazing challenges during class with her. This one was no exception. Look at this needlepoint! Isn't it AWESOME??? 

Image is clickable and is from the Amazing 39 Squares Blog!

When I saw this, I was indeed inspired! I decided to give it a go. The obvious inspiration is to hand sew. I have never before done this on a layout. I'm in the mood for a challenge. And just for fun...let's make it more of a challenge...anyone up for a double pager? 

I never do doubles. Perhaps because I have to first make room on my desk. Oh, bother...even the tea will have to be relocated...
Well, I basically just shoved everything to the sides - LOL! Nice neutral grid paper from MME selected for the background. I do believe this grid will come in handy for our stitching yet to come!
Now that the background is selected, I feel the need to tape the backside together. This is probably strange, I realize...but this single page scrapper can't handle the thought of thinking of this as anything other than one page. So, humor me here...

All taped together. Now, let's stamp! I should mention that this will be another layout for the studio renovation book I am putting together for my mom. She calls the final studio "The Beehive" as her nickname is "B." I found this fun stamp and am using it on various pages throughout the album for continuity.
Likey so....
And, repeat:
Let's get some misting on there. I can't have this looking too clean, now can I?
Ah, yes...that's better!
Now for the stitching. First, I grab my ruler. Don't worry - I will not be measuring! I have not completely lost my mind...It's only a straight edge:
Using my grid paper as a guide, I draw out where I want to stitch:
Before I punch the holes, let's get some texture on there.... How 'bout some fabric scraps? This fabric is used in the final studio space that this LO is about. This seems like a fun way to incorporate it :)
See this glass tile? It is also part of the final space. My plan for this grid is to fill it with fun little details and said tile:
And cute twine wrapped spools:
While those dry...let's give this tool a whirl. I bought it for my daughter, but she wasn't too interested, so maybe it will come in handy for me here...
Oh, look! It worked!
Now to pick a color of embroidery thread. Thanks to my grandmother's hand-me-downs, I have a few choices! 
I initially thought black, but I really like this green color. Works well with the tile too:
OOOOH, yes! I like it!
I stitch...
And stitch....
And an hour and a half later....Ta DA!!!!
Now, for photo placement.... perhaps likey so? I am not sure... I will ponder. Time to call it a night. 
OK, back to it! I still like the picts here after a night of sleep...let's go with it! Some patterned paper gets scattered about...
Time to pop these around:
Remember the spools? Cuteness!
A little hanger seems appropriate:
And perhaps some doily action:
A nice border type accent?
Yes! I like that layering:
Now here is where I got all punchy and decided birds would be fun. I made a bunch, then realized that would give me birds and bees and, well...that's not really the theme of this LO - HAHA. So, I will save those birdies for another time!
Moving on... Title time!
My one and only flower from my stash (thanks to happy mail from May) makes it on this page:
Perhaps some chipboard for dimension?
Yes! The banner works!
Alright. Here is what we have. The journaling and pen lines have been added. But, it doesn't feel finished. Something is off. But what? Time to call it a night again. I will ponder. 

At this point, I got in bed. Then, I layed there....pondering. But, it was bugging me. I got up, went to the studio and took a pict with my phone, got back in bed, and stared at it. I kid you not!

After much consideration and a brief moment realizing that I had indeed gone off the scrappy deep end, I finally knew what was bugging me! The dark pict, on the top right. It looks to be floating. It is too "heavy." Happy that I had this revelation, I drifted off into scrappy dream land.
After a restful sleep, I am back at it and ready to finish this baby! As you see, it didn't take me long to crop down that dark photo, add some patterned paper, and finish off with some washi. So much better! 

I grab the hubster and proudly show him all of my hard work - all two pages of it!
To which he declares, "It's too clean. It needs a splat." Oh, I do love him. So, splat it IS!
And with that - it is done!
This did take a bit...
Lots of lovely little details...
But, I do love it!
And, I was pleasantly surprised...
Surprised by how much I enjoyed hand sewing on paper! Now, as for the double pager...I am not sure I will repeat that as often. But when I do, I will again tape the pages together - that helped me so much! Don't worry, I did indeed cut it back in half before placing in the album :)

Do you hand sew on your layouts? I would love to see what you have done! Share a link in the comments below :)


  1. great 2 pager! love all the paper combos!!

  2. As usual, you have completely wowed me with your ideas and creativity! There are times now, when I'm creating, that I hear your "voice" in my head..."Yes, I think I like that"..."No, this will never do"...LOL!

  3. Holy amazeballs! I had never thought of taping together the pages. Great tip! I need to pull out my sew easy tool and actually use it!

    Totally normal to let something fester!

  4. I love it, too!! Every single bit of it. As I was nearing the end . . . and you were pondering in bed . . . I was thinking, "She better not rip this one apart!"

    And now I need a Sew Easy.

    1. oh, that's funny! There was no way I was ripping this one apart after stitching on it for so long!!!

  5. Love the blocks... love the details... love the design... just stunning.

  6. I love it when I see you have a new post! It inspires me. My pages must look so plain and boring to you. I love all the squares and the sewing and those cute little bees. I could go on and on.

    1. You are so silly! But very kind! I love your pages too!!!!

  7. Um, this is aboslutely gorgeous!!!!

    And how ironic that I was working with this same piece of paper last night!

  8. I am totally in love! May I lift a bit or two? Thank you for all the step outs. It certainly taught be quiet a bit.

    1. Sure thing!!!!! Thanks for your sweet comment :)

  9. All the details have my brain buzzing on overdrive. i absolutely adore this layout!!! It's amazing!

  10. What a gorgeous page! Always so many details to soak in. I LOVE my Sew Easy to help with the holes so I can hand stitch on pages. I love the bees in the background. This page turned out awesome.

  11. Funny how complete that blue splatter makes it! Great page!

  12. This turned out great! I love how the colors in the images pop! The restrained palette of the background really works on this, the dimensional items are a nice touch!

  13. OMGorgeous!!! You inspire me so much with your pages and your step by steps are fantastic! Please keep them coming. I am learning so much from your style of scrapping. Mainly that you have fun!

  14. This is fabulous! I am in love with the background - I might have to lift a thing or two from it. :) As you know I love stitching..but mine is usually the machine type. I'm too impatient for the hand type. thank you for sharing this - it was wonderful!

  15. I was just thinking in the car that I need to use my sew easy again. I've only used it once but I had to have it. Your layout is fabulous with all of the fun details you added.

  16. love love love

    gorgeous 2 pager! love all the wonderful details and the wonderful texture all overr!!!

  17. Thanks for sharing step by step how you created this. It really helps to understand someone else's creative proces.

  18. I enjoyed this so much! I admire your style/sensibility & it was so fun to be inside your head for the whole thing! I am new to your blog & will look expectantly for the next post. oh, & thanks for the info re the pen :~)

  19. I love how this came together! It's so fun that you give us a peek into your process. I love the hand stitching you added. Perfect! I don't hand-stitch much and I never do 2-pagers. But, hmmmmm, maybe I should give both a whirl. Beautiful and creative, as always.

  20. Freakin Gorgeous!! Just love it!

  21. I really love this one. And the splat added just the right amount of color. :-) I think I need to get some of this graph paper.

    I love hand-stitching but I don't do it much anymore because it's so time-consuming. Don't do two-pagers nearly as much anymore either. This two-pager took me hours: and but is one of my favorites.

  22. I'm speechless, again ~ Amazing work! is this a double?

  23. I love this interpretation of the embroidery project! A friend of mine did the 39 squares for both of her kids. Never thought to transfer it to scrapbooking!


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